The “warm baby” of the cotton miles, the feet are stretched, soon the temperature

I don’t know if everyone feels, this year’s cold is earlier than in previous years. These days, I can’t feel cool, but I haven’t felt cool, but just sit down, I feel inexplicably.

use me

The mother’s words are described: cold from the feet.

The feet are cold, and the room is like a cold in the room.

So, in winter, keep warm from the feet, the foot is warm and the body is warmer, this is going to prepare a pair of warm slippers, this year found a

“Warm Baby” of the cotton milesthood – price cotton drag!

This brand believes that everyone has heard,

10 years of slippers, weird models of the slippers, more than 500 pair of slippers will be developed each year!

And today is it

Excellent “Thick Bottom Cotton Drag”

It is like a


Toast bread

Like, the treatment is full.

first of all

3.5cm soft thick bottom, isolated overcast and cold

Second, Ta has

Super fluffy imitation rabbit,

Don’t wear more cold feet.

Warm is warm.

The foot is cold, nature is like

The small sun diffuses the heat


! No longer the limbs are huddar!

I finished myself, and quickly bought a pair for my family. According to her, wearing

One night, when waiting to go to bed, the hands and feet are hot!

In the autumn and winter, if you are cold, you will not drink more boiled water!

There are pregnant women in the family, or they are as cold as I am.

This pairwal is very suitable!

“Good shoes” recommended reason

1, imitation bunny, full package, warmth!


2, 3.5cm ultra-soft bottom, decompression!

3, mute, non-slip, is still light, comfortable and peaceful!

4, feet, fear cold, pregnant women are suitable!

“Warm Baby” in cotton

Two feet, immediately return

Ordinary cotton is not what I said, wearing a one-day feet out of sweat.

And the foot is still icy.

But this pair of cotton, can be big!

3.5cm super soft soil!

Allow you while bringing a super-heart

Stay away from the cold floor!


It is back,

Fluffy fluffy velvet

Like thick


Like the down jacket, blocking the heat of the foot.

This is still not finished.

On the inside, there is! High fluffy imitation rabbit

Give the foot hot and add firewood!

Give you a close point, is it?


Look at all warm



I just took a shower yesterday, and I frozen the cold, and wipe it clean.

Stretching, it is not cold.

Wearing a price cotton, sitting at the desk for a while, replacing a stock

Hot warmth ~

High rebound, 157g super light

Every feet is like stepped on the cloud


This pair of “thick sandwich shoes”,


Give me the first feeling is to keep warm, I wore it for a few days I cope with the second comfort point of TA, that is, wearing TA walking is really unzipped!

First, its weight is very lightweight.

1 talent is 157g, just like a pack of paper towels so light ~

I said how to wear the previous slippers, I feel so cumbersome, then drag.


Second, its structure is decided.

Super soft bombs!


舒 cotton + 15mm60D rebound sponge + 3.5cmeva bottom

Sandwich form.

It is not collapsed, and you will not sway it.

Feet on top,

Just like a cat’s milk, you will step on it.

The root is used

Elastic knitted material

, Wrapped in your ankle ~

This pairoblide has

2 kinds of wear

, Can be included, it can be worn

To know that ordinary slippers are not so pay more ~

Optimize slippers, usually

One foot is super convenient

, Afraid of cold friends can choose


All-inclusive, blocking cold air into in!

Anti-fouling, non-slip

Good care, don’t bother, safer!

Excellent cotton drags three treasures: anti-slip, mute, also deactivate!

It’s tailored to me this lazy!


Waterproof and anti-fouling shoes, wearing a year is still like new.

Cotton drag is not convenient to wash, so after wearing a winter, the naked eye can be seen

Getting more and more dirty, looking badly.

And lowest cotton swipe

Splash of water PU

, Texture is super good, also anti-fouling.

Milk is not splashing! not only

Not dirty


Will not wet the feet ~


Don’t wash a winter, you can wear new shoes every day.

Lazy as I don’t want too happy ~

“Imitation Tire Drama” anti-skid, every step is “stable like Taishan”.

A lot of thanks have said non-slip, but

Don’t make bathroom non-slip at all!

The sole is touched. I have to go to the toilet, and the floor has water to be careful, and when I dare to buy my family.


This unique cotton is dragged to the hand, I first look at its sole first.

You look at its sole gear especially deep.

This is


Note to the non-slip trace design of the tire

Put in

Slope is not afraid of slipping

, Buy one of the tons of Dad, I am also assured!

Silent ~ just like a kitten walking.

I bought the cotton before I was very hard, stepped on the marble board, always slap, especially noisy. And the price may be

Side of the sole is soft, self-with mute design.


In the evening, the toilet is like a cat walking.

Go to the baby, you won’t wake up your child.

Develop 500 shoes every year

As early as 2015, a treasure slippers still competed when they were cheaper, and the price began to build a product development team.


Independent design slippers, enhance the comfort and design of home slippers.

Every year, the number of products most developed is as high as more than 500 yuan …

Like this kind of quality, innovation, innovation, brand, sales of natural water, high, get more people’s recognition.

For example, this thick-end slippers, many people buy them to the family ~

Anyway, I am

Already prepared for the family!


“Warm and warm”

Cotton, of course, you have to share friends and family ~

A total of

3 kinds of colors, 3 guests one person is just right ~

This double slipper

Can be home, can wear

, Fashionable little partner Buy!

In this cold autumn and winter, give your family a warm


Click on the next party to purchase!

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Advantage plus velvet packet with cotton slippers splash water, 即 net home can be wear

¥ 69








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