How to pick the baby backbone? Look at the age

With the advancement of technology and the development of the times, infants and young children are more and more rich, and there are many parenting artifacts, such as baby straps. But the baby is different, and it is different for the requirements of the baby’s strap, so it is not blind to buy ~ Let’s share the precautions for buying baby babies:


Baby within 3 months

This stage of the baby’s neck is not complete, there is not enough strength to support the head, so the baby at this time is suitable for horizontal straps, which will make the baby feel comfortable.

3 to 6 months baby

3-6 months of baby neck is faster, the spine has a certain strength, can gradually sit up independently. So you can choose to let your baby can face the face to face the face to face, which is not only conducive to interacting between the adults and the baby, but also benefits the parents to observe the baby’s reaction. Let the baby’s hips keep the M shape, which is more helpful for the development of baby bones, but the legs are separated from exaggeration.

6 to 12 months old baby

The baby’s vision and auditory ability is perfect, so you can choose the strap that is sitting outside, so that the baby will see the world outside.

The 6-month-old baby should choose a belt bench. If you use this belt bench to a small baby, it is possible to adversely affect your baby’s spine and neck development. So don’t let the baby who have a small baby in prematurely use this belt. When using this belt, be sure to adjust the strap to the most tight, thereby ensuring your baby’s safety.

The strap can help Mom and Dad save, liberate the hands, but the time to use the strap must be reasonably controlled, and the time is too long, so as not to adversely affect the baby’s development, it is recommended that each time the time is more suitable for two hours.

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