Junior high school graduate sellers, was cheated 5 million, 45 years old, doing clothing, now worth 26 billion, 2016 Hu Runfeng list 66

Qiu Guang and said that only enterprises can do four responsibility: corporate development responsibility, employee growth responsibility, partner’s value responsibility and social responsibility of enterprises.

Qiu Guanghe

Born in 1951, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, junior high school graduation, the chairman of Senma Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd., National People’s Congress. In 2016, Hu Run, the list, Qiu Guanghe family ranked 66th in $ 26 billion.

He graduated in junior high school, and he used to be sold, and the home applied to the home. A typhoon lost a bottom, 45-year-old gorgeous turned to sell clothing, 20 years created two clothing giants, now worth 26 billion, he is the founder of Sen Mae Qiu Guang and.

First business


In the second half of 1983, Wenzhou’s private economy began to germinate. Qiu Guang and followed the village head to Hong Kong to watch the home appliance industry. Subsequently with the old class as a manufacturer, it came back to set up an Ouhai household appliance company. In less than a year, the floor speaker blooms in Wenzhou City, Qiu Guang and grabbed the head, earned the first bucket of gold 1 million. In 1993, Qiu Guang and towns in Wenzhou opened 87 sales outlets, and the annual sales broke through 100 million.

However, on August 21, 1994, the No. 17 typhoon invaded Wenzhou City, and also rushed into Qiu Guanghe City Department and warehouse. The typhoon scraped his millions of assets. Qiu Guang and tears decided to change, but in early 1995, he was sent 5 million.

Second startup


After a year, I returned to my hometown, Qiu Guang and discovered Wenzhou’s home appliance workshop became less, and the clothing store was full. Qiu Guang and an investigation found that the domestic clothing market was the world of foreign brands. “Older can do it, I can!” When I said this, Qiu Guang was 45 years old. On December 18, 1996, Sen Ma clothing was born, and the number of young people aged 16-28.

Qiu Guang and is honest, doing things. I heard that he changed, he used to follow him to find him. On March 12, 1997, the first casual costume of the “Senma” brand arrived in Wenzhou from Guangzhou. When the goods arrive, Qiu Guang and the horses will send clothing to franchise stores across the country. Subsequently, the first Senma brand store opened in Xuzhou.

At this time, the market of casual clothing is completely activated. The local costume brand is like a spring bamboo shoots, and the songs, Qiushi, Ai Lai, Taiping Bird, with pure and other brands. However, Qiu Guang is not a vegetarian, only 3 years, and the Sen Ma will build the leader of the domestic casual clothing brand.

Qiu Guang and style model

First, use the “two-headed” virtual business model.

Qiu Guang and breaking the traditional practice, and distributes the processes of production in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and sets the logistics, finance, brand center and the headquarters. In addition, Qiu Guang has also entered more than 200 design and development talents, assisting major manufacturers design and manufacturing, and launch more than 2,000 casual clothing every quarter, more than 5,000 casual costumes. To ensure product quality, it also reduces the time and cost of branders yourself. In this way, you can better dedicate the design and promotion of the brand, don’t build a production plant, use the money on the blade. This is also the most important core factors that Qiu Guang and Senma can rapidly rise. In the production, 200 million fees are saved.

Finished producers, in terms of sales, Qiu Guang and launch franchise methods, through the contract to transfer concession to franchisees, franchisees enjoy the unified image, unified price, unified management, unified service, unified quality, and unified source of service , Special needs of unified advertising publicity. By 2001, Sen Ma’s annual income has been broken through 1 billion, and more than 100 new stores have been added.

Second, the widening area builds a brand diversification.


In the fall of 2001, Qiu Guang and Wenzhou store in Sen Ma inspected, a mother asked the clerk “You didn’t have children’s clothing?” Qiu Guang and remember it in my heart. So, in January 2002, Barabara Children’s Wear was born. At that time, the market size of children’s clothing was small, all in the mall counter. Qiu Guang and uses the business model of Sen Ma to Barabara. In just 2 years, Barabara has set a record of the highest single-store sales of 100,000 yuan, with an annual sales of more than 100 million, which is a sales myth in the Chinese children’s clothing.

Third, introducing high-tech solutions inventory.

At this time, many apparel companies have been troubled by inventory, and the outside world is also questioned to Sen Ma. Although Senma and Barabala have been leading in the domestic apparel industry, Qiu Guang and also believed that inventory is difficult to digest.

“High inventory said that some financial staff see data analysis, if it is an industry analyst, understand.” In order to rumors, Qiu Guang and in Shanghai specially convened a group of industrial analysts and journalists, together to go to Sen Ma Warehouse Visit, result, “They all said that they feel different.” Inventory questioned temporarily.

This is from Qiu Guang and in vigorous expansion of new channels, it also invested 200 million huge investment to create an international first-class EPR system and intelligent logistics distribution center. This system can be placed in place, production, delivery, delivery, sales, settlement, and the entire supply chain is electronic, the light is more than 10 million maintenance costs, but the time required for the entire supply chain. Decreased from the initial half year to 3 months.

Inventory pressure is released, Qiu Guang and the upstream producers and downstream dealers have established a stable cooperation mechanism. At the end of 2010, Senma had 6683 stores in the country, with an annual tax collection of 6.2 billion, and net profit exceeded 1 billion.

On March 11, 2011, Sen Ma clothing successfully landed in Shenzhen small and medium-sized boards. It is not enough to have a big earthquake in Japan. The global stock price plummeted, Sen Ma is still difficult to escape, and the listing has fallen 7.3% on the same day. Despite this, the market value of Sen Ma clothing still has the first place in the textile and apparel list. At the end of 2011, the total market value of Sen Ma clothing exceeded 30 billion. However, since then, the domestic garment industry is generally caught in downturn, Qiu Guang and Senma are no exception. Immediately, Qiu Guang and proposed

Three strategies

First, enter the mall.

In order to create a better shopping environment, Qiu Guang and decided to lead Sen Majin shopping mall. The opening of the two children’s policy, gave the children’s clothing market, a new vitality, in addition to Balabara, Qiu Guang and successively launched a lot of dreams, Makar and other children’s clothing series, implement “multi-brand, multi-series” development strategy.

Second, “open a good store, open the big store”

Nowadays, Sen Horse has more than 8,000 stores in the country, and is mainly based on street shop. Qiu Guang and decided to do a test field to turn off some small stores that have poor profitable and rents a slightly high. Opened 1,000 square meters of big stores in a second-tier cities, thereby indirectly driving the growth of terminal sales.

Third, enter the stationery platform

. This is also the most effective way to reduce inventory. To this end, Qiu Guang and specialized in e-commerce company, it is reported that only one hour in 2016, only one hour, the turnover exceeded 300 million.


Last year, Qiu Guanghe’s annual recently broke through 10 billions, while the total number of Shimaba and Barabara’s online stores exceeded 10,000. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Sen Ma, Qiu Guang and give himself a new goal. “In 2021, the terminal sales 80 billion!”

Qiu Guang and the crisis

Qiu Guang and the group’s short board is simple in style. Nowadays, all kinds of trends come one after another, and if there is no innovation for a long time, it is impossible to go smoothly. At the same time, it is not easy to improve the quality, and it is not easy to reduce the price, but to make your own costume design style close to the popular trend is even more difficult. But this is not difficult for Qiu Guang and for the retirement of 90 years old. Today, in O2O and P2P, there are many companies that have closed down today. “Some things are legal unreasonable, some things are reasonable and unhaffitiful, this we can clearly understand how white, clear. If a region is more Several families, where is I talk about the happiness index of employees, social stability? This is involved in how many social problems! “


Only the company is ready to assume four responsibilities: corporate development responsibility, employee growth responsibility, partners’ value responsibility and social responsibility. If this kind of false, we all listen more, but from the Qiu Guang and mouth of a heartbeat, my heart actually moved.

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