Simple and practical small hair collection, detailed production diagram! (04)

10. Da Liji


Figure one

Ingredients: a mesh with decorative sheets

Metal leaves


Spring clip


Pink nonwoven wafer

Metal chrysanthemum decoration


Some of the glue

The part of the mesh is reduced, leaving only the paragraph of the decorative film, and stick the mesh end in the middle of the non-woven. (See Figure 2)

Figure II

The mesh is bonded around the side of the glue, until the woven is covered, and a chrysanthemum shape is formed, and the metal leaves are attached to one end of the spring pin. (See Figure 3)


Figure three

Put the other end of the spring chrysanthemum flowers in the spring clip is completed. (See Figure 4)

Figure four


11. Dotted little butterfly hair rope

Figure 5

Material: a hair rope with beads

Clear point in the ribbon


Line small amount



Do 8-word bow, make two, make two, interchange. (See Figure 6)


Figure 6

Tighten the middle winding in the middle of the bow, with a small casing belt on the intermediate position, select the head buckle of the hair rope end. (See Figure 7)

Figure 7

Take the head to the bow on a bow. (See Figure 8)

Figure eight

12. Little rose side clip

Figure 9

Material: 3cm wide point fabric

Strip ribbon

No woven wafer


BB clip


Floral metal decoration

Double-sided glue



First, on the BB clip, use the double-sided adhesive, and stick to the double-sided adhesive at one end of the satin, start to package the BB clip, and wrapped in the figure. (See Figure 10)

Figure 10

As shown in the figure, the head is wrapped in the head, be sure to be tight, and it is not seen that the metal is exposed. (See Figure 11)


Figure 11

After the bag is finished, the package is wrapped on both sides, and the bag must be packaged, and the end is sticking to the back of the BB clip. (See Figure 12)


Figure 12

Now come to make roses, the fabric is folded into the triangle, and the needle line is passed through the needle line, then twisting, and then sew. (See Figure 13)

Figure 13

Tighten the line, it will form a natural pleat, start the roll along the pleats, tension the roll and tighten it, and the extra part is reduced. (See Figure 14)

Figure 14

There are several stitches on the back, prevent looseness, positively finishing the pattern, sew metal decoration on the lace. (See Figure 15)

Figure 15

Stick the non-woven wafer on the back of the flowers, and then stick the rose on the BB clip. (See Figure 16)

Figure 16

There will be more than 200 hair accessories manufacturing methods, which will be published in the later period. If you have a friend who likes to manually, you can pay attention to me, thank you!

Some of the glue