Chen Yuxi’s early autumn wearing a true young, cowboy out of the hip skirt, the old, like a student girl

There are many very sweet doll faces, although they have been fucking, but they look like a girl in the shape, Taiwan female star Chen Yuxi is a typical doll face girl, with a face-to-face advantage The denim small coat and black bag is full of girls, the whole person looks like a hot mother, more like a student party.


Chen Yuxi’s modeling analysis:

Short denim jacket – 气 fashionable

Chen Yuxi’s early autumn is very young, cowboy jacket with bag hip skirt, like a student girl. Chen Yuxi wore a short-term denim jacket in the upper part, and the short version of the short version showed a very good spirit and playful feeling. For the little sisters who are not very advantageous, this short-section small top is It is very easy to use, both simple and land, can also show a high effect by shortening the proportion of the upper.

Take a bag of hip skirts – increase the taste of women

Chen Yuxi has a short-section dress in the short denim jacket, and the style design of the bag hip can present the effect of the hook, and the shape of the figure is presented. Slightly a bit high, but for the little sisters who have perfect waist hips, it is to show the tools.

Short version dress – show beautiful legs

The built-in dress uses a short version of the short version in the design. Chen Yuxi is not very advantageous, but it is very good in the size of the body, and the body is very strong. The skin is also very fair, so this short dress can be presented with the horizontal design of the legs.

White sports shoes – comfortable and aged


Chen Yuxi with a white sneakers on the feet, the basic pure white can show a very refreshing matching effect, this basic small white shoes can boldly use boldly in the four seasons of the year, the best design of sports shoes Limited to ensure comfort, you don’t have to worry about the grinding when you go out of your feet.

Grid baseball cap + frog mirror

The grilled baseball cap is equipped with an essential mensive mirror, a match looks up, I have to say, Chen Yuxi’s girl is really strong, and a simple matching street looks like a student. Sister, where is it like a mother?


Other modeling analysis of Chen Yuxi:

Purple windshirt

Purple is not very driving for young women. This bright purple is very easy to show up rustic matching effect. If you want to wear a girl, it is best to try light purple, reduce color matching. Thickness, Chen Yuxi is more important in this windbreaker, which is easy to make the whole person look at some old.


White crach dress

The basics is simple and refreshing, although simple, but practicality is very good, it is also very good, Chen Yuxi’s white dress with a sling design to show the straw and clavicle line, let the body shape The charm is presented to the ultimate, the dress is very simple and smooth on the style, although there is not much bright point, but it seems very sweet and girl.

Perspective sweater + tearing shorts


The knit sweater of the element is very suitable for the moment. Moderate perspective fabric can show a little bit of charm, sexy and not exposed, short-fitting shorts with torn skirts, wearing a disappearance, this match The way the leg-looking little sisters are very easy to use, with a pair of small white shoes on the feet, simple and wild.

Everyone should understand where to understand the advantages and disadvantages of their own body. By combining various single items to wear the long-distance matching effect, they can form a matching style that is suitable for their own, relative to the way of pursue fashion sensation, Choosing a match with your own matching style is more fashionable.

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