145m2 mixed wind, there is 8 colors of the living room, who said that the simple collection is high-level

The case to be introduced today is in Guizhou, and the resident is a young couple.


The area of ​​the house is 145m2, but


It is not sufficient to utilize it.

The hopes of the house owner can optimize the utilization, and they want to create their favorite.



And placed her paintings and utensils from all over the world at home.


Reconstruction of the foreigner map:


The original question of the unit is quite a lot: the space is smaller,

I can’t accumulate shoes.

The kitchen is almost zero lighting.

The use rate is low.


The restaurant sector seems to be narrow, and the arrangement is found.

Meet the needs of the living room restaurant.

Outdoor open-air balcony area is too wasteful, the main bedroom is set in a uncoated coat room.

House owner appeal:

• In the main ribbon,


Do reasonable storage space;


The kitchen can be transformed and become

More utilization;

• Can have a space, as a place where the female master is fitness, male reading;


• Master bedroom can


Reconstruction of post-name map:


Reconstruction highlights:


• The hall area has made one by the original structure.


Top of the handwear

, Meet the storage of shoes;

• The kitchen dismantles all the walls that can be removed.

Re-planning the ribbon

Remove a north to the bedroom,

And in the living room, it will be the baby’s game area, the hostess’s fitness area, the male owner’s small study;

• The bedroom connection is designed in the study.


Four sliding door


The full wardrobe design also meets the use of storage;


• The master bedroom did


Double hats design

The independent bathroom has also done

Wet partitions.

酉 言 design – powder dump left guard

Household: Three-bedroom and two halls

Project Location: Guizhou


Use area: 145m2

Project spending: hard work 300,000



Kitchen area

The area of ​​the hall uses the original structure and has made one

Although it takes up a part of the second bedroom position, it satisfies the storage of shoes.


The left hand of the entry is the kitchen. It turns out that the closed kitchen is inadequate and more striking, through the demolition of the kitchen

Demolition all walls

, Re-plan function requirements.


The wall connected to the balcony is a load-bearing wall, according to the wall.

Double-sided cleaning cabinet.

The integrated stove is also perfectly solved the smoke problem,

When the white glass is connected to the cabinet, it looks harmonious.


The refrigerator design is in the corner of the kitchen and the sake, and the bidirectional use distance will not be far away.

Embedded design, not occupying more space, easy to take on both sides.

Restaurant location between living room and kitchen, extended table and

Multi-style chair combination

It has already felt its fireworks at all.



living room

There is no excessive shape in the living room area, all of which is different from the soft installation.


Hierarchical and visual drop.

The door and TV wall leading to the master bedroom on a plane, did

Bless-free process.

Wall is made with top corners

Curved extension


Attenns the low-level oppression, and the light source supplements of the living room are installed.

The TV wall is also a beautiful picture. Samsung painting SERIF TV After four legs, this time it really

Enter the “painting” state


The combination rack that supports it is the designer combined with its own combination of Montana Free, taking into account the function of TV cabinet and rack.

The rattan rocking chair from Ton 591, and the paper floor lamp is a well-brained Akari 10A designed in 1950.

Kangdingnski purchased in the West Bank of Shanghai, and a pair of Pollock is three years ago, people will bring back from New York three years ago.

The sofa area is the center point of the living room layout, choosing Hay’s ink green velvet sofa, low-back design

Will not look space congestion

The wine red rotary file cabinet meets the storage of zero cabinets.




The current open reading area is originally a closed bedroom.

Originally, this area is the “Daily” area of ​​the main house. When taking pictures, the designer will take the table when the table will be taken.


The table has elegant lines, circles modeling

Stable and transparent coexistence

The line angle of the table leg, and the brothers brand Ton is perfect.

Even if it is temporarily moving, it is not unfertile.

Coatable coffee area.

Look at the book area through the glass door through the second bedroom, the plant is also the most spacious soft soft,


The high and low and wrong match, the atmosphere is full.


In the case of taking a dining table, the ground large area uses custom human word colloidal floors, walnuts and teak colors, and the color is simple and calm.

Wall is used as a beige muscle paint,

Highlight delicate texture, the top of the wall is more unified.


A rich soft soft product is equipped with a different visual drop in space.

The house owner returns from all over the world, and everything is a story, and they exempt on the bookshelf.


In the afternoon, the sunset is intertwined on the bookshelf on the bookshelf, here is here

A very yearous life scene.



Master bedroom

Home bedroom furniture comes from American wild luxury brand RH, curtain fabric from the 100% pure fishprisprous fabric of NO-ART.

A delicate and simple fabric texture, plus hempians and milk white doing old paint colors.

The overall atmosphere of the master bedroom is like the genital and gentle side of the house owner.


The main bedside is hanging a white chandelier, mild light makes the indoor atmosphere more

Delicate, warm.




The earliest planning is used as a study. After starting, the owner still hopes to reserve a room for his family, even if the usage is not high, but it is also her point.

Designers use four sliding door to use rooms and study

Semi-fluid way


The owner personally selected this

Hydy bed

, Warm wooden and retro lines, continuation of the region

Vintage styling and color.



The bathroom has a wet separation, wall-use and a variety of art paints in the restaurant.

Although the art paint has a certain waterproof, the surface layer is also scrub, but the designer is still considering

Long-term durability


Designed a

30cm upstream stone.


The bathtub is selected for a long time.

No dead end

Every afternoon, the matte white wall tiles will be taken out of the bails through the louver.



The second bedroom is prepared for the elderly and the baby, choose


Soft bean sand green.

Dedicated to bought a fabric with RH, made a curtain, creating a clean space with a beige and green.


In the style of the favorite, it is integrated into the things you love.

Let the home become the same existence like the Art Museum.

It is nourished every day. This case is shared here, if you like it very much, you have some


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