The sixth anniversary of boys sent a female friend, old cotton coats: that is perfunctory, you have to stay away early

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You see “

Sixth anniversary Lafite


The cause of the matter is that a boy gives his girlfriend to the sixth anniversary gift, put the process of preparing a gift into a video on the Internet.

He took out a big box, put on the old cotton coat that he passed by the box and attached:

“She wants to wear my cotton clothes, to endure her.”

Then lay on a layer of Lafite, put on ten boxes of Wangzi Milk.

“She envy the sausage of others, but I am worried that she can’t finish it, so I have been changed to ten Wangsi, the ceremony can’t be less.”

Subsequently, there was another layer of Lafite, put some simple zero.

Then still lay the grass, put things, put your yogurt, cake, wool hat, toy bear.

The anniversary of the sun is commemorating, a big box sent to the girl, and the result is such zero zero sick, and it is very difficult to accept.

Boys think that they will receive a lot of blesses online, but he didn’t expect the video to be siege immediately:

“Is this worth a video touch yourself?”

“The most expensive afraid not this box …”

“The chicken of this happily went to bed.”

“The skin sent by the king is more money than you.”

Some people list the list of gifts sent by boys.


Let netizens are filled with indignation,

More than just the extremely low prices, but also can’t see him to prepare



To be honest, these things, you can listen to the convenience store to go to the door, you can buy it.

Originally thought that the “anniversary giant gift box” of male born is slightly cold, but did not expect that things did not end.


After the money is fermented, the boys use their own account, and send a girlfriend to “out box” after receiving the gift.

The box is so big, the girl is looking forward to letting the roommate help the opening process, and they can feel the rejuvenation in the screen.

It can be finally found that there are only a few snacks, and Wang Tie has also been drank two bottles by her boyfriend, and the cake yogurt is not seen;

There is also a boyfriend through the cotton clothes, a hat wearing a hat, a convenient sticker, and still writing:


“Princess, the end of the shirt will send you.”


At the beginning of the girl, the excitement is looking forward to all empties, and she didn’t know what round.

The roommate is also comforting, but it is true, you can imagine the embarrassment of that scene.

What is more spoken is that this box “gift” is still sauna … is a heartache.

The boys have sent this video, and it is estimated that I want to tell you: “My girlfriend didn’t say anything, why do you marry me?”


But it still has no debate of online friends.

The roommate of the girl also can’t see it, and the Changwen appeals to everyone to treat.

However, Changwen refers to the sixth anniversary gift for girls to boys.

It is a pair of AJs, a keyboard, and a photo book that is full of heartbeats.


After the netizen saw it, this is even more calm.

Soon, a question of a suspected girl’s girl responded: boys do not search, the gift is not paid, they are really love.

Subsequently, a netizen who claimed to be a female master responded:

The two sides have broken up, and the man is actively proposed, because I don’t want to be attacked by the netizen language.

Express is indeed paying, and the gift has also been given to the man after breaking up. As for the recording of the man, it is not written by her.

It’s almost over here, although it is difficult to distinguish it, this matter also gives us a warning.

This “Lafite” partner is not only a slap, but it is even bad.


The six years of love, this is worthy of commemoration, and the boys have no burden of lack of brand sports shoes, photo books, photos book, but they can use cheap gifts.

In the case of limited economic conditions, it is not necessary to send a gift that exceeds the ability to range, but flowers can be absolutely seen.

No money and perfunctory is completely two yards.

In the words of netizens, “He, but if you take a straw hat, I have a heart.”

Do a small manual with your heart, post a commemorative album, isn’t it better than snacks, old cotton?

What’s more, the gift sent by the woman is very happy and spending, which has more derivatives of men.

What is the heart?

I saw a gift for my girlfriend on the Internet, and the boys collect the coffee cups that the two drinked once, and write the text to the girls in the commemoration.

This is your heart.

This doesn’t have to spend a penny gift, but it is invaluable.


Don’t perfuse you without your people.

Recently, a man in Henan uses a ginkgo biloba video to the video of roses.

Because the wife likes ginkgo, he will make a rose for his wife every day, although it is laborious, but still determined to do 99 to give his wife.

This is what it cares.

When love has passed the warmth, it is averaged, but it will still have a little romantic to the other party, tell the other party: In this ordinary day, I still love you.

The lifetime grew dictionary “667: Love Investment Model” mentioned in the intimacy relationship, promise = satisfaction + investment – alternative items.


Commitment means whether individuals want to maintain intimate relationships, and their attachment to this.

The investment refers to the investment of this relationship, including money, time, energy and emotional investment, common friends and hobbies.


Intimate relationship with emotional accounts,

It is also necessary to save, in time, in time, I will not only take it, the account deficiency appears.

And this is the need for both parties to pay, manage, if only one Savings, invest, and the other party only take, consume, this imbalance relationship will destroy the common emotional account.

Therefore, vigilance is being perfused to your partner.


The other party’s perfunctory behavior is to consume the storage of the same emotional account, which is also consumed to consume your emotions and energy.

In the world of love, perhaps no one can be sorry, but who don’t know who doesn’t know how to cherish.

Each of us is worth cherishing, love a person who can give you positive energy, share.




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