Myopia Eye Gospel, Plated “Dark Filter”, glasses seconds, ink ink, direct view of the sun is not glare

Say it! How many people like the sunny sunshine? How many people are

Because the sun is too strong and hate summer


Summer sun: I am too difficult

Summer sun is strong, but it is not only easy to be bothered.

Especially glare, come out from the room, giving people a long time, no eyes


What? Sun protection can also apply a sunscreen to wear a sunscreen, how to do the sunshine …

This is not simple,

Daiko! Not light energy, but also protect our eyes.

Are you going to say now: I myopia, I can’t see it!

Don’t give yourself an excuse, don’t you know


Ink clamp

Does the existence?

Don’t delay in the mirror at all.

Today, I will give my myopia. Amway.

Let you “blink of the world” in your summer glare


Ink mirror clip –

Blue its sunglasses

Recommended reason:

1, dare and table lights to see, HD vision anti-glare

UV400 polarized lens, blocking the ultraviolet rays.

2, solve myopiaries, adapt to most types of glasses


No frame high color value.



7 grams of ultra-thin lenses,

The invisible chuck is not easy to slip, and if you have an uncomfortable super comfort.



It is not easy to fold the large flexible, and it is easy to use.


Straight desk lamp and sun

Real and effective anti-glare


We wear sunglasses in summer.


The biggest demand is to prevent glare, avoiding things that are not clear because light is too strong.

So, this sunglasses hit the pain points. Experimental certificate:


In the afternoon of the big sun, Xiaobian couldn’t see the direction of the sun. There is a cloud near the sun.

Through this eyeglasses, easily see the shape of the clouds

Xiaobian also tried to use the tower light,

The table lamp is a close-range strong light source, and the naked eye does not have a way to face it.

But wear this sunglasses, you can have a more than it.


The appearance of the table lamp is clear before the eyes.

It’s so good for anti-glare effect because it is

Very high polarizer




It is just to share a tips for testing polarizers here:


Rotate the glasses to the phone or computer screen, you can see that the lens is black, which proves to be a polarizer.


Of course, the polarizer is also a point of weakness, and does not mean that it is a polarizer to achieve such a strong anti-strong glare effect.

Blue it is so strong because it’s eyeglasses are


TAC polarized lens made from 7-layer material

Tac polarized lens


Effectively reduce strong light, eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattering light, let messy light becomes parallel light


What do you mean? Just when we look at things, if the light entering our eyes from all directions, we can’t see it, but it is easy to feel stabbed.


but if

With a polarizer, you can turn the scattered light into our eyes, so you don’t have a stabbing.

So wearing it looking at the scenery

Not only color is true, it is very comfortable


Just like adding a layer of soft filter.


Outdoor sports are suitable for eyeglasses

Blocking UV

This sunglasses are made

UV400, can block most of the ultraviolet rays

Here is explained here: UV400 is

Ultraviolet coefficient

And the UV400 lens is

Ultraviolet coefficients very very high lenses

A small experiment of the mini-ultraviolet lamp and the ultraviolet meter did not rigorously (without shielding lights and natural ambient light).


can be seen,

UV value falls from 1945 to 5!

Just shocked me!



Ideal for outdoor sports, such as fishing, skiing, and riding

Outdoor sports enthusiasts must not miss.

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What face is good?

Covered Most types of glasses

After all, it is necessary to face the face, or care about the value.

This sunglasses are the whole

There is a circle in the square, there is a circle


The shape is currently very popular, whether you are

Long face short face, round face or a square face is very nice.


It can cover most of the type of myopia mirror on the market.

Wearing on the frame, basically is not different from sunglasses.

Of course, if you are

The glasses model is more exaggerated, or there is a beam like this, it is not suitable.

I can’t wear the sunglasses, I can wear the blue sunglasses!


This type of A, B model is

It seems to have a box, there is no frame

It has made one on the lens

The fake border is better, and the weight of the clip is added.


The left picture is A, the right picture is B


The A fake border is on the back, more like boundless frame mirror; B fake border is in front, the border is more obvious. Everyone can choose from your own preference.

The collet is hidden, after the glasses are on, the front is basically not seen.


The model is full.


7G ultra thin, firm chuck

As if there is an uncomfortable super comfortable

Friends wearing a frame glasses have seen 3D movies, knowing,

How difficult to wear two glasses is …

rest assured! This sunglasses clip will not give you a experience.


First of all, it

Weight ultra light, only 7g

! After wearing it, you can’t even feel its weight.

The thickness of the lens is only

0.75mm, the side looks not very strange.

Second, it’s

The collet has a jacket, firmly grab your frame glasses

, Not slipping, not spent your glasses.


The clip is also active between the collet and the collet.

When you have entered the room, you can push it up, don’t need to be removed, then trouble it.


Arc bending is not easy

Good quality, more durable

The sunglasses clip do not have a mirror, it is easy to accidentally touch it, so

Quality must pass

This use is an elevated high toughness lens.

The curved arc is not easy to break

It is very visible.


Although it is the degree of wear resistance of ordinary lenses, but

It is not easy to use daily use.

,rest assured.

Dirty, it is also very well cleaned, just like usual glasses,

Use specialized lens cleaning agent, or use it directly to clean water

If everyday storage, you can use the glasses boxes, flat, do not occupy the lens.

Have to say, it


Packaging is still quite high-level

, Give people to take the kind.

Blue his family ink mirror clip style is very style, if you don’t like frameless, there are

Boxed style


In addition to sunglasses,


They are also very popular with them.

Xiaobian special help everyone chooses two styles.


one is

Ice blue pilot sunglasses


Handsome, handsome.

There is also a black pilot sunglasses, and this boys wear girls wear.

Finally, I said to everyone.

Friends who have tears or wind sand, be sure to wear ink, it will be a lot

Whether it is a clip or a sunglasses, the blue is definitely preferred, UV400 super lough polarizing lens

Special price is only 68 yuan


, The price is super high, the stock does not lose!
















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