Xu Wei’s leg is also very good! High-top boots are also HOLD, short legs are envious crying

Recently, Xiaohua Xu Wei wears a black suit with shorts, a model of shorts, a black loose version of a suit is easy to release Xu Wei’s long leg line, and the shape is both fans and beautiful, no wonder in the suit in these two The year is getting more fire.


The loose suit is designed to be more modified by a slightly slim suit wearing a slightly slim suit, with short pants, which is fashionable and sexy.

Moreover, the inner and shorts and boots have chosen the same color, easy to highlight the layers of shape, add fashionable attributes, and netizens said that Xu Wei’s suit wearing is too good. Sure enough, you still have to look.

The suit jacket is a single product that is essential in the fall. If we want to wear a more daily and fashionable, we can get Get’s matching ideas is with shorts, plus a pair of boots, and highlights unique fashion grade.


Xu Wei recently took the airport two sets of LOOKs to wear short boots, playing down half of the disappearance, black high-top design boots are also very popular in this time, a lot of female stars are also wearing, but Xu Wei It’s really I have seen the best woman in this boot.

Whether it is a suit or sweater, it is easy to show her long legs, and the short legs people have seen the cry. Although Chinese female stars have a lot of clothes, they have a more fashionable fashion.