Learn to learn? The man used the glass bottle to curse the fire, I apologized, the woman tragedious by the video

Short video is not only brought to everyone, but also bring some unpredictable dangers.


Some UP Lords often have some incredible moves, and these movements seem to be novel, but the danger behind it is very knowledgeable.

In 2019, two teenage little girls imitated network video, using easy pull can to make popcorn, resulting in explosion, leading to 96% of the girls to be burned, released the video UP Lord to apologize and make compensation.

Learn to learn? Man with glass bottle cupping

The apologized UP Lord is just an example, and the manufacturing hazardous UP master can not stand her one. On June 5th, a haired scene in a hairdress store in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, and an accident occurred while a man was cupping. The glass bottle burst on the spot.

From the store’s monitoring video, you can see that the man puts a piece of paper into a conical glass bottle, sitting next to the woman who sees the man’s move, smile, and take a happy to pick up the phone. video.

The woman tragedious on the scene burst, shot video

But the man took the glass bottle to the belly for more than two seconds, the glass bottle suddenly bled, and the huge pressure difference made the glass bottles all splashed, some of the glass slag directly hit the woman’s face, the woman instinctively blocked his eyes, but she The reaction slowed slowly, only carefully cleaved the glass slag outside the eyes.

The explosion of the glass bottle has also been unexpected. He has a bit of a glass bottle of the bottle, and the confidence and smile before the cupping have already disappeared.

I hope that the woman’s eyes are not hurt. After this accident, the two should not rash dangerous move again.


Many short video platforms have similar videos. From theory, the glass bottles are not impossible, but the glass bottles of the cupping can be thickened and strengthened in the main force part. If the smallest thickness of the glass bottle or wine bottle can be on the fire can, theoretically does not happen, but most of the glass bottles have a thickness of this requirement. When bursting occurs, the first damage is the weak portion, and the principle of the simplest wooden bucket can be explained.

Some UPs only pay attention to how to obtain traffic, but ignore the consequences of ordinary people blindly imitate, and the treated broadcast last year is called, because it is too wide, and it will be a waste of food.

Up main blog eyeball is not wrong, but it should be done when making a video. Like the early Papi sauce and other net red nose, she (he) conquers the audience with their own realism, can share the knowledge of dry goods, but also make a magical work with super hands-on ability, and These works do not kill.

The video and the like of the glass bottle are different. It is similar to the street selling Dachi Pill. They will be dangerous and new. Once this video is hot, the imitation effect will be protected.

I hope that all UPers can adhere to the bottom line, relying on trueology to get concerned, rather than holding adventures, and adults will blindly imitate, let alone children who are not sensible?

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