Let the storage becomes a game, fight while playing, the baby does not love

Some time ago, “My family’s wife” program, the female star Yuan Hao’s home is revealed, and immediately triggered the hot discussion of netizens. This chaotic is like wholesale market, so that the guests are shocked by the guests.

In this regard, the old mother who has a baby in the family smiles, quite calm.

What is the chaos? What is the wholesale market? The group of wholesale markets like “Reling” is really terrible …

That’s right, this is the “large disaster scene” that the old mother is facing every day. I don’t say it, but more importantly, I have to organize many times! Just packed the living room, just give the baby for 2 minutes, you can return to the original shape, and it is very sad.


So today, we will learn a good way to say “one-to-one and eternal”.

Let your baby do it yourself, easily learn your own things yourself!

First of all, it is to prepare for your baby.

A separate, fixed, free to control space, which will make him feel safe and comfortable.

For example, the living room is close to the corners of the balcony, on the side of the sofa, or the area on both sides of the TV wall. Never stay away from Mom and Dad, and will not delay my parents.

Use a good look and fun


Game carpet

Or easy to replace and clean up

Collage carpet

, Divide the area.

Rely on the wall with a safe and practical bookcase, it is sticky with the corner of the anti-bumper. You can choose the right baby’s height

Open floor cabinet


, Or no position



, Convenient for your baby to take and put back.

Baby can apply painting


Small blackboard

It is also essential.

If there is enough space, you can still place a baby.

Small tent

, Private and safe.

In fact, from here, you can let your baby participate in it, set up the area, decorative details, and more. The baby will more participating, and it is more belonging to this small world.

Learn to classify first

After you are ready, you can start learning classification. However, you don’t need to let your baby be classified according to adults.

First observe the baby’s classification method, understand the baby’s logic

Then, then give the boot.

For example, painting, mothers may classify according to the subject, but the baby may be more convenient to follow the color and size, which is more convenient for himself.

In item

Concept classification

Aspect, the baby’s ability is still lacking because their abstract thinking is relatively weak. At this time, my mother can do some guidance, let the baby learn to classify.


Mother can use some supermarket leaflets, classified small cards, or usually take the baby to the supermarket, and consciously do some instructions when visiting the station, to exercise the baby’s classification capacity.

Rule of organ

After learning to classify, you can carry your baby together.

The most important principle is

Put back

. You can post the label to different locations, deepen the concept of “original”.

Let the baby learn


Say goodbye


And those who don’t play, bad items, and then processed in time.

Do it

Give encouragement timely

It is clear that the specific thing is, for example, “put the book book back to the bookcase, it is very powerful.” Let the baby feel that things are recognized, get a sense of accomplishment.

When you can’t do it, bring your baby.


After completion, it will be encouraged.

Formulate some

Mandatory rules

For example, every day at 11 o’clock (before lunch), 8 o’clock in the evening (before going to bed), if you don’t get it, you don’t have a good toy for a period of time as punishment. Set up countdown for 5 minutes, let him make this more focused on a certain sense of tension.

Developing habits

Repeated exercise




Organize good helper

In order to improve your baby’s finishing enthusiasm, you can also prepare some storage artifacts that are both fun and suitable for your baby.

It is best to use it.

Lego storage bag

La. You can play with a shop, you can pick it up, and you will become clear and refreshing in a second. This lar-rope storage bag is used to load, doll, watercolor pen … is very convenient.

And this magical

Car storage bag

Not only have automobile tracks can be used to play games, but also becomes a storage bag, which is as super-practical.

Prepare more more


Cartoon storage bag

It can be accommodated, like a toy, interesting and beautiful.


Egg box


Don’t throw it, clean up the cleansing of the second, and all kinds of small bones can be put in. Arranged, clearly, and give a baby a cinema or classroom.


You can also prepare one



Give a big doll at home, a big doll. Baby is also more ceremonious.

If there is a lot of big and small cars at home, you can also do it yourself, give your baby a


The garage of these models below is quite cool.


If there is a above these artifacts, there will be some toys that are flowing out, you can use such a


Let the baby dragged these “passengers” back to their “home”.

Finally, the baby eats the snacks that are scattered in the ground, the husk, can use such a garbage

Positioning box


To solve it. Different from 箕, this positioning box is more interesting to make the baby more interesting, and a fixed location is convenient for the baby to repeated training and develop habits.

By finishing, not only make your baby

Develop good behavior habits from small

,Well enough

Exercise logic thinking, cultivate independent thinking and self-management!

At the same time, let my mother have more time, better accompanying family children.

Is it feeling full of happiness? Take action quickly.


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Let the storage becomes a game, fight while playing, the baby does not love