Li Feier airport wears a car, wearing a green cotton coat with 9 points jeans, more fat 10 pounds

Ordinary people usually use some comparative collisals to wear low-conditioning in daily wear, but for female stars, even in daily out of the street, they always want to wear and distinctive match. Effect, but personalized ways often do not rush very well, it will be easy to turn into the car, and fashionable, Li Feier, this airport is turned into the car.

Li Feier’s shape analysis:


Green cotton coat – 别 别 易 易 易 土

Li Feier airport wore a car, wearing a green cotton coat with 9 points of jeans, more fat 10 pounds. Li Feier wore a green cotton coat in the upper part. The texture of the cotton clothes itself lacked some high-level feelings. In addition, this green looks no advanced, although the first look is more like, but the gross resistance is very poor, very It is easy to show unearthly.


Short version – wearing a profile

In winter, we must reduce bloating, no matter whether wearing cotton clothes or wearing down jackets, you can use short version of the short version, use short design methods to show more profile, reduce the upper clothes itself The limit is limited, and the length of the upper is too long is too long and the shortcomings are lowered.

High waist jeans – wear long legs


Li Feier has a high-waist-style jeans in the lower body. The open cotton clothing with high waist-style jeans can look a relatively long-lasting, which is very friendly, simple and low-key for small children. Again, the way the leg shape can be more replenished by the way to lift the waistline.

Looseness – easy to be fat


In fact, in the winter, it is more like a relatively loose look. Because the top and lower body is relaxed, it is easy to look at the body without curve, and it is a bit like a cylindrical effect in the overall matching effect. Like the bucket, even if the body is very fracture, it will also lose its own strengths in the wear.

Low-help cotton shoes – keep warm and comfortable

Li Feier is equipped with a pair of low-top cotton shoes on the feet. The low-top version can wear more profile, and the design method of 9 pants can be displayed properly, add refreshing Feeling, flat style low-cost cotton shoes, comfort and warm performance are very strong.


Other modeling analysis of Li Feier:

Color color sweater + black wide leg pants

In the color matching of the upper and lower, you can use the binding color matching method to present the complementary sense of color color, the upper body’s color matching sweater is very bright, the lower body is mixed with the foundation black wide-legging pants to ensure sufficient comfort At the same time, you can also take into account the long matching effect.

Rainbow Striped Sweater + Slim Pattern

The matte mode of the pine can present a contrast matching effect by a loose look, the upper body loose sweater is sufficient, and the lower body is mixed with the slim pants to show the slimming in the leg shape. , The rainbow striped sweater is in the ocean, and it can also play a moderately brightened matching effect. Feet with a simple white Loles shoes, comfortable.

Blue sweater + black horn leg trousers

Light blue sweater with black horn leg trousers, using a dark color matching method to interpret the rich feelings, the blue sweater in the upper body is more eye-catching, the lower body Black horn leg trousers, compared to low-key, sweater itself belongs to a very different single product, comfortable and aging effects are very strong, and trousers in the petun leg can be visually presented, changed to wear Long legs.

Although Li Feier wore a car in the airport, Most of her clothes were still online. The little sisters who pursued fashionable to wear her private service.


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