Beauty makeup: beauty skin plague protein mask, reshaping healthy skin

Beauty skin plague collagen mask 40 + 5 pieces, big brand beauty! ! Import collagen, medical sterile production! Unique small molecular collagen patented technology, promoting epidermal repair, reducing pigmentation!


Repair skin damaged barrier, reshape healthy beauty; sensitive muscle pregnant women are available!

Super love this mask, I am a mixed skin, it is easy to use, I feel it tender, I don’t have any oil in the morning! There is a very good sense of beauty, the hydration effect is very good, it is very tender and tender, it is worth buying! !

Skin quality improvement: just after the film is still very white, very humid!

Absorption effect: It is easy to absorb! There is also the role of brightening skin color! The texture is really good, the material used in the mask is very different, it feels soft, delicate, easy to absorb!

After using the coupon, buy this mask price is very beautiful, the moisturizing effect is particularly good, one buy more more affordable, the mask and introduction of the mask, the introduction is complete, it can’t wait for it, it is not greasy, very Easy to absorb! Every time I get the mask, I will feel particularly comfortable.

Can receive 105.00 yuan coupon, after the coupon [74.80 yuan] package spike! The second half price! 40 sheets of film +5 random mask!

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Beauty skin plague protein mask hydrating brighten cleaning sleep men and women special official flagship store genuine

¥ 89.9