Don’t say “blue shirt” can’t play the pattern, that is, you won’t worry, these ideas learn

Why is some girls wearing a blue shirt look, and some girls have a sense of the sickness, in fact, with temperament is on the one hand, it will be the most critical. It is also a fashionable single product, so do you dare to wear it?

If you want to put the “blue shirt” belonging to your own charm, you must let go, it is not difficult to wear this type of clothing, mainly what you are going to grasp the fashion, if you For fashion itself, there is no good insight, and I like to mix, it is sure you will be associated with you. So I want to think about it, I have to take a good note today ~


The advantages of blue shirts:


Blue shirts are easier to wear casual feel than white shirts, blue can present different kinds of syndrome charm, reasonable matching skills are extremely critical, choose to make you secondary international style, easy to improve fashion and light, plus Some small accessories can only be said that the overall shape is absolutely unparalleled.


Use this type of shirt to pick jeans, trousers or skirts are very good choices, pants are wearing vitality, with a skirt, the girl has temperament, no matter which kind of matching can make you feel infinite!

First, low-key workplace: blue shirt + trousers

1, striped blue shirt with high waist trousers official and thin

Strip-type costumes have always been a wide concern, for this type of shirt, the horizontal stripes and vertical stripes are different, generally choose vertical stripes to be more thin, they will be more There is a three-dimensional, it is also better to match the visual effect.


This blue vertical striped shirt, color is light, it looks relatively pure, with a white suit pant looks thin and thin, generally don’t worry, nine pants exposed ankle part, take up The last pair of flat shoes will not be covered with a bright spot, plus a small bag for jewelry, the whole style is very perfect!

I want to match the exquisite workplace female Van, I suggest you choose this set. Black suit pants high waist design, color does not pick people, this type is also very thin, the vertical striped shirt is deeper, the upper is half jacquard to the pants to increase the feature, with a pair of green flat shoes, so we don’t need Worried that it will become a conditional shape.

2, superimposed trend is not single


The blue shirt is very good, used as a stack of layered and unique, a high-waist dark gray suit, both improve the waistline, and the leg shape, can also modify the leg, such a pants It is the fairy style, equipped with a superimposed shirt set, such a must-have, plus sports shoes, proper domineering girls.


Second, the vitality quality style: blue shirt + jeans

1, tight jeans test leg type

It is said that the jeans is very good, then I have to watch the style and body, this tight jeans are relatively high, so you have to focus on your adaptation. If you are a tight female classmate, then I strongly recommend that you choose such a tight trousers with a blue shirt, but if the body is not so perfect, it is another matter.

This cowboy shirt is very textured, and it is also very small, the jeans made of tassel trousers, the chic and fashionable, the design is very good, although the whole is blue, but the depth is different, do not affect its overall Feel, with a pair of high socks and a pair of black sandals, spring girls must have.

The maturity of the trumpet sleeves will be improved, this blue slim speaker long sleeve, sleeve design exaggerate, it seems to have special, mixed jeans, so wearing temperament and thin, but if You are big, there is a small belly, and this type of suit is suggesting that you don’t choose.

2, wide leg jeans with blue shirts

Tight jeans may make you expose your body defects, so you have to avoid these little embarrassments, then choose to use loose jeans to match, this type of trousers can be thin, suitable for all kinds of body The girl, the loose version is still comfortable, no longer worrying, it is easy to step on the thunder.


Used as a jacket maturity and thin, spring is warm and small jacket, summer can make sunbreaking clothes, use blue T-shirts, with thin section of striped shirt, pants choose a black jeans, loose type Little thick legs are not afraid, with a pair of small cold drag overall shapes is not weakened.

Wearing the hole in the hole can bring cool sense, fertilizers, and the color of the V-colored shirt is deep, and there is a little bit of sexy, so I am not afraid that I will not look at it, the high waist jeans uses light colors, such a set of deep shallow matching charm It is full, a pair of brown small cool drags and handsome.

High waist straight wide leg pants, version is designed to Nice, it has improved the waistline, and tightened the crotch, and also modified leg-type, three-type one can increase the high level, V-neck thin blue shirt Domineering, we wear a pair of high heels, small children are not afraid of the gas field lack, the red small bag is also very bright.

Third, the symptomatic gas field: blue shirt + skirt


1. The half-length skirt is capable of inclusiveness to enlarge the advantages


There are a lot of style in the skirt, there are long-term long paragraphs and short, usually if legs are not very good girls can choose long section, this style can increasing the shortcomings, while improving advantages and brightness, Matching can reduce time and effort, but also a good shape.

Does it feel that the models of this picture have special personality, short hair and black skin are all of her highlights. With the shirt with V-colistered blouse, even the stem of the hairstyle can also hold the whole set, and then take a pair of black sandals. The overall clear is not tired.


For spring, the temperature has gradually increased, and it is still awkward, so many people will want to choose a relatively refreshing clothing at this time. This set of loose striped shirts with the same breathable black skirt, the version is more Oversize, comfortable plus shoes. Sports leisure.


When the onk type, the white long skirt is smashed, the sexy charm is stronger, the white stripes are very cool but not, the high waist line is very good, and the tied blue shirt woman is full, so the warm system is advanced, Then there is a pair of black high heels super female taste.

2, wine red A word skirt mature woman is full

For many girls, many girls who are afraid will have a soil, in fact, with blue shirts to match this concern, wine red skirt with solid color blue shirt, the two colors are perfect, a pair High heels embellishment, is this temperament? Are you gain?


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