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Childlike Wuyi Tour


Baiyun with you

This May Day holiday

Welcome to Baiyun to travel

Tourism gift package is ready

In order to provide the general public to provide Wuyi Go to Baiyun, a few days ago, there are more than 30 scenic spots, travel agencies, and public cultural venues in the interior of the Universal District, Baiyun District, and the promotion of more than 30 times. It will bring the public and fun, and a happy travel experience.

Related activities, need to be advanced

Scenic, attraction official public account

Scenic area, attractions

The main scenic spots in the district will launch more than 20 events during May Day. These activities are scattered in Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou Children’s Park, Happy Boat Theme Park, Guangzhou City Planning Center, Nanhu Amusement Park and other scenic spots, including technology models Exhibition, red story, Wuyi golf parent-child carnival, cute pet park activities, patriotic research handwritten newspapers, including strong childlike elements, also focus on patriotism education, let children learn Happy, growing.

Guangzhou City Planning Center

Our holiday: International Labor Day

Traditional cultural holiday customs experience theme activity, actively guide the public, especially young people, to enhance their national conditions, and establish a report of the country.

Time: May 1st

Yangcheng Little Master: Non-Leir Flowers · Gifts Blessings to Party

In order to promote urban planning, we will enrich the extracurricular knowledge of children and adolescents, while inspiring the future city of the city, and building a beautiful home feelings.

Time: May 1 afternoon

Research Class: Non-legacy Art 榫 · 班 锁 好 锁

The research class is a city planning exhibition center launched through small classroom combined with architectural jungle crafts, paper-cut, pottery and other carriers, actively guiding young people to understand Guangzhou urban characteristics and the development of Lingnan architecture.

Time: May 2 morning

Guoxue Experience Hall: Lingnan National Painting (Palace Fan)

“The Division Experience Hall” is an entertaining, let everyone have a more step-by-step understanding of traditional cultural packages such as “Qin Chess” and evoke everyone’s enthusiasm for Chinese traditional culture.

Time: May 3

Yangcheng Little Master: Patriotic Research Handwritten Newspaper

Enrich children and teen extracurricular knowledge in the event, let future city small people love the city and build a good home feelings.

Time: May 4th

Little Architect: Yangcheng landmark beans

Small architects are urban construction science learning theme activities, to spread urban planning knowledge and philosophy to children and adolescents in a way that is funny, learning and practice.

Time: May 5

Baiyun Mountain

Total tea fragrant tea rhyme, share a better life

Invite professional, head of famous tea village, tea distribution merchants, and the head of the teahouse spread the tea culture. During the period, a famous tea collection will be held every day, and the tea market will be organized and the tea market will be organized for public tourism.

Nanhu Amusement Park

2021 South Lake Meng Pet Carnival (April 17 – June 31)

Meng rabbit full contact, feed the lamb, catch the loach, the hand boat, fishing hamsters, net red horses, etc.

Anhua Huiyouch (May 1st)


Go culture festival

Chess Tong Hanfu cross the show, children’s painting flea market, fun experience farmhouse, print production DIY et al.


Net red point card activity

Provide a net red cherry farm, the starlight will reward the net red card point to make a truck.

Meng pet park activities

The air cute pet paradise is new online, and the cute pets intimate interactive sprouts.

“South China Tiger” team showcase the robot dance performance, MR game fierce battle

Happy Boat MR Leyuan Road Activity: Working with South China University of Science and Technology, the famous “South China Tiger” team showcase robot dance performances, live experience the latest MR game, manipulate the robot.

Guangzhou Children’s Park

Celebrate May 1, Science and Technology Model Exhibition

Invite professional teachers to make full use of the car model suite performance and aircraft performance.


Time: May 1st – 2nd 10: 00-11: 30

Venue: Car Model Park

Red story, I am changing, the red spirit, I passed down the red story, I will talk


Invite children to enjoy the red story book, share the touching story, listen to the story of the old warrior.

Time: Specific time to be determined from May 1st to 2


Location: Multi-function room

May 1 golf parent-child carnival

Invite parents and children to take the carnival activities under the leadership of the coach, and have experienced the fun of golf together.

Time: May 1st – 3rd day

Venue: Golf Park


May 1st Rotation Parent-child Carnival

Invite parents and children to participate in the Carnival activities under the leadership of the coach, and have fun together to experience the fun.

Venue: Wheel Sliding Park

Creative point dyeing activities

With rice paper and watercolor pigments, lead participants produce beautiful dies.

Time: May 1 15: 00-16: 30


Venue: Non-Geni Cultural Center

I am a non-smoking matters publicity

Recruiting a family of volunteers and controlling smoking activities in the park.

Time: May 2, 10: 00-11: 30


Location: Non-Geni Cultural Center, within the park

Low carbon baby – game time

Invite parent-child families to learn to master garbage classification knowledge in the game and encourage children to compete for low-carbon small people.

Time: May 3, 10:00-11: 30

Children’s city

Invite parent-child families to organize books, stationery, toys and other items to children’s heart to exchange, from small cultivation and ability to communicate with others, and promote environmental protection concept to reduce items.

Time: May 4th 10: 00-11: 30

Venue: Drought Spray Square

Blue sun experience

Invite parent-child families to participate in the “Blue Sun” craft activities, make a special small fan.

Time: May 4, 15: 00-16: 30

Summer exploration activities of childhood exploration


Inviting parent-child families to participate in plant guidelines, learn about the small knowledge of the 24th holiday.

Time: May 5 9: 30-11: 30


Public cultural venues

The theme activities of public cultural venues are concentrated in Baiyun District Cultural Museum, Migrant Workers Museum, Baiyun District Folk Culture Museum, etc., with photography exhibition, anime work exhibition and other cultural forms, improve cultural literacy.

Cultural Hall Yunxi Art Agency 1st Floor


Baiyun District 2nd Photography Art Exhibition


April 30th – May 30

main content:


Show photographic artwork reflecting new era, new weather, new journey.


Wenhua Hall Yunxi Art Society 2nd Floor

Guangzhou Xiaojinlong Animation Winning Work Show

April 10th – May 10th

Area Cultural Museum and District Library jointly organized a work of “Xiao Jinlong” anime competition.

District Cultural Activity Center

Baiyun District Intangible Cultural Project Show

April 10th – May 30th

: Display the intangible cultural heritage of Baiyun District.


Migrant Workers Museum

Migrant Workers Themes, 9:30 to 12:30 every day; 13:30 to 16:30 (closed on May 3).

Baiyun District Folk Culture Museum

When the shop experience, 9:00 to 12; 14:00 to 17:00 (closed on May 3) normally opened.

3 play lines

Baiyun District Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau recommends Airboring Wenxi Town, Fenghua Garden, Shennong Cultural Chinese Medicine Museum, Baiyun Mountain, Hat Mountain, Baiyun Lake, Baiyun Library and other attractions, and launches three fun lines:


☉ Guangzhou City Planning Exhibition Center – Baiyun Library – Happy Boat Theme Park

☉ ☉ 华 园 – 空 港文 小 小

☉ Baiyun Lake – Shennong Cultural Chinese Medicine Museum

Especially Fenghua Garden – Airport Wenxi Town This special rural tourism route, main farming and cultivation, aerospace science experience, especially suitable for parent-child play.

Line one

Guangzhou City Planning Exhibition Center


Guangzhou City Planning Center is a public welfare planning exhibition hall integrating national 3A-level scenic spots, integration planning, land and urban cultural exhibitions, and vividly showcase the context of Guangzhou urban construction and development.

From the migration of the shoreline of the Pearl River, I can know that the Guangzhou city has gradually expanded, the population is gradually, and the change of the house shaped system can see the time traces of the south to north, things blended; from Chess Ring Luo’s transportation network, you can know the city The pattern has become broad; the city is generally planned from a manuscript from a manuscript, you can know that a group of people have deep love to this city.

Address: No. 1 Exhibition Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Happy Boat Theme Park


The Happy Boat Theme Park is located on the 8th floor of Anhuahui Commercial Plaza, covers nearly 30,000 square meters, and the six-year theme scenic spot is set up, and the happy boat is most eye-catching.

The happiness boat is a large huge wheel built in the top of the mall. The cabin has shown a variety of forms of ship culture and animal culture.

Enter the cabin, the world of dinosaur will lead to eye blind, and the rare animal is active through automatic induction. The entire cabin is diversified and digitally interactive, restores the most real cabin, showing the live scene of the ancient times rare animal, let the people Linyi.



880, Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Baiyun District Library (Baiyun New City Center)

Baiyun District Library (Baiyun New City Center) is designed by “China Pavilion” He Xiangtang, in the design concept of “Yunshan Beads, Qu Water”, will fully present the geographical characteristic element of Baiyun District.


The new hall is excellent, more than 8,000 square meters, the area is more than about 500,000 books, and the reading is more than 500, the reception capacity is 8,000 / day. In addition to the high color, the smart bookshelf in the museum, inventory robots, the VR technology is full of technology.

: No. 1211, Yuncheng West Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (Exit B)

Line two

Fenghua Garden

Zhixi Bay Fenghua Garden is a demonstration point of leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Guangdong Province.

In the agricultural research district, not only the original traditional agricultural tool experience, the eggs, fruits and vegetables picking and other projects can be organized by the school organization. This May 1st, Fenghua Garden has also added a new play activity – small train tour Huahai, take the small train, through the flower sea, integrate the flowers, feel the different scenery.

Address: Fengxi Bay, Fanghua Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Airport Wenxi Town

Want to be a pilot? Want to take off and land at the tower command? Come to the Airport Wenxi Town, one-time experience flight.

Airport Wenxi Town is based on airport resources, and take the lead in building “i + wing system” in the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone. Small town settled in small wings, special shops, etc., you can rise to play while eating.

Here, I have been selected for the first batch of red card, becoming a new business card for Guangzhou City. It is a comprehensive adolescent study, a collection of simultaneous research, non-legacy courses, outdoor expansion, luxurious experience, plant research, field shooting, and national defense education. Base, launch a day tour tourism product such as research, built, art exhibition.

Address: People and Zhen Fenghe Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


Line three

Baiyun Lake

Want to watch the sunset under the ferris wheel? Want to visit the lake’s boating? Come to Baiyun Lake to find such a beautiful picture. Baiyun Lake is the largest artificial lake in Guangzhou, a national water conservancy scenic spot, covering an area of ​​200 hectares. The water is green, the environment is beautiful, and the cultural characteristics are distinct.

In recent years, it has built a star archprint, and the lake is dancing, Dongting will look at the cloud, dragon boat competition, and ancient gains.


Address: Huanyi Village, Baiyun Lake Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Shennong Culture Chinese Medicine Museum

Shennong Culture is a national 4A-level scenic spot, the country’s first “natural” and “culture” in one, and the historical and cultural exhibition display showing the original ecological Chinese herbal medicine, showing Chinese Medicine, Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM health, Chinese medicine health, Daily Chinese medicine, Artemisia antimalaria, herbal tea, etc. rich Chinese medicine cultural connotation.

Address: No. 389, Shatai North Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

What are you waiting for?

Go, May 1 to Guangzhou Baiyun

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May 1 holiday health tips


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Happy travel, safe home


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Baiyun District Rong Media Center

Related activities, need to be advanced

Scenic, attraction official public account

Location: Multi-function room

Time: May 1st – 3rd day

Venue: Non-Geni Cultural Center

Venue: Non-Geni Cultural Center





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