8 large Japanese horse oil after using the absolutely inseparable

Universal Horse Oil is a daily necessities for each household in Japan, with anti-inflammatory, treated burns, burn, dilaty scars, acne marks. There are a wide variety of horse oil products. Today, Japanese windows are recommended for 8 sketchials.

The horse oil is first served as a medicinal and food. Steam, dissolve, squeeze, use with paper, and make it a modern horse oil by refining with paper filtration.

A large number of unsaturated fatty acids contained in the raft are an indispensable substance in our human body. It is a raw material that constitutes an indispensable human cell membrane. After the skin is soaked, the protective layer is formed on the surface of the skin, preventing the fluid loss in the body, has the effect of preventing secondary oxidation, inhibiting the symptoms of inflammation, and has a significant improvement in dry crack skin.


Next, the Japanese window recommended that Japanese customers know 8 major horses oil products:

▌1. Pharmacist

The innocent king, the pharmacist is in the Japanese horse oil products. The main role is moist, moisturizing, anti-sensitive, repairing scars.


1. Respecting the fish is the foundation of cosmetics, as well as skin protection, for the face has a beauty effect, the sun is freckle, the effect of wrinkles is pre-defense, and after the face is cleaned, use a small amount of horse oil to wipe the face After approximately five to six minutes, it will make the skin after absorption. At night, it also cleans the face and wipes the face to sleep.


2. In the fall, the hand, the foot, the lips, and dry, etc. are preventional.


3. Pediatric, baby has a mosquito bites, and the sputum can also use a small amount of horsesque in the affected portion to be itchy, and pain relief protective utility.

4. Horse oil is the elderly, adults, children, and baby can be used. People who are feeding the milk, the nipples are dry, red and painful, etc. Good treatment, the entrance of the horse oil will not hurt, the newborn baby entrance can also be used with confidence, the horse oil is harmless to the human body. There is disinfection, killing.

▌2. Hokkaido Loshi Horse Oil Cream + Horse Oil Body Milk


It is also a super popular product, from the head to the foot, all-round cream that can be used from the old to the young capital, the home is essential.

It can be used on the hair, you can make a hair mask; you can prevent allergies on your face, you can moisturize, you can resist fine lines, have a good effect on allergen; use it on your body as a body cream. Children can easily allergic, eczema, scorpion, etc. can use the mitigation symptoms.

The horse’s pure naturally gives your baby a face, and it will not hurt the skin. The housewife is working every day, and the hand is extremely dry to use the horse oil to improve the peeling dry problem.

Contains natural moisturizing ingredients and plant essence, you can find skin soft and tender medicinal creams, oil fat and urea, can effectively confirm skin dry, emulsion, easy to penetrate the skin, not greasy, can regulate skin shrink pores It can reduce the symptoms such as housewife hands, eczema, psoriasis.

▌3. Hokkaido Showa New Mountain Bear Ranch

This horse oil is a restricted product of the Hokkaido Showa New Mountain Bear Ranch. Because the bear pasture is a famous attraction in the Hokkaido, many pro will go to travel to understand this horse oil, and there must be a special product.

The newly added Q10 hyaluronic acid bone granules naturally efficient moisturizing, Japan’s Working, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, the Department of Health, contains natural moisturizing ingredients and plant essence (rosemary, sauce, hops, loose, lemon) can regulate the skin shrinking pores.

Shark pill essence, combined with horse oil grease and water-saving urea, allowing skin to moisturize and avoid stimulation and drying. The cream is easy to penetrate into the skin, and there will be no greasy feeling, which can reduce the symptoms of the housewife, eczema, psoriasis.

▌4. Hokkaido day high purity horse oil

Ri Gaochun Horse Oil is the best horse collected in Hokkaido, Japan, and 100% pure horses in the fat through the fat at high temperatures. No added, no fragrance, odorless, is a safe oil licensed from Japan.

The feature of the high-purity horse oil is: low temperature preservation will be a semi-solid state, in a liquid state in high temperature, a lot of effects.

▌5.Unimat four-in-one horse oil

Japan’s famous brand Unimatriken production, 230 grams of large capacity, can be used at all home. Combined with urea (moisturizing ingredients), collagen, hyaluronic acid moisturizing, four-function, thick moisturizing cream, effectively inhibiting skin roughness, so that the skin is delicate and lustrous. Japan is available at the 19th high island house.

It can suppress dry skin to help improve delicate and lubricated skin is a refreshing moisturizing skin cream.


▌6. 藤 方 100% pure marrow

It is used in the use of Hokkaido production and 100% of Japan’s domestic horse fat. It is a non-adjusted crude oil. Soft and good, is a product suitable for maternal, small babies and family, is a popular natural high-quality horse oil that is topic.

It can be used for lips, faces, and full body skin care. Take exquisite methods to manufacture and odorless while extending the storage period of the product. Small molecules have fast permeability, and the skin is sour and moisturized. Expectant mothers in pregnancy can also be used as massage oil to massage the skin.

▌ 7. 马 油 油手 手霜

A classic hand cream that is the main ingredients and horses that are most easily absorbed by the skin.

After cleansing hands, take a proper amount slightly smashed, then apply it evenly in the nails, arms, double elbows, slightly massage, and quickly penetrate. The feet are also available.

▌8.Rossi MA Horse Oil Hand Cream


Japanese family usage hand cream, including Japanese domestic horse oil ingredients. Mild moisturizing, moisturizing and dry fingers, making your fingers smooth and beautiful. Mimabilized skin without harm. Colorless · no mineral oil, apply a proper amount to face, hand, feet, etc., gently, penetrate the skin.

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