Such handsome baseball clothes stands the small coat, and quickly give yourself an attachment.

The weather is getting clearer. The autumn is cool, it is just right time to walk.

Today, I will share a handsome baseball service collar and do one.

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Warm and comfortable, clean, tomorrow, climb, wear is right

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Positive effect

Post-film effect

Is it can’t ordered to be cut with a cutting. . .

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

National Standard M Mth Cropped: Bust 94cm Length 57cm

Crop chart

Clothes tab

Requires other numbers, refer to the following push code

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Push according to the length of 4cm length 1cm

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图


Worried that everyone can not see, so take a big picture

Local enlargement

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Clothes production points

Neckline ribbed top pair

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Diagonal pull chain pocket

Zipper pocket implementation Suggestions: Do not open their pockets with zipper, have a certain difficulty for novices. The pocket is first opened in the bag, and the interlea of ​​the mutant line is then pressed. This is simple, the effect is also very good.


Librade: Before and back, the sleeves do not need to be used. This is relatively convenient.

Cuffs rib, folding

这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

Ok, share it here. . .

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这么帅气的棒球服立领小外套,赶紧给自己做一件 附上裁剪图

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