How simple is the scenery of the three lake cassica? Put a few stones, and you will look very well.

Good evening, everybody! Oops, I don’t know, I have arrived in the fifth article of our article today, and time is so fast. We share it, many of the information about the three Lake Cixi, including the prematured considerations and some common varieties, and some benefits of the three-lake Cixi compared to other tropical ornamental fish, and so on. That article, let’s talk about, the scenery style of the three lake cockroaches.

First, profile


First, the style is usually different from us, and the common grass tank is still different. Because I don’t need to put water! There are also a lot of engineering and steps for maintaining water. The scenery of the three lake cassic fish is mainly stone-oriented, and it is also very convenient to maintain. In color matching is also a whole color, gives people a beautiful African aesthetic. Because it is not so complicated, it seems to be some stone piles, then add a backgroundboard, it seems to give a feeling of a very African waters. Is there a touch of tilapia? Ha ha!

Second, material preparation

1 fish tank: This is a small, 40 cm, 60 cm, or 80 cm or even one meter, can be selected according to their own preferences, as well as the size of the fish. If it is raising six fish, this is relatively large, then a relatively large fish tank is at least 60 cm. If it is a relatively small, it is 30-49 cm, which is actually

2 Filter: The selection of the filter device, try to choose some waterflows. Especially for some big fish like six such a big fish, because the water flow is relatively large, it is quite suitable for their growth habits. And there are many three lakes, in fact, their eating and drinking is quite a lot, the water flow system is powerful, the filtering system is powerful, which is conducive to maintaining the water quality;

3 Lamps: There is no special requirement in terms of lamps. If you can, you can use the spotlight. With water flow, create a kind of, if it hidden, the sparkling feelings;

4 stone: There is no special requirement. One thing to pay attention is to pay attention to, don’t buy a green dragon stone, there are many angular corners of the loose stone. Try to choose those sleek, like a pebble, these shirts, not scratching the fish. Because after all, the stone is more, choose a sleek point and more secure. Then pay attention to a size match, which looks better, beautiful. Don’t buy a specification, there is a big small, match better;

5 Stripe: This is not so complicated, and it is good to buy a simple mouse. Or buy some fine sand, coral sand can also.


Third, pay attention

The last point of consideration is that we have also mentioned before. Before putting the fish inside the fish tank, use the stone to arrange the stone to give them some fields. Then, when you put the fish, pay attention to the water. I remember the water water for 7 days after the opening of the cylinder.


Ok, this is the scenery sharing of the three lake cockroaches. I hope to help you. In fact, in general, the entire fish tank style is still relatively simple. Mainly in terms of water quality, because there is not so much water, there is no more algae, the overall feeling. Water resistance is also negatively alkaline, so it is still better to take care of it. The most is the top of the cylinder wall, and you need to scrape regularly. Other have nothing, very good to take care is. This is also a major reason for everyone likes the scenery of the three lake cassica. If you have a better scenery, or better scenery, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, we will discuss it. I am a crazy person, from Xiaobi who likes to raise fish, insist on sharing the most popular fishing experience with the most popular language. Thank you for your support, welcome to pay attention!