I want to buy a blood pressure gauge for my parents. Which is good? 17 electronic blood pressure gauges tell you

Blood pressure gauges are essentials for older or high blood pressure patients, but is there a household blood pressure in the market? How to choose a sphygmomanometer, which is better? These issues are not good to answer.

During this time, PC sauce is also thinking about buying a home sphygmometer for parents. It just sees the previous time, the Chongqing Municipal Consumer Council issued a comparative test results of 17 electronic blood pressure gauges, and the purchase of blood pressure gauges is very Guiding significance, thinking that Mother’s Day is coming, just share it.

(This article quote Chongqing Consumer Rights Protection Committee compares the test data, original link: http://www.cq315.org/news/view.aspx? Id = 20728)

01 old rules, first look


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Test results list

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The selection of this cross-evaluation is used for the electronic sphygmomanometer for daily monitoring, including 7 wrist and 10 arms, the price is from 180 yuan to 630 yuan. Comprehensive results show:

The test results of the 16 products are in line with standard requirements, and only the blood pressure indication of Mike Dafu BP3A120 is unqualified;

Among the wrist blood pressure gauges, the best performance is Omron HEN-6230; upper arm blood pressure gauge is Le Hexin LS812-F, Omron HEM-7134, Panasonic EW-bu 15, fish jump Ye666D performance.

02 test those items?

According to the relevant requirements of the JJG692-2010 “Non-invasive Automatic Measurement Blood Pressure Measurement Procedures, 11 indicators of the three aspects of the samples and the three aspects of the sample are detected. The specific projects and standard requirements are as follows:

03 The specific test results of each project are seen here

1, higher precision – wrist: Omron / upper arm: Le Xin & Omron

The measurement ability of sphygmomanometer, accurate measurement, mainly

Static pressure measurement range


Static pressure display error

Blood pressure indicator repeatability

These three indicators.

: The test is the sphygmomanometer to measure, the wider range, the larger the detection ability of this sphygmomanometer, in this respect, 17 samples meet the standard requirements (0 ~ 260mmHg). Upper arm Jianshida, Philips just arrived at the grid line.


The most intuitive expression of sphygmomanometer accuracy

Indicators, it directly reacted the precision effect of the blood pressure sensor. In this cross-evaluation, the elevation of the seven wrist sphygmomanometers is only 1mmHg, the precision is better; the upper arm blood pressure gauge, Wan An Bo, Mike Doctor and Aid’s error are large, the rest There is only 1 mmHg.

: By repeating the measurement of 5 times, take the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value, the larger the repetitive value, the worse the measurement accuracy. In this regard, wrist


Mike doctor’s test results do not meet the standard

Integrated these three indicators:

● 7 hand wrist blood pressure gauges, the best performance is the best

Omron HEM-6230

The upper arm score is the highest.

Le Hexin LS812-F, Omron HEM-7134.

The blood pressure indicative detection results of Michael BP3A120 did not meet the standard requirements. The remaining samples and testing items meet standard requirements.

2, longer use – Wrist: Panasonic / arm: happy

Who used the static stability stability for more time, it is an indicator of the accuracy of the blood pressure sensor after a long-term pressure sensor, is to see it.


After the time is long, the measured data will not be allowed.

After 10,000 simulated cyclic tests in the laboratory,

The stability of the pressure of 17 samples is 1 mmHg and within

Description They can keep the sensor’s precision. Among them, the wrist, the arm is good.

3, more adapt to change – wrist: Omron / arm: Panasonic

In this regard, mainly through three indicators, voltage changes, environmental adaptability, and environmental adaptability.

When working or stored environment changes, whether the measurement results of the blood pressure gauge will deviate

Pneumatic system of air pressure system:

It refers to the change in the pressure system caused by the blood pressure gauge, which can prevent blood pressure measurement errors caused by shaking and leakage.


Voltage change:

The general sphygmomanometer is made of a battery. After the battery has been used, it will slowly lose, and the output voltage will slowly decrease, and in the case of voltage changes, the value of the blood pressure gauge should be unaffected.

Environmental adaptability:

It is mainly to see whether the electronic sphygmomanometer is subjected to high (low) mild and humid environment, and it has detected whether the error of the electronic sphygmomanometer complies with the requirements.

Comprehensive 3 indicators of test results,

In terms of adapting to change stability, the wrist Omron is better, and the arm is made up of Panasonic performance.

4, other functional inspections do not have much difference

Other test items: zero, overvoltage protection and other functions, it is good, not too much difference, only the speed is different.

Inflatable speed

A indicator affecting the experience experience,

By detecting electricity during the measurement process, or when you want to subjectively interrupt measurements, the blood pressure gauge can quickly deflate. The results showed that the free air speed of 17 samples was in line with the standard, of which the arms of Omron, Wan’an Bo, Mike doctors were very fast, and the time was less than 2S. When testing, I wanted to stop.

How to choose a blood pressure plan for parents?


Choose arm blood pressure gauge

. The arm blood pressure gauge is measured by the arm, and the accuracy is better. Parents have large age, plus high blood viscosity, vascular aging problem, with wrist measurement may be large

2, if needed

Convenient to carry, you can choose a wrist sphygmomanometer

Pay attention to blood circulating disorders, diabetes, high blood lipids and other diseases.


See authority certification

. Currently recognized blood pressure gauges have AAMI (American Medical Device Test Association), BHS (British Hypertension Society), ESH (European Hypertension Society). When the blurt is selected, it is more secure by authority certification.


Regular channel purchase

. The physical health data of parents is related to the purchase of a formal pharmacy, medical equipment store, or the official flagship store of the brand, and pay attention to the production license issued by the drug supervision department.

Finally, it is necessary to say,


Electronic sphygmomanometer can only be used as daily monitoring

Not as a diagnostic basis, monitoring abnormal (40mmHg, diastolic pressure> 90mmHg), can go to the hospital for further clinical diagnosis.

The next month is Mother’s Day, you are still annoying, you will have a good choice, and you are important to pay attention to your parents.

Static pressure measurement range






Static pressure display error

Blood pressure indicator repeatability