Stitching is fashion, you deserve to have



The child always feels less clothes in the wardrobe, in fact,


It is nature!


For girls, clothes are many species:


Windbreaker, coat, sweater, sweater, down jacket, cotton suit, shirt, bottoming shirt, suit, vest, underwear, leggings, seven pants, wide leg pants, small feet pants, jeans, leather pants, casual pants, long skirts, Short skirt, dress, dress, denim dress …


And we often hang in the mouth without clothes wearing, in fact, there is no new clothes to wear, and the old clothes in the wardrobe are piled up!


“The Magic Life Magic” said that the number of girls in the per capita jacket is around 160, and the clothes that can wear the door and very likes do not account for 50%, then 50% of the remaining clothes should I do?

Many girls can’t do it, I am one of them, even if I don’t wear it, I don’t want to throw it.

I always feel that it may be petted again in a certain day, but the fact is always pressed in the bottom of the box …

What is the nearest fashion circle? Not the high-definition of the Italian hand workshop, nor is the exquisite Italian handmade suit, but “super fun” stitching style!


Whether it is a male star or a female star’s private service, there is less stitching design.


The martial arts and cotton collision, cowboy and satin conflicts of chiffon and cotton collision, cowboy and satin. Use different materials to create a female alternative sweetness.

On the red carpet, Kate Blance Cutter, known as “Queen”, the satin and velvet stitching dress, which is elegant and dazzling, and instantly become the full focus.

So we can use some small flowers in the bottom of the box to change the treasure!

We take out two pieces of clothes to start modification!




First determine the midpoint of tailoring, measure the midline of the T-shirt, and cut the T-shirt along the t-shirt.




The sewing step is very simple, using the locking machine (generally used in the T-shirt locking) to sew next to the T-shirt.


There is a tip here. If the lock side line is too loose splicing part is easy to spread, but then reinforce a line on the lock line, and the splicing part can be more compiled.



I don’t look good, I have to take high temperature ironing. After the sewing is completed, the fabric will still loosen, and immediately iron the face to set the fabric.

The whole process is time consuming for only 30 minutes, and the splicing is completed immediately.

Helping clothes workshop |

Two pieces of sweaters are equipped with different models, and fashion is more than a little bit!


Is it a heart? Quickly turn over the wardrobe, bring the clothing that can be stitching to help clothes!

– In the helmetry, I met more beautiful you –

It’s not a simple modification,

It is a continuation of the feelings, the sublimation of creativity!

It is the embodiment of the craftsmanship.


Is the pursuit of life quality,

It is the design experience of the clothes,

It is the most perfect dream to help clothes!

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