Please accept! Mei Yujie, baby’s wearing guide

After the Qingming Festival, is the rainy season?


At that time, my parents were unhappy, the clothes were not dry, the baby was happy, because Ta can be intimate with the rain!

In this case, let’s play with rain! That … you will start from wearing!

“In the Qingming season, the rain has become a practice, and the Qingming Festival has passed, and the clouds are coming again.

Shao female remembered that he was a child, every time Mei Yuzi, home, clothes were filled with a wet, she didn’t like it. But can put on the raincoat, let the rain go to yourself, put on the rain shoes, sleep on the small water ditch, or will be happy.


SHAO female knows that each greedy child (including SHAO female), always likes to play water, whether it is taking a shower, or when it goes to the water park. In this case, the plum rainy season for a while will let TA play with rain, as long as it is waterproof.


Equipment 1: raincoat / windbreaker

Although the umbrella is very good, the child is still young, when the umbrella is old, it is not careful to make the clothes in rainwater, SHAO women still recommend a raincoat on the TA set. While protecting TA clothes, it is free to “rain” freely.

When you see this model, Shao female is stunning the current raincoat, there is a cartoon style of the coated raincoat, look good ~~ And there is a safe reflector before and after the raincoat, even in dim moment, you can see your child. Make sure it is safe!

Of course, not all children have originated in the raincoat, will feel that raincoat is hot, uncomfortable. Then if the weather forecast is just a fur rain, you can try to wear a waterproof windbreaker.

Ott Mountain children’s outdoor waterproof jacket, which uses high-quality lotus-type bionic water fabrics to effectively prevent rainwater infiltration. At the same time, there is a breathable anti-scandal fabric, which can effectively dissipate heat, breathable, and always keep your child dry and comfortable. In addition, combined with Asian children’s system characteristics, costumes fashion slimming design.


Equipment 2: rain shoe / anti-slip

There is a raincoat, naturally, you can’t get the rain. Shao female likes and recommends the following.

I heard that there are four color four patterns optional, Q Meng Q Meng. Use EVA environmentally friendly new materials, healthlessness. The weight of a shoe is about equal to the weight of a kiwifruit, the light is not bloated, and the child is bold to the child, and the water is easy.

Moreover, the merchant also comes with plus velvet, when it is cold, set on the liner, lace, the child is warm and warm, not afraid of cold. One shoe two wears, summer, rain, winter, snow.

Of course, if it is just a slight rain, wearing a whole day’s rain is really no necessary, some children’s small feet are prone to sweating, they will suffocate. At this time, you can choose the non-slip rain cover.


This Disney pattern has a smooth rain cover, delicate workmanship, specially reinforced shoes, waterproof is not easy to leak, formula wear-resistant anti-skid sole, durability long. The most important or convenient portability, no space.

Equipment 3: Waterproof

Yes, when the child insists on the umbrella, the parents can only agree, but I am worried that TA is not good, I will wet the bag behind him, what?


Choose waterproof bag! Nowadays, many waterproof bags are not only large inner space, but they can be placed enough, and they are divided into wet differences, and they go swimming in the back. It is no problem.


By the way, this bag is not only a variety of styles, but also with a shoe circle area, putting a pair of sneakers and a pair of slippers, the lever is no problem!

After reading this article, SHAO women believe that everyone has a new understanding of the child’s rainfall.

Who said that the rain can only wear it?


Our fashionable babies are bright and bright every day ~~

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