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Dell Inspiron 15.6: Best Bargain for Online Laptop Shopping

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Dell is always the best brand to pick when you do online laptop shopping in a budget. Dell Inspiron is a laptop with high performance and able to do many tasks with such great value price. This is a good laptop to pick if you are a student in budget or want to start your own business and need a cheap, high performance laptop for daily tasks. Already equipped with Intel HD Graphic, Windows 8 and with 4 GB memory, Dell Inspiron is a good choice for your daily tasks. It is also lightweight, elegant and has 15.6 inch of screen size, which makes the laptop quite easy to carry every where (and even fit inside a tote bag). 


Dell Inspiron: Online Laptop Shopping Bargain :

Dell Inspiron 15.6 inch costs less than $500, and even if you buy it with shipping fee, most high profile online stores such as Amazon or Best Buy will give around $345 just for the laptop. With this good price, Dell Inspiron has good specs for high performance that make the current price seems just a dime. Here are some main specs of Dell Inspiron:

• Pentium 1.8 GHz as the CPU (compared to Dell Inspiron 100000 BLK that still uses Core i5) makes this laptop super fast in downloading, saving and video buffering.

• RAM capacity of 4 GB with 500 GB SATA of hard drive capacity, enable you to store large amounts of documents, Power Point files, graphic files, videos, games, music and many more.

• Two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port.

• Windows 8, a must have operating system for those who love simplicity in syncing the files and photos directly to the data cloud, and of course downloading favorite apps.

• Waves MaxxAudio as the audio system technology; any sound is clear and smooth without cracking even if you turn the volume up high.

• Elegant look with black matte finish and only 1 inch thin. The hand rest surface is textures and the keyboard has 10 key number pads. For those who do online laptop shopping for works that require a lot of counting numbers every day, these number keypads are simple yet innovative.

• Keyboards are protruding (island style) with even spaces. Finger track pad with double buttons below it are available.

• 15.6 inch high definition screen; a perfect size for cheap laptop that you bring every day to school or use for casual functions (i.e.: watching videos and listening to music).

• Free McAfee antivirus (30 trial version), pre installed to the laptop.

As a cheap laptop, Dell Inspiron also has some downsides as well as upsides that customers have pointed out. Here are some downsides of Dell Inspiron 15:

• The Windows 8. Many people do not like the idea of using Windows 8, because its interface and function are too complicated for people who just really want to use their laptops to work, not syncing files from and to gadgets (until now, Windows 8 is not really a favorite point for many people when they do online laptop shopping).

• The track pad is sensitive and too large; when you are typing fast and long, your sleeve or wrist can accidentally slide on the track pad and will suddenly makes your typed lines fly on random parts of the page. Plus, this pad gets warm really fast because of the thin laptop.

• The thin dimension also gives the laptop sharp lip, which can be slightly irritating when you type.

• The capacity is only good for average browser, so this laptop is better for those kinds of users. Plus, if you install extra antivirus, your laptop will become so slow. Stick to Defender that is available in Windows 8.

• The average usage hours are short, only 3-4 hours for average using and browsing, and only about 2 hours for video streaming.

• The screen has glossy finish. That slightly disturbs the view, especially if you look at the screen from the wrong angle. 


Is Dell Inspiron Good Choice when Online Laptop Shopping? 

Yes and no, depends on your needs. Although cheap, Dell Inspiron is better for average users who just want to use the laptop for typing tasks and homework, browsing favorite websites, listening to music, storing and sharing pictures from the digital camera or gadgets and watching videos.

The usage hours are short even with these casual functions, but at least you can do the most after spending just relatively little money for this laptop. The point is, when you do online laptop shopping for more powerful performance, Dell Inspiron may be not your right computer. If you chase the value for a laptop that will be used just for casual using and hobbies, buy Dell Inspiron. For a casual laptop, the price is a good deal.


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