[In the first half of 2019, the online TOP Gold List – storage supplies]

(Exclusive News) Shanghai Dongfang Century Consumer Products Development Promotion Center (Oriental Express Fine Square) The leading full media in the same industry – “Quick food (net)” according to Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Amazon China , Vipshop, COFCO, I buy a large data retail monitoring of major retail e-commerce platforms in China’s B2C retail market, exclusive authority released “2019 online TOP gold list”. In the first half of 2019, what kind of results have been made on the line? Welcome to the “FMCGCHINA” in the “Fast Substation (Net)”.

After years of accumulation and development, our country’s industrial industry has gradually emerged in production scale, production efficiency, production costs, and gradually develops into a global home supply center. But at present, my country’s storage products are still in the “rack era”, mainly with the storage products represented by the metal shelf, and have not formed corresponding industry specifications. The number of industrial companies is large, but the concentration is relatively low, the product technology content is low, the similarity is high, and the market is occupied at a low price, and there is no industry representative enterprise.

“Quick Products” exclusive monitoring line retail data, new storage supplies, bring you

“Top Gold List – Storage Supplies in the first half of 2019”


Online storage market in 2019,

禧 天龙

The first place in the market, many brands new list. The gap between each brand market share is small, and overall competition is more fierce.


With a mature sales and service network, it is a high-quality supplier and preferred brand of Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, and other well-known large-scale chain supermarkets at home and abroad, and has established good cooperative relations with more than 300 dealers throughout the country. Products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other international markets.


Second place, local independent brand


It also has a strong sales network and logistics distribution system, “franchise special sales” marketing model has created its powerful channel advantage, and Tea Modern Home Supplies Co., Ltd. is also listed in 2017, which is a leading enterprise in the domestic home plastic supplies industry. The quarter is the top ten brands of vacuum compression bags.


Rank 4th to Tenth’s brand share is small, all between 1% and 5%.

The fourth, fifth and ninth are all new list brands, respectively, in recent years, in terms of business architecture, personnel organization, product structure, etc.


, The main pure natural quality Beijing Rongtong University of Science and Trade Co., Ltd.


And Yiwu Special Trade Co., Ltd.

Bai Yide

The sixth is produced by Shanghai Shenwei Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Jeko & Jeko

It develops a variety of sales models such as commercial super, high-end department stores, online malls, direct stores, and achieves high-speed growth in sales.

The seventh is to focus on the lives of white collar.

Good helper

, Online e-commerce operation and online store sales joint development.

Adhere to independent innovation


The eighth, the product is not only sold in major supermarkets and online e-commerce platforms, but also sells North America, EU, Japan and South China. The tenth is the brand of Japan.





禧 天龙

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