Ms. Du, Ms. Du, Hunan, Hunan Sister, the cold wave, the express cotton pants 8 days have not arrived

Living report January 27th, recently, as many people have changed, many people try to “find warmth”. Ms. Dou, the city of Harbin, in order to make the old sister who are far-fluism in Hunan, will pass two trousers through the Harbin, a Shentong Express. Who is expected, the courier company promises that the air transport is 3 days, and the result is not yet.

On the 26th, Ms. Dou introduced the passage of things to the reporter. Her sister is 60 years old, because of blood disease, currently is currently in Hunan Changde relatives. It’s still very hot when I just went, I didn’t want to have a cool weather in winter. In addition, there is no heating in the local room, and the old man is freezing. Therefore, on the 18th, Ms. Dou bought two styles of cotton trousers for his sister, sent passed by a Shentong Express. A courier of a surname king promised that they took aviation to deliver goods, and they can be delivered. After 3 days, Ms. Dou and her sister, asked if the trousers finished, who made the other party’s answer to surprise her: trousers did not send it. Subsequently, Ms. Dou has repeatedly contacted the courier company, and the responses received are “right away, then wait.”

In the next few days, Ms. Dou was communicated with Shentong Express. The result was still, and was told that the goods have been sent, and when they can not know. On the morning of the 26th, Ms. Dou’s sister still did not receive trousers.

At 12 o’clock in noon, the reporter came to the “Shentong Express” through the “Shentong Express” in the Taojiyang Hutong, “Shentong Express Service Commitment” posted on the station, it is clear that there is no more than 72 hours in China. . At 13 o’clock, the reporter saw the results of the staff: After the goods were issued from the Harbin Airways Department, they sent them to the Liaoning Panjin Transit department, and they were sent to Hunan Changsha … The trousers did not go to Du Ms. Ms. Sister. . The staff said that the express delivery has come to Changde on the morning of the 26th, and they will remind you to visit it. The other party explained that because the Spring Festival is nearby, it is also possible to be influenced by the weather, and the speed of mail is slow. In this regard, they have to return to Ms. Du 15 yuan postal fee, but it is rejected. At present, Ms. Du has reported the situation to the courier service hotline.