Electric tricycle, practical and easy to control, can also be played

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Nowadays, the aging of population is not just pressure, and there is an opportunity brought about by “Yinfa Economy”, behind the “Tripartite” market outbreak growth, it is the first market that the elderly is leisure. This issue of evaluation brings you this practical and easy control of the stepping v1, and chats with this big cake in the market.

Configuration & Experience

Compared to the two-wheeled car, “Hi Tuan” has a natural advantage, it is that its three-wheeled structure is more stable, even if it will not ride a bicycle, you can ride.


The products designed to the elderly must be comfortable, this widening sponge cushion, high quality memory sponge fill, ensuring that it can provide a very comfortable riding experience throughout the life cycle.

Operation must be simple, remotely unlocked, one-click start, large bucket box, daily shopping buy food directly into the way. If there is still something, there is a car basket in front, there is a tail box behind, you can rain umbrella, poncho, etc.

In addition, it has three speeds, one-button reversing, which is convenient and worry-free.



LED lens headlights, split steering lamps, night riding active lighting effects and passive reminders are very good. Big screen LCD instrument, cycling mode, speed, electricity, riding mileage data at a glance.


One-in-one waterproof transfer, the above is a bump rubber material, and when the hands of the summer is sweating, it will not slip easily. In addition, the lengthened foot is particularly useful for the elderly and children.

Power performance


In terms of power, this stepping V1 is equipped with a 500W ultra-quiet motor with a 12-tube sine wave controller. Battery has 48V20AH and 60V20AH, two specifications, and the battery life can fully meet daily leisure.

Dynamic tuning, this roof V1 has been optimized for the elderly and Bao Ma. In the first mode, the highest speed is 25km / h, and it is very soft to start.


Shock absorption & brake

In terms of shock absorbing, the front fork hydraulic damping is very comfortable with the outer spring shock absorption of the rear wheel. The tire is a new thickened vacuum tire, which takes into account the grizzle force and wear resistance. The hub is beautiful, and it is very durable.

Brake, 130 drums in the first 110 drums, both hands brakes, brakes, and braking more sensitive and safe.

With regard to the problem of card management, this stepping V1 has a directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and 3C certification, and it can be legally available in places where you need to be managed.

Compared to traditional two-wheeled cars, it is more concerned about the comfort and manipulation of the product, which is a good product, convenient and functional. How do you see this car? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area