Chimney installation climbing net platform

I. Project Overview: In order to facilitate monitoring of coal-fired boiler flue gas emissions, your company decided to install the flue gas on the 25 meters of its 120m chimney height (ie H = 25m) to use the flue gas on line detection platform: rotating ladder 25m; Wrap the chimney ladder platform to remove the rust anti-corrosion. According to both parties to observe the site, combined with the construction techniques and experiences of the company have now proposed the following construction schemes. Construction order → Steel member processing, anti-corrosion (primer) → Installation platform → bracket welding → Installation line → railing welding → chimney climb net strip strip, anti-corrosion → platform rotating ladder overall anti-corrosion.

Second, rotating ladder construction measures:

1. Wall board production: use 25 × 40 × 8 steel plate as a bracket and support, the main spacing is 300mm; the pedal spacing is 800mm; the railing column is 100 × 40 × 5 steel pipe; the upper frame is 100 × 40 × 5 steel pipe 40 × 4 flat iron in the middle of the box. The anti-rust primer is applied twice after the production of the platform steel member is completed.

2, mounting: According to the size of the chimney outer wall with φ20 × 20 expansion screws to install the wall plate support point (as a fixed point of the rotating ladder), the spacing is 300 mm; then the pedal welding is then welded, and the column is then soldered. The armrest, the guardrail is mounted, and the rotating ladder forms a boss; thus forming a whole rotating ladder.

Chimney mounting ladder platform


Third, the chimney climbing net platform anti-corrosion: chimney climbing net platform anti-corrosion: climbing net platform anti-corrosion 1, chimney ladder, platform protection network anti-corrosion: First, we will carefully cleaning the rust, sweeping the surface is covered; second, Johni, the detached part uses a special tool such as a blade to eliminate clean, then use the drum to manually paint anti-corrosion paint 3 times.


Fourth, technical measures:

1. The project uses no scaffolding, high-altitude suspended seating board construction operation. When the homework, the “S” steel hook is used in the fixed position of the “S” steel hook in the lower layer platform of the chimney, and the pulley is hooked in the “S” steel hook and then passes through the pulley with one φ18 m / m. The position is anchored, and the other end of the white brown rope fixed a “U” riveting lock, the active seating board is fixed to the “U” riveting lock, the construction personnel operates on the active seating board. In the case of construction operation, a simple horn is fixed in the outer portion of the lower layer of the chimney, and a 1T pulley is fixed on the lever, and the steel member is perpendicular to the white brown rope with φ18 mm.

V. Quality assurance measures:

1. Our company insists that “users are God, quality is life” quality policy, carefully operate GB / T quality management model, quality supervision of different projects and each process, so that materials, semi-finished products, finished products during construction Both are controlled, so that the quality of the project is fundamentally valid.

2. All operators must perform in strict accordance with the software, safely underlying content, requiring welding personnel to be certified.

3, the welding rod should have a factory certificate or material report, requiring the electric welding rod to dry the drying box before using the drying box, and the welding wire and flux of the submerged arc welding must be supported with the material used.

4. After the production of this steel member is completed, the rust is required, and the primer is applied to the primer after the rust, the paint is artificially painted, and the thickness of the paint film is required to meet the design requirements.

5. When several welds should be soldered, they should be welded to the transverse sewing of the deformation, while the rear welded welds, or the soldering welding of the solder joints. The main welds of welding steel should be welded before assembled the rib part.

6. The steel structure hoisting process strictly implements “GB50205-95 steel structure construction and acceptance standard” and “GB50221-95 steel structure engineering quality inspection and evaluation form standard”.

7. Before starting, the shape of the steel member must be subjected to the rear of the steel member, and the welding quality can be constructed. Technical delivery must be carried out before application.


8. Specialty hours must be employed by the employee certificate, and the construction of the labor bureau must have three inspections (self-test, mutual inspection, * inspection) system, and strict process quality inspection.

Chimney installation platform

9. After the overall “z” panel steel structure is installed and acceptable, the solder seam of the needle should be cleaned, welded and welded, and the welding site will be cleaned and welded to the anti-rust.

10. The steel paint material used in the project must hold “Production License”, “Product Quality Inspection Certificate”, “Product Certificate”, and authenticate according to the encoding password.

11. After the overall platform steel structure is installed and acceptable, the welding seam of the needle should be cleaned, welded splashes, dust and other destallulents, and the welding site will be repaired.

12. The paint material used in the project must hold the “Production License” “Product Quality Inspection Certificate”, “Product Certificate”, and authenticate according to the encoded password.

13. Paint is strictly in accordance with the “Use Guide” and the product instruction manual, the standard index is prepared, painted, and the paint must be carried out by * personnel, carefully read, clarify, understand the product manual, strictly match the proportion, master Paint concentration. Packed paint must use special containers, special tools, and massage points should strictly track the construction amount of the day. The surface of the paint is not allowed to have pin holes, cracks, fall off, and leakage. The coating film is smooth and smooth, and it is not allowed to flow, scratched, orange peel.

14. The paint is not less than 12 hours. After the representative of Party A, the lower paint process can be implemented. The color is required for the surface of the paint, and the brush is uniform, and it is not allowed to leak the coated, and there is no current hanging phenomenon.

Six, safety protection measures:

1. The project adheres to the guiding ideology of “safe production, responsibility than Taishan”, implements the policy of “safety *, prevention”, and establishing project managers to be responsible for safety construction; full-time security officers are responsible, each construction team part-time Security officers, specific security construction management systems.

2. All construction workers must earnestly comply with the safety construction procedures and the manufacturer’s factory regulations, and through the training of the factory safety supervision department, after the assessment is passed, they can participate in the construction.

3. All construction workers must hold the “special type of job operand” on high-altitude suspension operations, strictly operate construction in accordance with high-altitude operation.

4. Establish a sound safety construction rules and regulations and strictly enforce the regulations of the Construction Safety Agreement. Factory Safety Supervision Department has the right to deal with the safety behavior of the construction safety and personnel.

5. Before the construction, first set up a safe construction area, use the rope of the fence or a striking safety mark, set up a safe construction area, set up multiple “high-altitude homework” warning, without license non-construction personnel, strictly Construction Site.

6. Construction personnel must wear labor protection products, wear hard hats, and wear the safety belt, safety rope, and implement double.

7 The water and power supply required for the construction of the project must be maintained through the special site of Party A, and the power supply is derived.

8 Machine for construction, lifting rope, must be inspected to enter the construction site, you must seek regular, irregular inspections during use, and find that there is an immediate replacement.

9. When lifting steel members, the increase or decline should be smooth, avoid emergency braking or impact. Special person command, clear, loud, clear, and strictly forbidden to operate. After the component is installed, the quality must be checked, and it is indeed safe and reliable. Every day, work must reach the security site, and the work can be honest.

10. The gadgets used in the operation of the construction personnel should be placed in the toolkit, and when using the person, under the operation, one end is fixed with a rope.

11. It is strictly forbidden to prevent high-altitude parabolic, drop, and the construction waste such as iron slag blocks is completed on the same day. When the day is cleaned, the cleaning is cleaned, and it is clear.

Chimney installation climbing net platform