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By: Abdul Muis 

Online shopping clothes :



Online shopping clothes are more convenient and easier than visiting the stores and walking around, mixing and matching different items, especially if you have specific body types or measurements. Just by opening your laptop or using your smart phone and opening several websites, you can do long tour while sitting in your room or anywhere you want. The payment is also easy and only requires credit card or electronic transfer.

However, since clothes are personal items, there are some drawbacks in buying clothes through online stores. You cannot exactly try the clothes on like you do in the fitting room. You cannot touch the fabric and find out about the quality, and you cannot see directly if there are any defects. The idea of buying something with non conventional way can also be terrifying for some people, especially if you are stick to the premise that “when buying something personal, I must see it directly!”

However, that does not mean that choosing the easy way is not good. You can still do online shopping clothes (in fact, this is a very popular shopping method), but with some cautions. A lot of good online stores are now available, and famous brands even embraces this new shopping method by making online shopping platform for their customers. You only have to become a smart customer to avoid confusion or problems.


Tips to Do Online Shopping Clothes :

Ebay, one of the largest online stores with millions of worldwide customers, offer some useful tips if you want to buy clothes online:

Do not put high expectations on details :

This does not mean that you must not ask for return or something if the items are damaged, or if you got the wrong items. However, when it comes to colors, remember that due to differences in computer monitor screens, certain colors of clothing items can be slightly different if you see them directly in front of your eyes. For example, while a summer dress is stated as a ‘Cherry red,’ do not expect the dress to look the same after it is shipped to your place and taken out from the box (it may turn out to be more like ‘Wine red’ color). Lower you expectation a bit in this thing.

Write Down Your Detail Measurements :

Many clothing stores, especially the large ones like Amazon or Best Buy, do not just put their items in display with ‘Large’ or ‘Small.’ There can be some variations in measurements, because there are no standard sizes that apply universally. Therefore, it is better if you measure your body in details (such as your waist, hip, upper arms, legs, thighs, wrists and inseam). Remember to convert them into inch if they are in metric system, or vice versa. If you know your own measurements, at least you can compare them with the details of the items.

Pay Attention to the Shipping Fees :

When you do online shopping clothes, there are usually shipping fees. However, some big retail stores can give free shipping for certain items (for example, the Prime products on Amazon). Also, pay attention to different policies in shipping fees when it comes to international shipment. The shipping fees to one US state to another is really different from shipping fees from the same state to other countries.

Avoid No-name Products (If You Are Not Sure) :

Some sellers at stores like Ebay or Amazon sell clothing items without brand names (such as American Apparel or Gap). Instead, they just put short descriptions as the name of the items (i.e.: Cherry Red Colored Spring Dress for Teens, Small). If you are not really sure about the quality or not familiar yet with online shopping, better avoid buying this kind of item, especially if the price is quite expensive.

Pay Attention to Warranty and Return Policies :

If you buy your clothes online, you must know about their warranty and return policies. This is to make sure that you did the best purchase and do not feel like ripped off or even suing the stores for something that is actually your fault. Read the FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions) page; that part should cover questions about warranty and return policies. Or, ask directly to the customer service.

Use Free Newsletter/Alert Option :

Many large online stores have options for newsletters or sales alerts for loyal customers, so you can sign up. Besides getting the latest information about new products, you can also get good prices and even discounts. This is great for saving more money in your future online shopping clothes.

Buying your clothes online are easier are more convenience, so do not be afraid to try it. Just make sure that you do all precautions and learn to become a smart customer before starting to make a purchase.


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Online Shopping Clothes :



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