Wear down jacket in winter, in addition to with pants, choose this 3 skirts to take, very good

Hey, you are a little fairy, everyone!

The down jacket is a must-have for every winter, in the wear of the streets, the down jackets occupy an incapacitated position. Although, down jackets will give people bloated and obese, but as long as you know together, and choose the right style, you can also wear very thin.

Wear down jacket in winter, in addition to all kinds of pants, choose this 3 skirts to take, very nice, let’s take a look at Lily!

LOOK1: Plug


Who said that wear a down jacket must have a trousers? If you want to do it better, you can choose the dress! It is like this pleated femto skirt, this style of skirt, I believe that no matter who wears it, it will be very elegant. It is very important to be very temperament.


The short down jacket is simply tailored to the child’s birth. It is used to wear, bottom-up shirt + sweater vest, and the big winter is like it. It really doesn’t feel cold. Remember to match a pair and ankle short boots, better look ~

It is said that the down jacket jacket is the most likely to show a bloated single product. In fact, it is just that you will not match. Like this base style down jacket, there is basically no big demand for match, and the low-key is not gentle, more friendly than dull black. At least this light color is not required for skin tones, Huang Hao skin can also wear a good look!

The length is and the waist, and it is more suitable for girls with height of 150, even if it is installed, the pleated sewer dress is selected, and it will not be visually causing the effect of being lowered. The joining of white boots is well guaranteed, and it is fashionable.

Wear down jacket in winter, what color do you prefer? Lily believes that most girls will prefer a classic black, right? Also, although this color is more effective, it is good for disadvantage, although black is very good and visually has a very good slimming effect, but overall is still more dull.

So, if you really have a black, then try this clean white down jacket, as long as you take the right and lower, you can wear thin and beautiful. Learn from the picture in the figure, using black and white matching on color matching, it is not wrong, and the black pleated femoral skirt is added, so that the whole wear is very thin.

LOOK2: Put the bottom sweater skirt / knitted


In winter, wearing a down jacket, don’t choose a pants, except that you can choose the pleated skirt, the bottom sweater is a very good choice. Especially this black bottoming knit skirt, whether it is to choose a down jacket, or other jackets, it is very good-looking, and you can make it easy for you to take care of temperature and fashion.


A girl who is not high, you can learn from the blogger’s wear, short down jacket + black bottoming knit shirt, the foot is a pair of boots, such wear is not only warm, but also very much temperament!


This plush material, even if it is single-through, there is no problem, comfortable and warm, during the winter, the outside is simple to match a variety of jackets, such as down jacket, coat, etc.


瞧 博 博 主Both fashionable and warm. The small silk scarf on the neck has played a good embellishment, exquisite and unhappy!

LOOK3: Plumbing Half Skirt


Black knitted skirt, such a fashion dress, is also very suitable for use in autumn and winter season, some biased layers, plus a pleasant fabric, wearing up the body, will not feel any pressure, Even if it is a slightly fat body, it can wear a thin effect.

Choose a white down jacket with it, in color, black + white is really a pair of gods, very classic and looks at the fashion, down jacket’s style, to choose this surface horizontal texture, wear more thin, isn’t it?

Many girls will show a bloated feeling when they choose a down jacket, and most of them are not emphasized. No matter when, wear a proper emphasis on the waistline, you will make your shape becoming a good effect!

Just like this belt style down jacket, it is really a good slimming effect. The lower body is equipped with a black knitted half dress. I have to say that it is still very good, black socks wearing on your feet. I have echoed with the skirt, and the shoes can be equipped with short boots, or the style of sports shoes, different miles, the style created is different.


The above is all the sharing brought by today, thank you for reading. Wear down jacket in winter, in addition to with pants, choose this 3 skirts to take, very nice!