Those magic plants that can divinize future

In the “Talaumara” book published in 1947, the author Angdo South · A铎 said the “sacred” of plants: “There is magical in human consciousness, you can reach the invisible country. And the Pei’s Trian is inform us and leads us to join him. “

The Pei’s Trian’s Palm mentioned here is one of the earliest illusions that Europeans earliest in the New World. “The plants of the gods: the plant” of the sacredness, the effects of hypertrophy “(hereinafter referred to as” the plants of the gods “), for Mexico’s Vij Joel Indians,” Puro Triars are not plants, It is god-the goddess gives humanity, helping human beings to contact her a big gift in mysterious kingdom. Vi Joles held a grand ‘Pejite’ festival every year, all people attending the fresh Peline Cactus”.

“The plants of the gods: sacred, effective and psychological plants”


Viojo’s Shaman will use the sacred Peiye Carair so that you can reach some visually awareness in another world, and they think that there is a causality that happened there in the real world. As a result, this kind of Wu Yu Yu is in the eyes of the local residents, became the medium that communicates with God, which is attached to countless “sacred” attributes.

In the plant world, it is quite a variety of “pharmonic” attributes, which often contain special alkaloids. After taking it, it can cause mental abnormalities, and people are unclear, and the illusion is mixed as reality, even because of them. Plants with “psychedelic” are not fresh, rhododendron, morning glory, sandwicked peach, acacia tree, water lily, narcissus, etc., the entire plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, etc. Concentration toxic alkaloids.

However, as the 16th century Swiss alchemist, doctor Palasellus said, “Everything is toxic, there is no non-toxic thing, the dose of the terminal is determined whether the product is toxic”, when the dose reaches a certain degree, The abnormal state of the spiritual changes and consciousness caused by the illusion will be completely different from the experience of real life. Because this experience is too special, the prehistoric era believes that those who make people get off the dust may come from the gods. These leading plants, once the name of “the plants of the gods”, played a god, good medicine, placebo, etc. in human civilization.

“Sacred” comes from medical worship

Say to Pei Apparatus. It is unearthed from the plant specimens of the dry cave and cavity of Texas, USA, and human use of the Purian of the Trian’s palm over 7,000 years. In the record of the Saardian Monagun, which is a MTA, we can see the situation of the Chicmeka Indians living in the original desert plateau in the northern place:

“People who eat or drink it will see terrible or ridiculous illusions. This phenomenon will last for two to three days, then stop. It is a common food in the Chicmeka Indian, because it maintains them. Life, give them courage to fight, do not feel afraid, hunger or thirst. They said that it protects them and makes them away from any danger. “

Even the collection of Pejor also evolved into a sacred religious ceremony: an experienced shaman or “Aka” will become a passerby, and 10-15 participants enter the grand ancestor of Peji, starting to live pilgrimage journey of. After arriving in the destination of Peji special, the first participating in the pilgrimage will be blindfolded, and all participants led by Shaman to the “universe entrance” he visible, the celebration stopped, lighting the candle. , Whisper praying, Shaman is singing all the way. Looking for the Temple of Perjo is deemed to return to the paradise, that is, a typical start and end of mythology history.

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The author of the “Plant of the God” believes that Peiye film is a kind of medical religion, “In general, the aboriginal society cannot understand people will naturally die or sick, and believe that death is the result of supernatural strength. The ‘pharmaceutical’ is divided into two kinds: medicine with pure physiological and effectiveness (ie mitigating toothache or indigestion), and the achieved excellent medicine, they make wizards through various illusions, and communicate with evil spirits caused by disease and death. ” . In view, there is also a rattail and snake vine, which is also used as a plant tool for the cause and the treatment of patients.

Perhaps it can also be said that the profile worship is the epitome of medical shortage, medical shortage. This kind of plant worship, like the aborigines, and has experienced the history of the colonial and conquered. Spaniards have strongly condemned the “evil” of Pepike, but more important reason is that their clergy can’t stand any worships outside their own religions, so they have been seriously persecuted, otherwise, where is it in the New World Have your own foothold? However, Peiji in the aboriginal religion is repeatedly suppressed, and there is no complete demise, and the aboriginal people have hid into the mountainous area, and the customs of using Pionte will be saved to this day. For them, the sacredness and national memory of this plant are closely related to historical civilization.

Plant that leads to wealth

According to a record in 1589, in the Muiska Indian in Tauha, “A dying chiefts will be buried by his women and slaves, the latter will burial in different soil layers … Each layer There is gold. Therefore, women and poor slaves should not be afraid before they see the terrible graves; the nobles given to them, it is doped in the tobacco, it is called ‘Bollaca ‘The blade of’ intoxicating wood ‘, mix with their daily beverages, they will not predict the upcoming harm. ” The plants used here are gold Mandara and Hong Mandara.

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“Plants of the gods” records, in the Indians of the Hawawa, if the child is not tuning, it will give children a drink made of red mandala and roast corn, and their superstitious children enter the drunken state You can get teachings, because Zum Lings will advise these children; Joe is thinking that Mandala seeds in the magical kiku beer will make children excited, in this state, they can find gold . Peru’s Indians called Hong Mandala as “Wacca” or “Vacacaz”, meaning “the plant of the grave”. They are convinced that this plant can tell them where the treasure buried in the grave.

In the long-term maturity process, the Indians have the right to contact Manda’s shadles, which has more knowledge of their efficacy: “Buyes”, that is, the leaves of Mandaramus have high The concentration of the sour alkaloid is a effective drug that reduces the rheumatism; “Bi Gan” blades and flowers are mixed in the dog food, which will help the hound to find more prey; “Amaron” tongue can be suppurated Treatment of rheumatism; “Golden” and “Monchira” are used as irritation agents, flulesses, drive pests.

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These effects have been widely affirmed by the Indians, so these plants have a very economic value, and they will go to artificial cultivation path, and the shaman as a first-line contact is blended as private production. Plants with spiritual activity have truly become a “asset” outside of the functionality of some people who are superstitious.


South American Indian Chua will see a plant beverage called “Ayasca” as a soul that can release it in the body, so that it is free to move, and will return to the “soul vine” in the body. This “soul vine” can release the masters of the soul from the reality of daily lives, guiding him to reach its wonderful country, so that he can talk to the ancestors.


In the myths and philosophy of primitive society, “Ayasca” has a place. This magical drink is mainly used by Jincail Tiger Tongli vine plant modulation, used in proposing, divination, display mana, etc. Aboriginal people believe that different Tongli vines also have different effects, “Kay Riama” is the strongest, which can make people can understand and declare the future, improper use, will lead to death; secondary strength is “Mei” – Inside – Kay – Ma “, people will see the illusion of the green snake. It is said that after taking “Ayasca”, some Indians will see a illusion that is attacked by giant snakes or Jagua, these animals often make them ashame because they are just people.

Undoubtedly, Shaman will also use “Ayasca” to diagnose the condition, brief, explore the enemy’s rape, predict the future. “The plants of the gods” mentioned that “it has almost entered all levels of the people living, non-other psychoes can be compared. Any taking person, whether it is not shaman, you can see the gods, the earliest human, animal And thereby understanding the establishment of their social order. “

Those “sacred” plants are accompanied by the process of human development, and humans will continue to explore. / Figure · Visual China

In the eyes of the Tunano, plants are both the role of their ancestors and myths, and is indispensable in survival. They believe that when the world is initially created, humanity to Bowes region is prosperous and there have been many abnormal things. People must settle down to settle down in the new place. There is a horrible snake group and dangerous fish in the river, and the evil spirits of the eating people, and the cartoon is unresponsive to receive the basic elements of their culture.

In the earliest Takano, live a woman, she is the first woman created. She found himself with children, the father of the sun made her conceived her eyes. The child she gave birth to “karski”, which is a pharmonic plant. Women cut the umbilical cord and use magical plants to graft the child’s body and shape his body. This “cardi” is alive with the look of the elderly, and strives to protect his own happening.

According to records, this drink will be deeply suffering, comparable to severe punishment, and finally exhausted after trembling. But in a long consumption history, the mixture of this plant has long been integrated into the living life. Perhaps because of history too hard and uneasy, the aboriginal people will have such an important role in the future effect.


In all types of books, we can see that Shaman’s singing of “sacred” plants – “Thunder’s woman is me, the sound of the sound is me. Spider women are me, the hummingbird woman is me. Carved women is me, Xione sculpture The woman is me. The whirlwind female in the whirlwind is me, the woman of the sacred fantasy land is me, the popular woman is me “,” There is a world outside the world, the world is far away and close, and we are invisible, That is the god of God, the deceased, all the people lived in the saints, where all things have already occurred, everything is known. That world speaks, have their own language. I can turn it what it is said. “.

Phantant plants have participated in the process of human civilization. In this way, people explore medicine, illness, religion, belief, write national myths and historical stories.

In addition to these sensibility, the depth of the airy plant is involved in the process of human civilization. In this way, people explore medicine, illness, religion, belief, write national myths and historical stories. Louis Lewen, the author of “Anesthesiology”, has pointed out the importance of a illusion in human culture: “The potential energy of these substances spread throughout the world, not being blocked by Chongshan Mountain and Wang Yang, established the links between all ethnic groups. The southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere, or has been opened with barbaric human, leaning against the appeal of the illusory. The airase has created the characteristics of ancient tribe, this feature has not been disconnected to the present. “For modern science It will continue to be explored. One experiment last year suggests that the activity of active psychogenesis in the psychedelic mushroom has a potential effectiveness as an antidepressant.



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