2017 bag popular trends, fashion is going to be ahead

I want to fashion, I want to be different from the people, I have to first step. At that time, Shangda was paying attention to the popular trend of this year’s bag, you have mastered the flourishing trend in the spring of 2017, and the kind of feeling is great!

At the time of the birthplace of the motherland, the fashion circle Paris fashion week stepped in the skirt, saying that this is a big name to update the style, so that you can’t stop in the new quarter.


Do not say the power of each show, add a lot of vital youth elements from the design perspective of the bag.


If you don’t say which bag style is the most popular, you will say that those fashionable avant-gardes can talk about 10,000 words, but nothing more than big, small bag, mini bag, the package style, etc. . As the shoulder bag is getting more and more fire, maybe you are also tired of the package of bad streets, not as good as starting with this bag, not only the bag, not only will not hit the bag, but also make you look more fashionable.


The stars love shoulder bags, fashionable practical age


Somehow’s backpacks, in recent years, whether it is on the screen, or reality, Icon Wu Yifan, the national husband “all the professor”, the old cadre Hu Ge, the long legs Ouba loves the shoulder bag, which is not released, so it can be seen, No matter which tide you are, as long as you pick your shoulder bag, don’t “primary school”, rose “type” temperament.

It is estimated that the long-holiday returns, everyone is a little bit of festival, and the shoulder bag will be cured after the shoulder bag, and the premises are kept your proper, then, Barang Xiaobian is coming.

In the past two years, the back shoulder bag is moving, and that momentum can soon exceed the shoulder bag, although the shoulder bag is easy to carry, but there is no need for shoulder bags to be convenient.

I want to abandon the back shoulder bag that I will abandon the soil when I go to school, now I have become the petty of the fashion circle. Many big cards have successively launched the shoulder bag, and the fashion is not bad, plus the feelings of fashion essence, and people don’t Love can’t.

The 2017 spring and summer men’s bag shape is more functional, retaining practical details, formal business leisure applications apply, add a variety of functions and adaptive scenarios for the bag. Fashion elements with fashion color match, simple and tidy, create fashion leisure.

For those who pursue a stable and low-key, the simple and wild shoulder bag is the first choice, not only seems, but it seems to be safe behind. In addition to the classic black, a variety of candy colors are also available.

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