English-style soft loading, usage and type of lighting lighting, he learned very useful oh

British lighting often with signs of aging empire the sun never sets, exudes nobility of England’s unique elegance, with its focus reflects the elegant bearing, represents a superior lifestyle. British lighting pay attention to line, shape and modify the color, decorated with luxurious, elegant colors, beautiful shape, revealing the magnificent nobility, giving long-lasting beauty to classical visually. From the material, mostly British lighting pure brass, forged material manufacturing iron and the like. In addition, English-style space often have to use some features European-style chandeliers, sconces, but the design will be more interested in elegant, subtle.


Brass Lamp

Brass seems to be most Britons prefer to use metal, therefore, often applying it to the home environment, such as brass and copper as a material of chandeliers, sconces and lamps etc. are typical English style lighting. Where the British lamp common lamp base materials including brass candlestick style, ceramic vases with retro pattern and a short railing as wood and so on. Solder is a brass chandelier and art glass solder made of decorative lamps. Its overall lighthouse brass as a material, soft meandering lines, with a fine, smooth art glass lampshade as a perfect material with the British style elegant noble temperament interpretation of the head.



Glass or crystal chandelier is the British neoclassical commonly used lighting. Chandelier hanging from the ceiling of a decorative lamps, lamps having two or more support arms source. Beautifully ornate chandelier, a dozen to dozens of lamps and complex glass or crystal display to illuminate a room light by refraction. Chandeliers have different directions, some toward four corners, some point angular direction, each direction will have different lighting effects, so it has a strong appreciation of the value it can bring out the gorgeous temperament.


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