Zipper sweater is better! 15 colors 15 match examples, fashion age

Is the hooded sweeper of the head? Try the chain of open sweater, the shape changes, and it is easier! This time I will share 15 match examples of common five color zipper sweaters.

Black zipper


Black zipper sweater and high visual impact printing can be perfectly matched. If you choose white, you will show a more distinctive shape.

The pleated skirt can be used with sweater to make your face look more beautiful. Moderate relaxation, modern style. This is an excellent sweater, with a faint gloss, which prevents the shape from being too casual.

Marking the blank sweater with moderate cute feelings is very suitable for women. For the British style lattice, it is recommended to pull the stylish shape of the zipper. By using a dark tone, the white cap rope and silk scarf will be useful.


Gray zipper


The sweater that is fit will play a positive role in autumn and winter. Even if you wear it in the coat, you will not feel cumbersome. Simple shape with jeans is also good.

This sweater is designed with a golden zipper with gentle oat. It is a convenient color, no matter how the season can wear, but by mixing brown, you can add autumn in autumn.

The gray loose shape is also very fashionable, and the thick sweater has rounded feelings. It is a good choice to make a woman taste with a small bag and high heels.


Navy blue zipper sweater

It is also recommended to use the Navy Blue Racing Wear for the office to wear, it has an elegant sexuality. Sweatters add a touch of casualness to the handsome wear of the middle line. With the naval blue X-beige, you don’t have to worry about it.

You can also use zipper sweaters to inhibit the sweetness of print dress. By selecting a similar color, you can fuse the items of different styles.


This is a long design zip sweater, which will be useful in the cold days of autumn. The longer length can reduce casualness and make the masculine women easier to control. For jeans, choose fashionable gray and improve the brightness of the shape through the white.


Beige zipper


Soft beige is also a popular color. Cute zip, it is slightly long, and the sleeves are very long, and you can cover your fingers. You can complete the casual shape immediately with just wear. Matching plaid pants will improve your shape.

Beige looks good, you can enjoy the feminist style. Gentle color is perfect for women who don’t like leisure.

Zipper sweater full of exercise with pleated skirt, bringing pleasure. By matching with sweater, you can enjoy another style of loose shape and have excellent female temperament. Even if you open the zipper and make it, you can stay fashion.

Brown zipper

If you want to enjoy the autumn atmosphere, you will absolutely recommend brown zipper! Brown zipper with high quality sensation will make your simple shape look fresh. White trousers will look more and simple to match the high heels of delicate colors.


Sweater + Cowboy is a classic casual shape that looks particularly young. If you are worried about naive, please wear a tight denim dress and combine it with a calm color tone.


This year, the most popular mix and match is to match the pleated skirt. Braided sweater on the back white letters with white pleated skirt, two different styles of items have gone through white. Whether you open or close the zipper, you will look great.