“China’s homishes of China” reshaping the whole industry chain

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E-commerce training course organized by Northeast Sock Industrial Park. Our reporter Liu Shi

Due to coal, due to coal, in 2005, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province was listed as “pilot of national resource-based urban economic transformation”. In order to find alternative industries, absorb the employment population, Northeast Socks Textile Industrial Park (referred to as Northeast Socks Park). At that time, there were only 37 socks in Liaoyuan.

From “black” to “white”, “heavy” is “light”, only 15 years, Liao Yuan jumped into the country’s largest cotton stock production base, Nissan cotton socks 7 million. In the Chinese socks market, Liaoyuan socks have sprouts, and become a well-deserved “China’s homix hometown”.

Unlike other domestic production districts, Liaoyuan socks rise rapidly, not only the results of local governments let go of the protagonist of private economy, but also benefit from its unique industrial development model – building park sharing public services, set up the platform aggregated all industrial chain, Cut the service to consolidate the industrial status.

Today, this industrial park, which is operated by private enterprises, has more than 1,200 in socks and supporting enterprises, and small socks have become the “top pillar” of local economic transformation. It is not satisfied with the Liao Source, which is, hoping to rank among the industry chain, and meet new challenges to improve the level of the whole industry.

Not only the workers are good, the supporting services are not worried

If there is no this epidemic, the Zhejiang Socks Boss Lao Zhiping has already cast orders to Liaoyuan.

“I have been investigated a few times, I am preparing to find a foundry in Liaoyuan.” Looking at the Xu Ziping of the local labor resources, it is also an example: “People’s Liaoyuan’s stockings, the twelfth months of the holiday, the first day of the first month can start. We Southern socks in the south, often in April, people have not arrived yet. “

In contrast, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Yangtze River Dynasty, the New Year is a “robbery” – the old boss in the Spring Festival, rent a bus, send the staff home, before, and then hand in the red envelope. Even so, there are still many employees lost after year.

After the Spring Festival last year, Yiwu’s large sock mill increased wages, and Xu Zhiping a few old employees in Guizhou, and went there to go to work.

“In our hometown, I want to recruit a suitable person, I have to wait for two or three months, I will get it in a few days.” I did 30 years old and old socks, Ma Jianming, is the general manager of Huadang Socks, Shanxi Yuncheng. . At the end of the year, he decided to come to Liaoyuan Office, and it is also optimistic about the cost of labor costs and the advantages of industrial support.

“The raw materials are pulled from the south, and the socks are woked back to the sale. Although the ‘two heads’ price is also advantageous, it does not mean that the production cost is low.” Another socks and boss Shen Jiancan said, “In addition to artificial, Liaoyuan and There is no too much cost advantage. “

In 2008, Shen Jiancan from Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, to Liaoyuan, operating textile raw materials. 5 years later, he founded Junji Socks and 168 socks, with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan.

The industrial statement of “South and Zhuyang, Northern Liao Yuan”, the image is located in the image of the two stocks. In recent years, there have been frequent exchanges between the two places, and collide a lot of development enlightenment.

Shen Jiancan, who is often coming, and there is still a matter of heart. To be about 200 yuan. There is no heating fee on the side, and rent is not so expensive … “

“Our cost 2 yuan, many plants in the South, cost can also be cheap.” Shen Jiancan took the head, and he said to pick up a pair of socks from the production line.

However, Shen Jiancan’s processing quality of Liaoyuan cotton socks is more reliable. It is mainly due to the stability of the employee, and the quality control is more guaranteed. Heavy, the employee may be hopped together. “

There is also a rumored, the same style and material cotton socks, which are produced from Liao Yuan. In addition to rumors, more and more international buyers have begun to gradually turn orders to Liaoyuan.

Three years ago, a Russian customer had hundreds of thousands of US dollars to Shen Jianban, and the rest were dispersed in other production districts. Due to the guarantee of product quality, last year, the other party has given him the orders.

Shen Jiancan has a thought of returning to the intersection. Considering the thirteen, but decided to stay in Liaoyuan development.

Ma Jianming, who has been found in Liaoyuan, believes that although the production cost is basically flat with Shanxi, some varieties can’t do it. “To do color and style innovation, you have to learn here, return to my hometown to keep up.” He said.

How long does the labor advantage continue? Zhang Shengjie, deputy general manager of Northeast Socks Park, is a bit concern: in recent years, the “machine change people” in the southern production area has accelerated, and the labor costs continue to decrease, and it is necessary to impact Liaoyuan’s labor advantage.

“In the same year, the socks took a large number of laid-off workers. Now we have also begun to miss people.” Zhang Shengjie revealed to reporters that from a farmer to a proficiency, it takes a three-month-month training time, which takes nearly 15,000 yuan.

In order to consolidate the labor advantage, from 2018, Liaoyuan has established 7 rural factories, and more than 80 sewing companies. Only Dongliao County, slit this labor-intensive socks, solve 7,000 employment, increase farmers’ income of more than 75 million yuan.

Try all fresh patterns

From 5 million yuan, 10 million yuan to 20 million yuan, the sales performance of the Samad Sock Industry in the past three consecutive years, “I met the ceiling, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

This college student from Anyang, Henan Province has been bought in Liaoyuan. “The daughter-in-law is the hometown of Henan, now there is a child. We also thought about going back, but the business brought back, leaving this park to do socks, it is difficult to go up.” He is very glad to graduate.

It is different from the field of foreign socks to optimize local labor, and Northeast Socks will invest in college students and focus on cultivating talents in the centralized development of the park.

As early as 2009, Northeast Socks decided to implement a college student “zero-cost” entrepreneurial plan: guarantee loans for each entrepreneurial college student, equipped with 12 large computer socks, 200,000 to 500,000 yuan liquidity; first year rent Free, 50% reduction in the second year, 30% of the third year; free training for entrepreneurial college students, and give life subsidies …

8 years ago, Zhang Juntao graduated from the Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, and another 10 classmates came to Northeast Socks, which became the beneficiary of this “笤 上 炕” service.

Cheerful, talking about Zhang Juntao, still somewhat 腼腆, has now achieved the retail sales of single-product socks in the e-commerce platform, and has achieved the country. “I am selling socks selling socks, then only sells women’s socks, then only sells the cute tie in women’s socks, now only sell white cotton socks inside the cute system.” He smiled, the smaller the product, the sales, the more sales The greater it.

“Although only white women’s socks is sold, it is a huge market demand in such a huge consumer group.” This is the business of his life, “We mainly rely on quality and service, if this is There are 100 small details, you have done 80, the rankings should be more boring. Every small detail is done, and the performance naturally goes. “

Zhang Juntao frankly, in this highly competitive industry, e-commerce achieved the first place in the market, both power more pressure. Although there are only more than 40 bad reviews in the store, there are only more than 40 bad reviews, and malicious competition is difficult to avoid.

“For example, someone bought my family a pair of socks, deliberately cut, and then a bad review. We are compensation, not allowed, and gas. Every year, this expenditure is mixed!” Zhang Juntao is moving down, it seems to have long Accustomed to it.

He even sat on a table with a competitor. The other party is blunt: “This style you have done, we have to do it, you have to do it.” Zhang Juntao should be inherited and not forget to remind the other party to do not fight the price war. In this way, he and some competitors became friends.

In order to keep Taobao’s rankings, all fresh patterns he tried. For example, spend high prices hire professional photographers, do product demonstrations; multi-platform development

“We refuse to brush, but after the new, you will give old customers for free.” Zhang Juntao said that now the online promotion cost can reach 20% ~ 30%, sometimes it is higher than the line in the store. Zhang Juntao has 28 socks, and there is 200 orte the socks that are entrusted outside, and he believes that the operation mode of light assets is flexible.

The socks in the Northeast Socks Center, providing college students with the likelihood of e-commerce. At Zhang Junao’s view, the quality of the Liaoyuan Socks is a convenience of achieving quality control and detail management, which is also the core competitiveness of his e-commerce platform.

Zhang Shengjie told reporters that as of 2019, Northeast Socks attracted more than 3,000 college students, 135 enterprises, university students independently started, and entrepreneurship success rate reached 75%.

As long as the machine is driving, I don’t panic in my heart.

In the Northeast Socks, there are about 60% of traffic relies on orders. Affected by the epidemic, many socks or orders canceled, or facing logistics interruptions, foreign trade business blocked.

Under the heavy pressure, Shen Jiancan strives to maintain the Russian market. Compared with the same period last year, the order quantity of the Russian customer has only one-third.

The road of domestic trade is also a long way to go. During the prevention and control of epidemic, Liaoyuan City relies on the Northeast Socks, and vigorously implements the “100 million Net Red Live” plans – plans to introduce and cultivate 100 media companies in 3 years, build 1000 live broadcasts. So far, the park has opened more than 140 network red live broadcasts, guiding enterprises to carry out online live broadcasts.

Shen Jiancan who didn’t know how to live in his live broadcast, but also followed the trend, signed a few college students, giving the goods to the “Xin Liyuan” brand of the main trade.

“They took the goods very low. I only earn a few dollars every pair of socks.” Shen Jiancan said, yet, did not taste the sweetness of the live broadcast. At this time last year, Juncan Socks has made a business of more than one million yuan, and there is less than 5 million yuan this year.

“As long as the machine is driving, you will not panic in your heart, at least you can hold the staff.” The southerner has not lost confidence, and the industrial winter will always passed.

In April last year, the Northeast Socks Office organized 400 households in the park to righteously, on the spot how to do e-commerce and supplement shortals. I didn’t expect people on a row of shelves, and they put more than 20 mobile phones, and more than 20 different platforms were lived. In this way, the big scene of the live broadcast, let everyone open their eyes, and the heart is very vibration.

One day after 2 months, Liu Xilong, the park division, told reporters. “In recent years, there are companies to exit, and some turn to e-commerce.” During the speech, I came from the house behind him.

This is the e-commerce training class in the park: “Come, everyone is thinking about me, my eyes have killing, my eyes are wearing transparency …” On the podium, a young man in a suit is taught by a lot of people. Experience, the stage is more than 150 pairs of curious and embarrassing eyes.

“The live broadcast is relatively late, first let everyone open their mouths.” According to the minister of the estuary of the park, Hu Ping, after many guidance, many young socks, boss, have begun to take care of the workshop, live broadcast.

According to incomplete statistics, as of now, the park has opened more than 3,000 shops online, more than 200 people carry out live broadcasts in the fast hand, hanging and other platforms.

There is a 320 socks of the soul boy socks, with an annual output value of about 40 million yuan, and it has been moved 4 times. Meng Xuemei, general manager, told reporters that every time, the company moved forward, from the factory decoration, the model room decoration, the investment increased, steadily charted, the brand is going.

“I don’t want to be like a family workshop, I have to enhance the level of the company, but I have to step by step.” Meng Xuemei said, although the company mainly doing domestic sales, but the biennial business is particularly difficult. Nowadays, the popular libraries in the big city have given her high inspiration. The next step will be the main parent-child cotton sock, from the price and quality, it is better than now.

Do not lack of capacity, lacking brand added value

In the Northeast Socks, the first governance of many years has become the first Liaoyuan who goes to Zhuji Office Socks.

The Children’s Socks, who was first govern, were well known in Liaoyuan. However, in the summer of last year, he sold more than 400 socks in a breather, and opened up a new “battlefield” in the south. He explained his reason for “transform the track”: the brand should be further improved, and Liaoyuan has some “oxygen supply”. The overall positioning of Zhuji production is higher than that of Liaoyuan, which is very important to build a new brand.

Attracting this Northeast South, there are also more fully industrial chains. According to his words, “The screws that are small here can be produced”.

At present, the first governance has purchased dozens of intelligent integration socks. Despite the price of a new satard, it can resist 20 old socks, but the number of employees is reduced, and the price of each pair of socks can increase 5 cents, and it is not lost.

“Do you know how much we can earn in a pair of socks in Liao Yuan? It is better to make a big dollar, you can make a two-fur money, and there is no money in a small one.” Meng Xuemei has given a reporter to the reporter. Written account.

A few years ago, Zhang Shengjie went to the famous boxed origin – Hebei Baitang exam, spent 600 yuan bought a suitcase, and used it now. “We are the same, the quality is no problem, but it is either to work without a brand, or there is a low value of the brand, sell it.”

Zhang Shengjie believes that Liaoyuan is not a shortage of production capacity, lacking the brand added value. The government is preparing to do a big strong 100 local brands, but “brand growth has a ceiling, for Liaoyuan soshun enterprises, to create a brand is not easy.”

He also complained that the Northeast Environment has already changed, but there are still many misunderstandings in the outside world: “Some investors are very interested in our projects. One questioning the factory in the northeast,” I started to hesitate. “

Cui Heille, deputy director of the Liaoyuan Municipal Bureau of Industry and China, in the brothers, the brand of Northeast Socks Park has been established, so that how the park enterprises create brands, the government departments should clarify their duties. “The past product quality is assessed by relevant departments, and now is defined by consumers.”

It is worth mentioning that in order to eliminate the backward production capacity, improve the brand added value, Zhuji City has passed the special rectification of the rental housing management, banned unlicensed operations, “cut” over more than 3,000 socks related companies.

The investment team from other socks producing areas, heard the news, the first time “stationed”. The capacity of these spilvers is objectively expanded in the industrial layout of China’s socks. Zhang Shengjie confirmed: “We also went to investment, although the company did not move to Liaoyuan, it began to use our industrial chain.”

Liaoyuan’s many socks have adopted multi-branded marketing products. Some socks actually have hundreds of brands, leading to an increase in brand promotion costs, and it is difficult to form brand advantage.

Ma Jianming, who has already put six or nonted to do outdoor advertising, and found that the local businesses seem to be more keen to publicize the name of the enterprise in addition to the regional brand of Liaoyuan Socks.

The reporter saw the hidden slogan in the Huabang socks in the intersection – “China’s first professional production of middle-aged socks”. Ma Jianming seems to do not avoid: “This first is self-boasting, we first arrived, you don’t blow, customers can’t come, and who is the first family can’t take the certificate!”

But he insists that Huabang is the most professional, the product is also the most comprehensive. “Wearing this loose slice hose legs will not be marks, and can also pull it, it is okay, this technology Not light of Liao Source can’t do it, it can’t do it in Zhejiang. “

“Platform + Service” aggregated new model

In the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, many world-class manufacturing clusters are rooted in streets or towns. Three or forty years, where the big place, through the undertake of industrial transfer, play the advantage of labor, and continuously refine the division of labor, the structure of the industry chain, eventually become a “world factory without the wall”.

As early as the 1930s, a group of Shandong, a group of Shandong, called Liaoyuan in Xi’an County at the time, and established a sock workshop.


“Hey wears Xi’an socks, heaven and earth are not afraid. Cross the Yalu River, put the old beauty.” This sentence is slippery and image illustrates the status of Liaoyuan. After the anti-US aid, the Liaoyuan Knitting Factory donated hundreds of thousands of dibanga socks.

In 1960, Liaoyuan established a national second knitting plant, updated equipment and absorbed Shanghai technical support. By early 1980s, Liaoyuan had nearly 300 professional equipment, with an annual output of 8 million pairs, known as “Northeast China”.

Similar to the fate of many national textile mills, the second knitting plant in the 1980s, the state-owned second knitting plant began to take a downhill. After the resort in 1998, a group of old employees of state-owned enterprises became the fire of the stars of the private socks.

Before the establishment of the Northeast Socks Industrial Park, the large-scale socks in Liaoyuan City have also have nearly 100 million yuan.

Due to the dispersion of small socks, printing and dyeing is more serious. “The Dongliao River Liaoyuan Section, often in a while, will be black for a while. Establish this sockwater park, in addition to the transformation of the resource to find a continuous industry, it is also a need for centralized pollution.” The local government officials revealed.

In 2005, the first phase of the Northeast Socks, which was built by private enterprises, attracting the enterprise to set up a new model of system industrial services in the “Platform + Service” aggregation industry through a number of reduction policies.

Unlike the market forces to create a different industrial chain, the Northeast Socks Park is a physical platform, and the manager splits the industrial chain, according to the division of labor, the polymerization of all kinds of enterprises: weaving, the text, the sewing, Sales, logistics also set up a professional department. As the number of companies in every link is increasing, the “water to the stream” of the stockings industry clusters.

At the same time, the park’s self-built thermoelectric supply and sewage treatment, reducing costs, shortening the production cycle, and ensuring the need for support. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the advantages of the Northeast Socks Park centralized sewage treatment, centralized environmental protection approval, etc., to a certain extent, reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of production areas.

Tian Zhongjun, Chairman of Northeast Socks Garden Development Co., Ltd., said that it is relying on this model. “From the plate of the South, it will come to the socks in the sock industry.”

Behind the success of Liaoyuan Socks, the government has played a huge role. At present, there are still some management backbone, which is the civil servant of the local government to serve the company, and they use the experience in the system to develop a plan for the development of the socks.

Liaoyuan socks have protrude, inspected the realistic vitality of “Liaoyuan Modes”. Since last year, Zhang Shengjie has received more than a batch of governments who came to “taking” or negotiate cooperation, representatives.

“Hubei Shiyan, Xinjiang Korla and other places are in Jian Sock Industry Park. Especially Korla, we are called Northeast Textile Industrial Park, Kurla is called Northwest Textile Industrial City.” Zhang Shengjie said, Xinjiang has policy resources, close to raw materials, The export is also very convenient, and it has an impact on Liaoyuan Socks.

Seeking “Broken Wall”

Up to now, about 30,000 people are engaged in socks in the Northeast Socks Park. More than 40,000 people are active in the industrial chain.

In the interview, some corporate heads said that this has a shape around the park, serving the company, cultivated the industry, and “constructing” the invisible wall that hinders innovation and development.

Walking in the park, you can feel a tight atmosphere. Many companies even declined to shoot exhibition halls. The reporter lit once, indicating that he did not compete, and he could not dispel the business’s doubts.

Exhibition Socks is a large-scale enterprise in the park, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan. The person in charge is straight to the heart: “It is not allowed to visit from the construction plant. The surroundings can be seen, and you can see the doorway.”

She continued to explain that the company’s management team and designers spend money from the south, “especially afraid to be robbed by others.”

It is not only the peers in the park, but also the Xiaobeihe Town, Liaoyang City, 300 kilometers, is also the competitor of the eye. The public information shows that there are more than 200 socks in Xiaobei, more than 20,000 socks, and cotton socks are second only to Liaoyuan.

“What kind of type we came out, there is soon there will be the same type.” Zhang Shengjie said, “Many socks in Xiaobei River, the house is their own, the use is also a civilian electricity, the cost is more obvious.”

However, in the eyes of the industry, in addition to the unique development model, the subsidies obtained by Northeast Socks Park are one of its development advantages.

Northeast Socks Park hosts resource-depletion urban transformation function is the main carrier of local alternative industries. Cui Hainlun, deputy director of the Liaoyuan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information, confirmed that the system has been investive every year, and it has vocabulated into the industrial park. “The project is not easy, mainly the financial cost is too high, and the light interest is a few billion.” He is quite emotional.

“The annual sales income of the industrial park is 12 billion, but the financial contribution is not big.” Zhang Fun, deputy director of the Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, “Tax and output value are not proportional.”

“Our subsidy is the park, and the results are rushing to financial costs. I know some production areas in the field, directly subsidize the sock machine, the highest to the machine price is half. So some socks boss, rushing to the subsidy.” Officials who don’t want to be famous.

栾 国 栾 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国,,, 国, 国 国 国In his opinion, Liaoyuan socks also have potential in cost control and refining management. “If the South Enterprises do socks, Liao Yuan may only be angled here.”

Zhang Menghuked out the trip to Yiwu last year, “After the boss came back, I launched it. It turned out that I did a good job in Taobao Tmall. This time I saw the power of the net red.”

Liao Yuan’s local media, the exchange of this cross-2000 km, called the “broken wall” action of Liaoyuan socks.

On June 30 this year, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Northeast Sock Industrial Park – Northeast Sock Industry, but also opened the R & D center to Shanghai. Liaoyuan socks successfully entered the international metropolis, and established “front-edge post” for participating in global market competition.

In addition to “Out of Take Bicycle”, the park also proposes “one factory” strategy: around “building 100 brand enterprises, 100 R & D enterprises, 100 refined enterprises”, regularly hold “one factory” ventilation, business sharing experience , Learn to learn … (Reporter Liu Shi, Huanghai Bo)

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