1 second switch iPhone “small white point”

As we all know, iPhone’s “White Point” can effectively protect the Home button and the power button. If you often use, if you suddenly turn off small white spots, you may be very uncomfortable, but you can, but also, in some scenes may be Small white point will make the game change card, or the view of the screen, so,

Here, you will teach you a small white point for 1 second, just simply three steps, since then say goodbye to the cumbersome opening / closing method, instantly let you fall in love with small white points!

Open, set – universal, enter the auxiliary function, click on the bottom

Assisted function shortcuts,

Check AssistiveTouch, OK, big success, can now try

Press three HOME keys to quickly open / turn off small white dots.

Is it very convenient, don’t want to use a small white point, even press the HOME button to turn it off, then press three home keys again.


Finally, tell everyone, what can Xiaobai Point do?

1. Protect the Home button.

2. Open multiple tasks (double click on the HOME key).

3. Lock the screen.

4. Screenshot of the screen.

5. Open Siri.

3. Shut down (long press the lock screen).

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