Zhang Jia Ni wear cotton clothes must also be tender, with a small bears around the wool, watching warm and sweet

# What to wear today?

# 穿 红 黑 #

# Winter life card season #


Winter wear

The unopened clothing is cotton clothes. The choice of cotton clothes is not only related to the temperature of the body, but also related to the shape of the shape, the style of cotton clothes is very much.

In real life, there is a large part of women who prefer to wear when they go out.

Short cotton clothes

Some short cotton clothes are more than long.

Playful and fashion,

It is also more able to show a variety of women.

For many women, picking cotton clothes is a happy and painful process, so it is very important to master costumes and matching skills, like Zhang Jia Ni’s choice and matching of cotton clothes.

Very skilled

Her winter cotton clothes are not like some people

Very cumbersome.

It is full of fashionable fashion.


This is also a more ideal winter wearing a lot of people.

Status and effect

Xiaobian also put it out of some cotton clothes of Zhang Jia Ni this time, hoping to provide some

Interesting to wear a thinking


Cotton clothes recommended –

Short profile fabric

Zhang Jia Ni wears cotton clothes to play tender, with a small bears around the wool, watching

Warm and sweet

. Zhang Jia Ni’s length is very

Exquisite style

However, her figure is relatively petty, the color of the royal sister and the body shape of the little girl have been perfectly integrated in her, and Zhang Jia Ni is slightly sweet.

Exquisite girl

There are also a lot in reality.

Such women need to consider the cost of the costume itself when choosing cotton clothes. Small children are more suitable

Short cotton suit

, Because of the long cotton uniform

Proportion of body cover

And have a width effect, which will make the original normal body proportion of short, and the short cotton clothing will be more suitable for selling excellent proportions.

Winter clothing itself will be relatively fluffy, women can try to enlarge this fluffy feel, the next body’s visual effect

More lightweight

Also make the proportion of the lower body more slim.

So you can choose the outline of short cotton clothes

Be more thin

The pants, the profile design is also a more popular element, which will make small children’s body proportion.


In addition to the indispensable pants, you can join some

Cute small decoration

For example, a bear scarf or a classic grillat scarf will make winter cotton clothes more cute, and will make the clothes match


Exquisiteness enhancement.

In addition, in addition to scarves, women can also choose a color and shape and cotton clothes, which is very good.

Fashion keep warm

It will also reflect in winter wearing.


Zipper solid color baseball cotton clothing

Women can try to design a relatively profitable style when choosing cotton clothes, like a short jacket or baseball cotton suit is on the shape.

Be more handsome

In this cotton clothing, whether it is a tall woman or a small child, it will have a good figure.

Baseball suit style cotton clothing is biased

Neutral and sports

, Women choose this kind of clothing will also compare the energy and dynamic, which can have in terms of temperament.

Agefield effect

, Try to zip chain when choosing a specific style

Hooded cotton clothing


Cotton suit.

Color recommendation of cotton clothes –


Zhang Jia Ni’s daily wear is compared

Girl feeling

Her match will be strong

Aggrant style

It is also a more suitable for winter wearing a goal.

Many of the winter clothing are compared


Deep color


Therefore, if it is light, it will


Women can try cold on color but



Blue matching fabric or bread service will be very refreshing, this color itself is also

Very clean



Winter chooses purple people are relatively small

It is a more difficult color, and the texture of purple is very complicated, but sometimes it will wear a

The feeling of old gas.

So you can try it when you choose the style.

young fashion

Or the temperament style is neutralized, you can choose the more younger bakery or long handsome cotton clothes in the shape. The former is

Beautiful and cute

The stylus is biased towards the artistic sense and


Matching of cotton clothes –

Short bread service + micro pants

Zhang Jia Ni will really maintain himself, wear cotton clothes with microse

Stylish and personality

It is more important than the face, and the cotton clothing is more important.

More fluffy and simple

, Then pants are also suitable for choice

Simple style.

Secondary trousers are also responsible for presenting body proportion, so you can try high waist design.

Black petule

If you want to compare some trumpet pants, you want to exaggerate some petulers, if you want

Simple and simple

Some, you can try the styles of the micro.

Such trousers are

Very thin


, It will also match cotton clothes to show great slender.

Body proportions.

Set of white short cotton clothes + gray suit

Mature women’s style selection in cotton clothes




Some women will be biased towards styles

Slim cotton clothes

There are also some women who want cotton clothes to have certain modifications to the body, then they can combine these two needs when they choose to select specific styles.

The choice can showcase the body and modify the body, and the short-length fabric that is like the design is comparable to the conditions.

White collar cotton clothing

More domineering

Such a style can be matched


Gray suit

It shows a superimposed refreshing fashion, short cotton clothing will make single-thin senior suit clothes, this match is