Various common hairdressing comb types and uses

The main purpose of the comb is combing your hair. By combing the purpose we want. Different comb have different purposes.

First, the sore comb: This comb is used to comb your hair, it is easy to combine the hair and make it dynamic (see figure).



Second, double-sided comb “, also known as: cutting comb”

This comb is specially scissed. Half of the comb, half of the dense, cut hair, can be bracked. (See Figure).

Double-sided comb “also known as: cutting comb”


Third, the scored: this comb is mainly used to comb, distribute, and disc. On one side, the hair or provoke hair or provoke the hair or provoke (see figure).



Fourth, the hair comb: This comb is suitable for hot hair. When using a small bundle of hair, picking up a small bundle in order to crush (see figure).


Perm comb

Five, clocked:

This comb is used when doing a late hair style. Comb is arranged in the long-term teeth. You can cut your hair and make a variety of evening uniforms (see figure).


5. Take the comb: This comb is mainly used in screws and hot comb. Comb and the interval of the teeth is large. When combing, pick your hair with a comb, after coming, the hair is fluffy (see Figure).


Pick comb


Sixth, ribs comb: This comb is mainly used in hair drying, blowing short hair hairstyle.


Pork ribbling comb

Seven, flat comb: This comb is mainly used for daily combing hair or traveling for easy access, suitable for clutching various length hairstyle.



Eight, the big board comb: This comb is mainly used in a hairstyle of the agency or flat head.

Brightening comb


Nine, nine row comb: This comb is mainly used to make the hair and hair and hair.


Nine row comb


Ten, the big knife comb: This comb is mainly used to trigger long hair or medium-long hair style.


Big knife comb

11. Wire brush: the bottom of the wire brush is wooden, the teeth are made of soft wire, press on the eraser on the bottom. This brush will finish the hair of the reel, combously all types of hairstyle, especially for the hair of the combing wave (see Figure).

Wire brush

Twelve, round-roll “also known as the roll-up”: The round comb is made of brown hair. This brush is circular, which is a tool dedicated to curl when the blow is blown. When operating, the intention of the head is used to produce nature development. The brush size is different, and the hair is used for different lengths (see Figure). There are also rolled brushes made of a variety of materials.

Round-roll “also known as: a roller comb

Thirteen, the oil brush “comb”: This comb is mainly used for dyeing oyster oil.


焗 oil brush “comb”