What are the differences in Taojing liner and the bile of the ball?

There are many kinds of liner in the rice cooker, which are the differences between Taojing liner, and the bile, today, let PChouse to explain them.

The main difference between Taojing liner and the liner liner is different, the advantages are different, the liner material is different.

1, the price is different


Tao Jing’s liner price is more expensive than the tip, Taojing is high temperature, and wear-resistant is not sticky. From the process, there is a lot of processes, the cost of investment is also large, and the bobbin is only the shape of the appearance, and the process requires no Tao Jing’s requirements, so the price is naturally cheap.

2, the advantage is different

The bottom of the ball is spherical, and the rice and water will form a circular flow in the cooking process, and the water absorbed is sufficient, which will be more fluffy. And Taojing is one of the inner non-stick coating inner liner, and it is good and very wear-resistant.

3, the liner material is different

Tao Jing is attached to a layer of ceramic material, surface treatment technology; enhances the performance of far-infrared heating from rice. It is rich in a variety of minerals, suitable for stew, soup, food taste is very good, the disadvantage is that it is not resistant, because this Tao Jing liner can promote the concept of health, now many electric pressure cookers use this liner. The ball is only a simple modeling.