12 kinds of old wooden objects countryside, you can know how many? The last stumped everyone

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In our lives, help us wood and bamboo are very large, they can be produced and processed into a variety of instruments and tools to help us solve many problems in life, Xiao Wu summed up a few days ago,

Inventory of 34 kinds of old objects made of bamboo in rural areas, do you know? How many can say?

This article describes the use of bamboo in rural production of 34 kinds of old objects.


In addition to bamboo, wood contribution to our humanity is very large, breakdown of what, in our homes, making the processing of wood furniture, appliance and how many do? Very much. Today, Xiao Wu, finishing 12 kinds of wood commonly used in rural areas before the furniture, which perhaps no one uses, have become very old, but they have grown up with us, and now we have grown up, but do away with them, these old objects, as well as your family do? You can know how many pieces of it? Welcome to us for that look.

The first thing foldable wooden old wooden table

This age-old wooden table it, the less there for decades, but it still looks very good, look at this work, is very delicate, making wooden table carpenter starters, it is estimated that the carpenter had gone.

This table has a family, his family should be pretty good, ordinary rural family does not have such a fine table. The table also can be folded, while the four legs with a circular bench, the work bench is fine, employed tenon made of.

Which compelled people to think, in the yard of a family, stood a folding table, one of a bench, sitting on a stool family of four, eating dinner, talking and laughing, very happy happy, enjoyable . Now the table is still in the stool, and the owner already do not know where.


The second wooden bench

This bench your home have? Feet is not high, tenon technology is also used in the production of. Mortise very conspicuous. This short strip of the bench in the countryside used to be very common, there is also now home to some preserved.

It is easy to sit and do the laundry, pick vegetables, chat, do some manual labor. Generally a person is sitting, squeeze point can take two people. Look at this board is still pretty thick, it is estimated a little heavy, and now people do not like, and was replaced by a plastic stool.


The third thing the old wooden legs in a small bench

This small stool legs hometown in Hunan, Xinhua Xiao Wu rural home is very common, and everyone has a past, now covered with new buildings that house may be gone.

Was short, four square feet of wood, heavy wood, do not know how many people sat it in the ass. People no longer, and the stool is still intact.

This four-legged dwarf sitting the bench most suitable for the laundry, when the countryside is no washing machine, all with a washboard, plus a tub, the washboard put inside the tub, add detergent slowly rub, then go to the river clean, these scenes do you remember?

A fourth small round wooden stool legs in old objects

This small round legs bench Xiao Wu hometown in rural areas is very small, I do not know what the reason is not because of round stool face the difficult problem of processing it? My friends, you say that is not the case.

Wooden stool process tenon joint structure is very fine, see no. You have this home round of four-legged wooden stool it?


The fifth foldable lounge chair old objects wooden

Now the market kind of bamboo recliner you seen it? You should have seen a lot.

This wooden loungers estimated that many people have not seen, and it co-produced with wood and bamboo made, chair of wooden shelves is very sophisticated, but the bamboo made part looks a little rough, brown rope with bamboo string together, tied to a wooden frame, folded and stored easily.

Summer night, lying in that wooden loungers waving palm-leaf fan, together chatting thirty-five few neighbors, that scene is quite pleasant now.

The sixth oldest wooden object Wooden carving window

You lived in wooden house? If your house used to be a wooden house, you should have seen this


Wooden carving window, very beautiful, small wooden house on top of previously Wu windows is this Wooden carving window, but the pattern shape is not the same.

In those old rural house windows are based on these windows carved, very nice. Now many rural wooden house demolished, renovated and built a new house. The newly built house windows are aluminum windows. Your family have it?


A seventh object has ever been Guanyin wooden old wooden Buddha statues


This place is a wooden statue of Guanyin’s ever been a little longer yet, look at the top of the paint almost fall out, or a distinctive profile, sculpture was also good.

Have you seen it?


Eighth wooden cupboard old objects

All of you look above the words, you probably know that it’s older.

I do not know what used to be used to hold the middle two drawers, top and bottom are double doors, which can put something, you seen it?

Ninth old wooden object portable toolbox storage box

Speaking of the storage box, and now the market has a lot of style, this wooden storage box you certainly do not have seen it.

This is a flat storage box, a convenient lift the brown rope. But this process is still very good carpenter. General Carpenter also can not make come. Xiao Wu have not seen, you seen it?

A tenth child wooden chairs old objects

This style of chairs son now as well, but are machined, this is far from durable tenon structure.


Like Xiao Wu brother in law got married in 2018 to buy a set of wooden chairs, several thousand, there are a few stools feet are loose, and people can not sit up, was more than two years. Look at this bench, at least for several decades now, still so good. Just old Bale.

Eleventh old wooden objects long bench

Your family has such a long wooden bench it?


Xiao Wu everyone has a home, just feet higher than this point, with supporting fire tables for dinner tables. Dwarf long bench like this are generally sit to casual play, with a height of not supporting our fire table, then eat a little short.

The twelfth old wooden thing you know is doing it?


Glance, it is not a bit like a movie costume drama inside the weapons, not long wooden handle, I do not know what to do, but do not know the name. Xiao Wu asked the elderly in the village have expressed not seen, too difficult.

There is no such thing as knowledge of, remember and share with you.

Well, my friends, this article today to share with the old objects 12 kinds of wood, no one with a lot of these, and you still do not know your home? Do you remember the name, especially the last, know the name says it, thank you for your support.

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