Many batch children’s furniture, home appliances are unqualified, is your home?

According to the website of Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration: In the second quarter of 2019, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized three major categories of consumer goods such as daily use and textiles, electronic electrical and light industry, and conducted investigations. 2323 batches, qualified 1920 batches, the average pass rate was 82.7%.

This check is mainly based on market stores and e-commerce, and Jiangsu producers are supplemented. Among them, 454 batches in production enterprises, qualified 421 batches, qualified rate is 92.7%; 837 batches in the market store, qualified 717 batches, pass rate is 85.7%; in the e-commerce platform, 1032 batches Supreme, qualified 782 batches, qualified rate is 75.8%.

A total of 240 batches of children’s furniture products were taken, qualified 183 batches, and the pass rate was 76.2%. The spot check is not qualified items contain instructions and warning identification marks, structural security such as edges and tips, protrusions, and more, and formaldehyde release. This spot check found that 53 batches of warning logo projects were unqualified, and 27 batches of structural security projects were unqualified, and 15 batches of formaldehyde release project failed.

Brands involved: and big tail monkeys, Duojia, Eastern, Eucha, Simple, North Ya, Yiben, A, Lantusini, Fubo, Xin Hongyi, Happy, BLBH / 100百 焕, 简, I love Chuanwei, Huangzhu, Alljoy, Barbie Castle, Gran Avenue, Fengbaihong Yun, Cyborg, Su Run, Yan Yi, Hugu, Sunshine Pearl, etc.

Among them, the eligibility rate of the electronic appliance is 69.6%. Check LED lighting products, with USB interface socket, refrigerator, electric fan, room air conditioner, read and write lamp (LED), 392 batches of 392 batches, qualified 273 batches.

LED lighting products. 77 batches of selected products, 53 batches, qualified rate of 68.8%. The unqualified items of the spot check are external and internal wiring, anti-electric shock protection, heat resistance, fire resistance and ridicitudinal marks, power terminals harassment voltage, harmonic current limits, and the external and internal wiring of 19 batches of products, 3 batches The anti-touch electric protection of the secondary product, 4 batches of product heat resistance, fire resistance, and 12-batch of products of the power terminals of the products, the harmonic current limits of 2 batches of products are unqualified.

Brand: East China Lighting, Nuko Lighting, Xianwei Lighting, Hanswiño lighting, 牧 登 lighting, leisurely lighting, lighting lighting, 嘉 灯, 欧 得 照 照, Shiyuan lighting, extremely loved hardware, Shirui photoelectric, smooth lighting, 豪 lighting, Zhongmu lighting, star photoelectric, Virgi lamp, bright letter, product

With USB interface socket. 60 batches of products were taken, and 49 batches were qualified, the pass rate was 81.7%. The spot checks are logos, signs and descriptions, sized inspections, anti-electric power protection, extension cable socket structure, soft cable and its connection, heat resistant, insulating materials, non-normal heat, flame-resistant, and electricity, climbing Distance, electrical gap, distance, electrical gap, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance, electrical insulation, electrical strength, power supply terminal, 1GHz, radiant harassment, 9 batches of products Sign, 7 batches of product signs and descriptions, 6 batches of products, 2 batches of products, anti-touch electric protection, 7 batches of products extended wire socket structure, 6 batches of products, soft cables, 6 batches of heat resistant, 1 batches of insulation materials of 1 batches of products, flame-resistant, and electricity, 1 batches of products, climbing distance, electrical gaps, and 7 batches of products Electrical gap, climbing distance and insulation penetration distance, 7 batches of electrical insulation, 7 batches of electrical strength, 10 batches of power terminals of 10 batches of products, 1 batch of 1GHz or less radiation harassment Unqualified.

Brands involved: Pacani Technology, Daveprp, Diantian Electric, Xiaoning Electric, Qian Singer Electric, San Electric, Gongtong Trade, Show New Appliance, Hancha Electric, Delip

refrigerator. 47 batches of the product were selected, and 40 batches were qualified, the pass rate was 85.1%. The spot checks are implicitly touched the protection, grounded measures, total volume, storage temperature, noise of the charged part, and 4 batches of products, the grounding measures of 2 batches of products, 7 batches The total volume of the product, the storage temperature of 7 batches of products, the noise of 3 batches of products is unqualified.

Brand: Waves, Huaobao Household Appliances, Rapu Electric, Tiandi Electric, Sakura Home Appliances, Jinjing Electric, Korean Electric Appliance

Electric fan. 40 batches of the product, 34 batches, qualified rate of 85%. Investigation Unqualified Projects are input power and current, grounded measures, noise testing, air volume, stability, mechanical hazard, mechanical strength, power connection, and external soft lines, 1 batches of product input power and current, 1 batch Sub-product grounding measures, 1 batches of products noise test, 3 batches of products, 2 batches of products stability and mechanical dangers, 2 batches of machinery strength, 1 batches of products power connection and external soft The line is unqualified.

Brand: Red Shuangxi, Wanbao, Huasheng Electric, Multi-Ben Technology, Yue Ling Industrial, Mingdom Electric


Room air conditioner. 45 batches of the product were selected, and the qualified 40 batches were qualified, the pass rate was 88.9%. The unqualified items of the spot check are the cooling capacity, refrigeration power consumption, energy efficiency ratio (EER), input power, and current, there are 3 batches of product refrigeration, 3 batches of refrigeration power consumption, 5 batches of product energy efficiency Comparison (EER), 1 batch of input power and current unqualified.

Brands involved: Rongshida, Bing Wei, Hong Lin, Keg, Subsong