Emerald old pit and new pit, the price of the world, the old hands and merchants will not tell you the secret

This society is like Linzi, you want to be able to die, a radish, the result is a pit, the true and false is difficult to distinguish.

First, a few old pit glass species is surprised ~


When purchasing in the jewelry store, often hear some hipster introductions, this jade year is older, the color, the water is full of jade, and the jade is not annual, more tender, color, dry …

I found a lot of emerald tags on the old pit, the old pit is a high-priced jade noun. In general, if other conditions are the same, the old pit is much more expensive than the new pit.


Vigification A deep birman, sharp. Obviously, the value of successful boss is definitely higher than the young man in the first time.


Old pit refers to the secondary mine of the jade, that is, after the formation of jade, it has experienced weathering, earthquake, water, etc., and its jade is found to change, and the original stone is close to the spherical shape, the surface is sliding, no edges and corners.


Old lanter is good, the key is that it is a special environment for mine.


The handling and role of water flow is equivalent to the screening of jade, rough, structure loose, and other 料 料 will be eliminated, the jade of the riverbed is often the best quality, this is why Old pit is better.


Generally, the old pit minerals are comparable, strong hardness, and comparison.

The new pit is a niter mine, that is, the jade formation has not experienced a large geological role in transformation. There are many shapes in the original stone of the new pit, and the corners are clear and visible, like a young man who is not deeply involved in the world.


In compared with old pit, the new pit quality is slightly thick, the specific gravity is light, the hardness is slightly soft, the denseness is low, the toughness is weak, and it is easy to break. Therefore, the new pit is jade in the carving and polishing process, the jade internal crystal gap is easy to stay The lower addition, the surface is not so smooth, flat, causing the jade surface gloss to be so sharp and rigid.


Different “old pit jade” and “new pit jade”, depending on whether the emerald meat is fine.


The new pits is loose, some are like a winter melon, and some are like a bubil, and their color is mostly milky white, gray, light green, and the ore looks like a coarse salted particles. The old jade is still very tight, and the structure is still very close.

How to distinguish the new pit old pit?

1 look at cotton


Old-ranging emerald cotton is very small, even if there is, cotton is also a subtle point, and there are many emerald cotton, and there are many things like iceberg.


See if it is gel

Old jade sometimes gives people a very transparent while thinking that the meat seems to contain rubber, the rubber is evenly distributed, soluble in meat. It is very connotation, and there is no new type.



Water, old jade, sometimes it will feel a light, soft and connotation inside the jade. The new kind of jade is rare.

People walk in the rivers and lakes, pits are often normal, if they want to prevent being pit, today teach everyone new skills, hurry to learn!