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By: Abdul Muis



Students nowadays prefer to do online bag shopping instead of walking around the stores, especially during new semester where everybody also shops for school bags. There are many backpacks and messenger bags sold online, but when it comes to school bags, students usually prefer heavy duty bags that can handle the weight of thick books they carry, plus laptop and perhaps IPod case.

High Sierra has become favorite option for many students and parents who shop for school bags, especially backpacks. High Sierra is a backpack that fulfills all the functions every student needs, plus some more extra perks such as extensive color options, unique patterns, high quality materials and classic yet sporty shapes perfect for both males and females.


Online Bag Shopping for High Sierra: The Options :

If you do online bag shopping at major online stores such as Amazon, Best Buy and Ebay, you will see that High Sierra is one of the most popular and recommended products for school bags. Here are some of the top bag series from High Sierra that should be considered for your next buy:

• High Sierra Loop

This backpack is a popular product from Sierra; many love these bags because they have many compartments yet are still quite spacious for putting thick books plus laptop. The side compartment has perfect size for IPhone or IPod, and there are a lot of color and pattern options; from classic black and grey combination to bright blue and teal, from camouflage pattern to flower prints and plaids.

Many adults also love this bag for outdoor adventures, and some even bring this bag to buy groceries because it can fit a lot of stuffs inside. The nylon material makes it durable for long usage (very economical for students with low budgets) and it has water resistant seam. High Sierra Loop is favored by elementary students, high school students, grad students and even adults.

• High Sierra Fat Boy

High Sierra Fat Boy does not play around; large and heavy duty, this bag is a favorite product of busy students and active adults who do online bag shopping. The size is quite huge, with large main compartment and several small compartments, including zippered pocket on the front.

This is a perfect bag for students who always complain about not having enough room in their bags for all their textbooks plus laptop and other necessities. The bags also have options of colors and patterns; from classic color combinations (black/grey, blue/grey, blue/green) to colorful patterns such as Electric Flower, Ocean Party, Snake Dye and Butterflies. This is also great for outdoor adventure and sport bag.

• High Sierra Mugsy

Doesn’t like oversized, sporty backpacks? What about Mugsy series from High Sierra? These bags have more demure lines and less detailed than Fat Boy or Loop, and they also have simple square shape with one large compartment and one smaller, organized compartment at the front.

Although quite roomy, the bag is perfect if you do not like carrying something too bulky on the back. This is perfect for casual using for grad students who do not always carry large books every day. There are simple color options (black, blue and lime green) and there are cheerful patterns such as floral patterns and plaids for those who love to look standout.

• High Sierra Power Glide

For students who need the most heavy duty backpacks for everyday using, or students who are in long research trip and need to bring a lot of tools for this purpose, this backpack is definitely a great option. With wheels and telescopic handle that can be hidden in a special zippered compartment, this bag is perfect to carry around heavy books plus laptop and even some of your research tools.

You can use this as a wheeled small luggage, or as a regular backpack. All the compartments are padded, so they are perfect to store your laptop. There are kick plate and corner protective guards to make sure your bag stands the abrasion. The bag has more classic look with monochrome colors (black, blue, green, purple) and simple plaid patterns.

Many of High Sierra products are Prime products on Amazon, so you can get free shipping and free return.


Tips to Do Online Bag Shopping for School :

Are you ready to find your dream backpack for school? Here are some useful things to pay attention to. First, lower your expectation a bit when it comes to color. When you do online bag shopping, the colors you see on the screen may not look the same with when you see the bag in front of you; this difference is normal due to the screen variations. Also, do not forget to check the return policy; High Sierra is a famous school bag product, but do not let that fact makes you forget checking the return policy.


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