Baby is elected, or will lead to wrap around? How to choose the bib, these 4 points of Baoma want to remember

Many Bao Ma will choose to choose a baby bib in a few months, usually in a few months. The main role of the bib is

Prevent infants from flowing water, or dirty clothes when eating.

Because the baby is naughty, it is indispensable when eating complementary food. However, there is also a very particular reason about the choice of the bib:

Choose a bib, you can give your baby and Bao Ma, and even make your baby eat more concentrate. Conversely, if there is a mistake when choosing, there may be a “weapon” that hurts the baby.

There are a lot of injuries about infants and young children, because of accidental damage, such as tableware scratch the baby, eat the baby is stunned. But now there is a new term called


: As the name suggests, the baby is in the case of some special clothes or accessories, causing the baby to be wound by foreign matter, leading to the injury or suffocation.

The most common thing is something such as hooded or red scarf, of course, this also includes a baby bib.

Baby is not good, everyday life may cause many inconveniences, such as some


Material cloth, washing is very troublesome; or

Parents want to go out

Feeding with a baby is very inconvenient, if the baby is crying, the scene will be more difficult to pay. If the quality of the bib is poor or not suitable for your baby,

The baby feels uncomfortable

Baby may also cry, even in the crying call

Be injured

. These moves are very dangerous, so choose a suitable bib, and the mothers need more.

What details should you pay attention to when the selection of the bib?

1, the size should be appropriate

The size is mainly the point of attention, because

The neckline is tight about the baby’s breathing. If it is too tight, it may cause the baby to breathe and even the injuries.

In the end, the baby suffocated due to the wound injury; if it is too loose, it will be very

Easy to slip

In this way, food residue or stains will still be a baby’s clothes, and the role of the bib cannot be embodied.

2, material is comfortable

Bao Ma needs to consider whether the material of the bib is comfortable when the baby’s skin is comfortable: because the bib is in the baby, it will meet the baby.

Neck and chin.

If you are harder, you even use some plastic bibs, it is not only easy.

Scratching baby

It is also very uncomfortable to wear, just like a thick armor; if you use some

Black heart cotton

It is easy to appear

Allergic reactions.

A good bib cloth is usually a cotton or gauze, colloidal.

3, the color is dirty

The color of the bib also needs to choose the right, such as pink, more suitable for girls, but try to choose

Color bright colors


In this way, the baby will not only be attracted, but the mothers are cleaned and will not be too powerful. If you choose white, then you can see it, your mother needs to be cleaned, it is too wasteful.

Here I recommend this baby for my baby.

BEESHUM disposable bib

. This disposable bib is compared to ordinary silicone bibs and cotton.


Not only does not breed bacteria, there is no irritating odor, but also light and convenient, easy to carry, and use it at any time.

The most important thing is also the most convenient one is

You don’t need to clean, you can discard it, you will not take up the time to clean.


This baby bib is used by

Stabilize the fiber structure, even if the baby will tear hard, it will not make it.

Very tied, and the texture and neck are very soft.


Don’t take your baby’s neck.

There is a front

3D three-dimensional diameter pockets, you can catch the food residue fell.

Each bib is separately sealed, and does not contain fluorescent whitening.

Through the professional testing of multiple authoritative institutions such as BSCI, SGS, GMPC,

Quality is very safe.

Every time the treasure saves the cleaning steps, it is also a lot of rest time.

For the treasure mom, everyday take care of the child is very time to take, such a fragmentation is also enough to be a mother to rest and accompany the child, and do something else.

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Baby disposable freely in the child’s goal out to eat waterproof rice pocket baby disposable mouth water scarf


¥ 7.65


This convenient and comfortable disposable bib

The current price is 7.65 yuan, and the price is very affordable. Such prices can buy milk tea, you can also give your baby a convenient, invisible to save your mother a lot of time, can be said to be very cost-effective.

What are the treasure moms waiting for? Hurry to grab this good opportunity to start a copy!

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