Taishang Basin Brand introduction to the top of the basin

On the basin, one of its existence of the presence in the basin of the basin, or in public, or in public, Its market demand is very large, and the corresponding brand variety is a lot. Then let me introduce some of the brands on the basin on the top of the best in the latest time in the latest time in recent times.

台上盆品牌介绍 最新台上盆排行榜

Table on the basin brand introduction

1, Wrigley bathroom

台上盆品牌介绍 最新台上盆排行榜

Shanghai Wrigley bathroom has been a 12-year history, with a wide range of consumers with high cost-effective products and perfect after-sales services. As a leading brand in the domestic satellite industry, the Wrigley Sanitary Ware has won the honorary title of “China-Free Products” “China Products” “China Famous Trademark”, passed the US standard “UPC” certification, “3C certification” and other domestic and foreign certification “

Successfully cooperated with international design agencies “Italy Fu Laimei Design Company” in 2006 to compete with the bathroom brand. And the project has a Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the State Council Qinhuangdao Seaside Resort, etc. In the New Year’s Movie “Yangtze River No. 7”, the 4 scenarios arched in the film last year, the 4 scenarios in the film, reached a 3-minute Wrigley children’s series toilet fragment, giving people a deep impression, gratifying and proud of the industry.

台上盆品牌介绍 最新台上盆排行榜

2, Coles bath

Corla bath was founded in 1873 and Headquartered in Wisconsin, the United States, in the world’s bathroom products as an important role of leaders. Because its goal is “Every Kohler product shows the high level of that era”,

It is a frontier level in the field of product design and technology, which has advanced high-tech, and its product performance. This also guarantees that every Kohler product is so unusual, the quality is extraordinary, it is called artwork. In China, Kohler products are positioned in, the 2008 Olympic hosthouse – the VIP VIP House and VVIP VIP VIPs, the VVIP VIP Gate.

台上盆品牌介绍 最新台上盆排行榜

Latest Net on the basin list

台上盆品牌介绍 最新台上盆排行榜

1, TOTO (East Tao, in Japan, first-line brand, bathroom, top ten brands)

2, Wrigley (Lepa Ceramics Sanitary Ware, China Famous Brand, First-line Brand, Bathroom Top Ten Brand)

3, Corler (the top ten brands of the bathroom, starting in 1873, the world famous bathroom brand)

4, US standard (in 1872, China’s well-known trademark, first-line brand, bathroom top ten brands)

5, Shanggao (China famous brand, bathroom top ten brands, first-line brands, Headquarters Foshan)

The bizadecimal brand introduced above is a brand of pragmatic in the number of praises. The top of the basin is also made by multi-faceted data analysis. If you are tangling what brand is going to buy, you can consider the above brands.