Green short sleeves for the drawing string, match the fungus denim shorts, the legs are beautiful

The current woman has basically begun to pay attention to the body maintenance, so the current female body is better than the previous female body. Good figure, naturally want to show their advantages, but some little sisters have encountered problems in this way, and there is a good body, I don’t know how to show.

Just like two small sisters in the picture, the two contrast, the gap between the body is still very obvious, the little sister on the left is tall, and very well, a pair of troops are very eye-catching, and the right side The little sister is relatively bad, and the one is not high, and it is still a little fat.


Based on the difference, the two people are also very targeted. The high sisters have chosen a very similar dress, using short short sleeves and fever shorts to show her good figure, low child My sister chose to hide the shortcomings of dressing, wearing a long dress.

Good figure is a certain advantage when wearing, but does not mean she can match, still need to learn some necessary dressing skills. This article is the next content, and the focus will introduce some skills to show the body, and ensure that you have learned, no need to show your body.


First, light green short sleeve

The quiet and elegant light green short sleeves can make you through your youthful vitality in minutes, and it is very fashionable. This kind of solid colorful light makes the little sister look very clear, and with a few pseudo-lively youth, showing elegant and exquisite, generous young image.

Second, the slim pattern


Everyone knows that the short top can show the waist, but not all the short tops can be thinner, want to be waist and thin, still need some “careful machine”, the small sister’s light green top, the striking is a full The design of “Care Machine” can be tightened in the upper clothes, preventing the wind, but also tightening the waist, appears to be more slender, two in one fell swoop.

Third, the rough denim shorts


Many young girls often use the rough elements, because this element can bring some sprinkled feelings, and they want to release their own external performance. Light blue rough denim shorts show her legs to the ultimate, and straight and thin and tender, and pleasing.