These tea is not cheap but very good, it is worth a tea card before the Spring Festival.

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Drinking tea for many years, I remember that when I first started drinking tea, it was mainly drinking green tea, because brewing is simple, there is not much more attention, it is more convenient. At that time, there was no too high demand, just drink a tea flavor, as long as it is not particularly bitter, there is no other appeal, so it is basically cheap to drink. Later, slowly started to pay attention to the shape of the leaves, pursue a beautiful form, and then began to pursue a variety of fragrances in the future, found that some good tea is really fragrant, some cheap tea is a shablake breath. Slowly now is getting higher and higher, it is increasingly taste, it will pay more attention to the taste of tea when drinking tea, whether there is a back, fresh and cool, how is the thickness of the alcohol and so on.

Drinking tea before some low price, dozens of dollars a pound or more than 100 yuan, one pound. Later, it is not easy to satisfy. Now drinking tea is basically more than 800 a pounds. At first glance, it is very expensive, but in fact a pound of tea can actually drink for a long time, so I feel okay. It is a bit difficult to drink before or a few pounds before drinking.


A few days ago, I discussed the question with the office, I found a can of Junde in her table, I really showed me that I was shocked. Now the girl is drinking tea now? However, I later saw that her brewing method was the same as green tea, and I didn’t have tea. Directly bubble, the soup was red, I was a distressed, after all, the price of Junde’s small Red Garna is also very powerful.

There are six big categories of tea, I will drink Pu’er, Huoshan Huang Bud I will get a little bit a little every year, white tea I never touched. Usually drink mainly as the three relatively large categories – black tea, green tea, oolong tea. Green tea is mainly drinking every spring. The rest of the time is basically black tea. Although it is bubble, I still have a complete set of tools in the office. Every morning, the first thing is the first thing is a tea.

After years of experience, it is basically a batch of good tea, but the price is relatively cheap, but it is not very expensive. After all, there is no good family condition. Today, give you a brief introduction. Some of me feel that the price is good, the taste is good, and the price is moderately biased on some good tea.

1, Shangqing Old Street Tibetan Shape Zhengshan Small

The autumn and winter season is best suited to drink black tea, and the most famous definitely in the year of black tea is Jin Junmei. Jin Junmei is the highest end in Wuyishan’s black tea. Authentic Jin Junmei is very expensive. Sometimes I feel that there is an unfolded risk in a pound price below 10,000 yuan. After all, the production area is relatively small, and the output is also compared. few. Jin Junmei is not very popular, and the popularity is the small species of Zhengshan, but even if it is, the Zhengshan small species from the core production area Tongganguan is also more expensive. A thousand yuan a pound.

Shangqing Old Street is a relatively small brand in Jingdong. It used to have almost no name, but from last year, many people have a lot of people recommending their tea, the biggest feature is cost-effective. Their hometown of the hill is only five or six hundred yuan, but the quality is relatively good. I have bought a few times before, the scent of the mid-rulement, in line with the normal Wuyi Mountain black tea, not rich, fresh, but also, dry tea fragrance is relatively weak. But if brewing, drink your taste, the sweetness is still very good, there is a kind of sweet sweet. The overall feeling will be relatively high, not a big thick tea, nor is the kind of tea, but not suffering, elegant and long, worth a try. I think the price is much better than those special brands.

Lapsang Souchong

The Zhengshan small species of Shangqing Old Street mainly have a hidden fragrance and fragrance. To be honest, I personally drink too much difference. Many tea friends also feedback don’t seem to have too much difference, which may be a small difference in fragrance. However, this Tibetan fragrance is bought every day, I feel good.

2, Junde Chikan


The biggest two brands of Wuyishan black tea are Junde and Zhengshan Tang, and they both claim to be a creator of Jin Junmei, and Jin Junbi’s horses are from the Junde brand. At present, it is more developed in Zhengshan Tang, in some first-two-tier cities, basically see a lot of Zhengshang Tang’s offline shop. However, it may be precisely because of the operation mode of this heavy asset, the price / performance price of Zhengshan Tang is always relatively low.


Zhengshan Hall is still good, but the price is too expensive, I think if you want to drink this top brand black tea, you can choose the categories of their home performance, such as Junde’s small Auga Compared to their home, Jin Junmei, Yin Junmei is, the price is much higher, which is equivalent to the level of copper.

Junde This little Augan price is about a thousand yuan, it is not particularly expensive, but it is not cheap. The fragrance can smell a fresh flower fruit, nor very strong, open dry tea, basically not smell, but if the nose is close to the smell, it is a relatively fresh sweet flavor, more comfortable, than I feel good, I feel good, the taste is also clear, but the sweet taste is relatively pure, and the soup is relatively bright. It is a sweet taste relative to the Zhengshan small species of the supernatant of the supernatant above. It seems to be more obvious, but there is no excessive difference. I think it is also a very good, high-grade black tea.

3, Ye Sheng Huahong Shu


Compared to the particularly famous Wuyishan black tea and now the hot blush, I am the most favorite in the black tea field or red, of course, I refer to the authenticity of the authenticity.



The price of Jinjun, who is 红 is lower, the price is relatively high. The brand that the red and red is more, the most interested is also the Ye Shenghua brand that many tea friends are more commonly recommended. The price of their family will look more cheap relatively inexpensively, but in the mailing category, it belongs to the comparative high-end, and it is really in line with price positioning, which is much better than most of the red brands.

Ye Shenghua mainly made a red gold needle and the acupuncture, and it is more recommended that the faux screws in their homes. Ye Shenghua’s fragrance is still very obvious, and the tea fragrance has a clear flower incense, the freshness is very good, similar to the scent of Apple, after brewing, the fragrance is excited, The honey is mainly, and the taste is also very sweet. There is a sweetness in the mouth. After the swallow, the return of the back is obvious. This kind of sweetness is not lost to the authentic Jin Junmei, which is very comfortable, and this tea is the biggest feature is that his alcohol is also good, although it is sweet but doesn’t look, the degree is just right, drink it Will n’t feel plenty of, it will be more realistic, it is very suitable for my taste.

4, Mattran Water Fairy Tea

Rock tea, Pu’er is a tea category that suddenly burst into fire these years, and even from the tea of ​​the tea, it has become a financial product. I used to drink oolong tea, I was basically Tieguanyin. These years were influenced by the rise of this rock tea and started to try rock tea. But even so far, I didn’t know what kind of feeling of the so-called “rocky”. It is purely that rock tea sometimes drinks a bit of Shama, like the rock is generally heavy. Is this a so-called Rocky rhyme?

Wu Yi Yan tea

When I started to try the rock tea, I couldn’t adapt. Drinking the big red robe and cinnamon. It is too heavy for me. Later, I tried the narcissus, and then adjusted the foaming way and the force, with a new one. Experience, the brewing method is really important for rock tea, you must take a soup at a very fast speed.

My favorite rock tea is still a narcissus, I used to drink seawall, but it is true, I have been drinking this horse starry recently. I think it seems to be slightly more expensive than the seawall, but the quality is still good.

This narcissus dry tea smells the breath of charcoal fire. At first, it is not particularly like, but this kind of fragrance felt is not bad after brewing. The soup showed an orange yellow, not that very bright bright yellow, but not red, the speed of soup must be fast, consulted some people who know that it is 4s, I’m trying to go out, I really still Yes, there is a little sweet feeling, and there is a little so-called “rocky”, which is indeed a relatively unique and interesting product experience.

5, eight horse Tieguanyin race pearl 1000

The representative of Oolong Tea is Tieguanyin, the main brand of Tieguanyin is eight horses. The eight horses are a bit like a mountain hall, and there is a lot of goods in the store, and it is mostly based on the gift box of gift boxes, and what kind of category does it. If it is not the same, the small can tea appears in these two years, and the eight horses should be the leader of the online tea brand.


The eight horses of the Pearl 1000 are also their family’s star products. I usually drink a drink, but the price is not cheap. After all, the industry competition in Tieguanyin market is very intense. The price war between the merchants makes our people sometimes buy a good product. However, this Pearl 1000 I think the price is also in line with the actual variety.


The fragrance is relatively good, there is a little orchid, the richness of the fragrance is good, and it is basically the more obvious tea fragrance. The color is pure and bright, and the taste is sufficient. With a little sweet, drink is more comfortable, and I think the biggest feature of the eight horse race is relatively resistant. Once I chatted with a friend, I have a whole afternoon, I will continue to add water, I don’t want to remember. I have a few times, anyway, I still have a tea taste, I think it is still good.

6, Lu Zhenghao, front West Lake Longjing

West Lake Longjing is a famous tea in the famous tea. It is very famous. The big brand is also very much. No matter the online or offline, it is a lot of old characters that can be called the name. It should be China’s most widely known tea category. But the biggest best in online business should be Lu Zhenghao. Lu Zhenghao licked the pole differentiation, some people like it, but some people feel that it is rotten, I have a lot of products, and it is really a good or bad, but this previous West Lake Longjing I think it is still good. .


West Lake Longjing


West Lake Longjing is mainly bean fragrant, and the fried is relatively strong, the fragrance is also relatively strong, but Soyxiang is always a kind of unfair enough to spring, many people don’t especially like it. But this Lu Zhenghao, I think especially after brewing, it seems to wear a little fragrance and freshness of Huangshan Maofeng, which makes people feel the spring.

West Lake Longjing is a representative of fried green tea, and the fried green tea is usually the fire, so the freshness is not easy. This tea is better in this regard.


7, Longhe Huangshan Maofeng

Huangshan Maofeng has always been a very lovely tea category. I remember that I have been drinking very good Huangshan Maofeng in Huangshan Tea farm, but I will buy it from the Internet, whether I am Xie Yu, and the big brand of Six. Ordinary small brands have not found it very satisfied with me. Later, I also studyed that Huangshan Maifeng tree species, production area, workmanship has a lot of different kinds, so the taste is also relatively large, encountering a Huangshan Maofeng that is suitable for her favorite, is actually a coincidence, not easy.

I bought twice when I had a tea season this year. Comply with other brands, I have more in line with my heart on Huangshan Maharmoni. The fragrance is fresh and high, and Lilan is brought by Lanxiang. This should be the only one in the various hairs that I have bought. After the brew, the aroma is full, the spring is full, the taste is delicious, especially when the tea soup is more hot, the kind of steam is drinking with tea in the nose, and it is very perfect. Tea is a good time, and I will have a long time after swallowing.

Huangshan Maofeng

8, Fang Yu, the front of the head, Jiaoji white tea

Anji white tea, I know the brand almost only Fang Yu, I only drink Fang Yu, and many other people don’t dare to use “Anji white tea”, so I feel that I don’t dare to buy it at all, many are called white tea, or Anji special white tea, etc.

Fang Yu should also belong to the brand of the head in the field. Anji white tea is very light, but the freshness is not bad, the spring is still still, and the various Anji white tea that I have to drink is very light, and the leaf form will look more relatively large, compare the other green tea. Sleep, not very beautiful. So I have always been impressed with Anji white tea. Later, I bought the next time after shopping online, I felt that I was more obviously different from the impression of Anji white tea before, although it was very light, but I couldn’t be able to accept it, and I booled for a while. Ok, the freshness is full, and this bright head is tea, the leaves are more fat, the buds are more, the overall feeling is still ok.

Angie White Tea

9, Jia Xia Xu Ming Qi Huoshan Huang Bud

The yellow tea class is very small. Only Huoshan Huang bud, I have been thinking as a green tea before, and later I know that it is yellow tea.


Yellow tea is only an occasionally adjusted when the tea season is every year. It will not be too much to drink. It feels that it is not very obvious. It is not very good for me. It is cheap, so sometimes it will still buy some drink, especially Economic conditions are not allowed.

Zhong Xiu came from the source area, but the name of this brand sounded quish, a little cottage style, but later looked like a bit of all the allocation in the production area, but these didn’t matter.

Huoshan Huang Bud


This tea is not bad, the price is not high, the buds are relatively full, compared to a relatively hypertension, which belongs to a relatively tender tea. Tea said that it is chestnut, but I smell it. It is still the same as fragrance. It is not bad, but it is not as fresh as Huangshan Maofeng green tea. However, this tea has been in Huangshan Maofeng. The advantage is that it seems to be More rich, drinking tea is relatively sufficient.

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