How to wear the first autumn dress? Choose a beige dress, both painful and display

Beige, one is used in a large number of colors on clothing design! In our daily cognitive, beige is a color between camel and white, is a urban color. He seems to be integrated, but it can show a kind of female charm, and its warm color design is more unique.

From the picture, we can see the design of the long-sleeved short skirt is very suitable for the early autumn, neither feel hot, and will not feel cold, no welliority is a good choice. The high and low-collar design, plus a few buttons, this unique design, which makes a flat piece of clothing filled with a different feeling. The high and low-collar design makes the shoulders, if there is a hidden, plus colors, showing unlimited female charm.


The clothing is very strong, so no matter what kind of body, you can control it. Cotton clothing not only sweats strong and is more comfortable. In this case, you can wear this dress anywhere. Although it is tight, it can show the women’s body very well through a good fabric and apricot collision.


And this clothing is not like the above, with the same color and style match, will not conflict, but there is another flavor. This set of jackets are similar to the design of sports underwear, but don’t have sports underwear more designed. The design intersecting the belly parts is connected by the back, and the cross-design makes the clothing more levels, not too perfect.

The lower body is a tight-fitting skirt, and the zipper on the right is very convenient. The on the side of the skirt is irregularly designed to make the skirt will not seem to be too flat, nor will it feel that there is no design. Skirts and tops have a apricot that highlights women’s charm, no matter which aspect, we can show the body of the clothes.


In general, although the two sets of clothing use apricot, the women ‘s charm of these two is not the same. But in any way, the design of the apricot is coming is not the best choice for modern glamor women.

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