Camel won the 618 double material champion to get the first outdoor of men and women shoes

The three days of 618, the big promotion has just come to an end, and the Camel camel finally took the first and outdoor first, and won the double champion. Due to this year’s 618 preheating, Camel camels have a large increase in the same period last year. Among them, the camel clothing flagship store was sold for 1 hour, which was 216% over the 618th year of last year, which was 216% year-on-year; only 10 hours exceeded the sum of three days last year. The final camel costume flagship store defending Tmall 618 men and women shoes first! Camel outdoors also leading ahead, other brands, 618 three days, the total sales volume is more than 2 times year-on-year, firmly occupying the first position of Tmall outdoor.

It is reported that the camel single product is very strong during the 618 promotion period, and the soldiers of men and women have broken 400,000 pieces, and the length of the product is equivalent to the height of 14 bead Mulanma. The whole network men’s shoes TOP10 is in the list, camel casual sandals account for 5. One of the super sandals, sales of 20,000 pairs, the turnover of more than 2.8 million yuan, became the highest sales of men’s shoes. Camel shoes have been loved by consumers with comfortable and wear-resistant characteristics. On the eve of 618, the 7th anniversary of the Tmall shop, the camel men’s shoes also invited the Guangdong TV program producer Zhang Teng to celebrate the birthday, and as the elite men’s representatives real interpretation of camel shoes comfortable suprematics, the idea of ​​consciousness, causing users Universal resonance, countless brands.

骆驼斩获618双料冠军 取得男女鞋第一 户外第一

Camel outdoor out of single items such as dermators, tents, have multiple single items over 10,000 Fan Bingbing’s same skin clothing in 618 is bright, and the single product turnover is more than 2 million yuan, and the strength will pick up 618 outdoor king! What is more worth mentioning is that the new robot of the camel has also achieved good results.

骆驼斩获618双料冠军 取得男女鞋第一 户外第一

On the eve of this year, Camel camel held a grand new product conference, and specially invited the red actor to help the scene, with the sweetness of the scene, more than 6 million reading attention, saving the brand for the brand. Subsequently, the scenery of the scenery of the scenery is listed on Tmall, which effectively undertakes the popularity of the scene. During the 618, Everest Player Shi Lei lived, sharing the Everest on the top of the summit and the equipment experience, which strongly promoted the sales of new products, the latest DuPont Dragon 7.0 jacket sold more than 1,000 pieces, once again The success of the camel content marketing was confirmed.