What does the car black warrior need to change?

Black Samurai is more in the modified car. Black Wusi is a black, including vehicle paint, wheels, window rubber strips, taillights, door handles, etc. are black. In general, it is mainly achieved by body film.


Black warrior prototype


In recent years, the word Black Samurai began to be popular in the auto industry.

First of all, black car paint is essential, matte ceramic black and original metal flash point car paint completely different style, this is the most direct change that appears, and the vehicle management is recorded within the 10-day vehicle management;

Cool cover street

In the second step, the wheel is black, according to the current stipulations, without changing the hub size, the replacement style and color belong to legal transformation, if the economy allows, can also directly replace a set of small black hubs;


Ceramic black color film


In the third step, the black grille and the detail are black, for the front face, the black air grill is more aggressive (in “motor vehicle inspection engineering rules (GA801-2019)” After that, it can be replaced by an annual inspection, which is a legal modification category that can also be done directly by the annual inspection.


Through these steps, a set of legally compliant black warriors have been modified, but every urban area is going to work in the legal modification, and friends who want DIY needs to know clearly, so it is more insurance!


Massive gloss is very good

I believe that the modified Black Samurai is a lot of men and even some cool girl’s dreams. Black always gives people a darkness of the very personal feeling. The domineering is no wonder that it will become a lot of people. Of course, you are black in front of you. There is still a difference between black, today, the small series of small stations in the US car will recommend several black wars to color the color, tell you that the black warrior should choose what color color color film.

There are many friends who don’t know how black warriors chooses Black Samurai collection to everyone:

There are two types of black samurai film, one is a light film, and the other is a matte film. As the name suggests, the light film is a very bright car film, which will have a strong reflective effect under the sunlight, very cool. The matte film belongs to a very dark car film, which absorbs sunshine and cannot reflect, and has a texture. If you want better texture, you can choose a more delicate ceramic black; the electro-optic metal is black, that is, add some black particles on the basis of ceramic black, and the texture is better and more resistant; the piano black paste is coming out with black cars Like the paint, it is easy to draw; there is a mine in the home or to pursue higher quality, you can choose imported TPU materials, the brightness is higher and the scratch repair, the brushed black grinding surface has countless stripes, an angle It’s a bit whitish, but the overall effect is very fried!



Wild horse electric black warrior



BMW 3 Series High Brightening Blackrover

Amazing, warrior. The black warrior is modified by a good explanation called violent aesthetics. Let your car not angry! I don’t know if you like this dark modifier, you don’t like it. Welcome to commentary message telling you.