Winter skirts in winter, choose “loose” or “Slim”? After reading this group, you will know.

Women no matter how old, the wardrobe will not lack the skirt, even if it is in winter, use a half-length skirt to create an elaboration or daily wear, and a lot of ordinary people to improve temperament and romantic feelings. However, many people will fall into the skirt version.


If you are also worried, you don’t know if you don’t know how to choose “loose” or “repair. So you can learn from this group of people, you will know!

1. What are the differences in loose and slimming?


Women who like skirts, if you want to choose your skirt style in winter, you first need to know what advantages and disadvantages have different types of skirts, as well as the difference between loose and slim dressing.

1, style different


The use of loose version of the half-length skirt focuses on shaping a cooked elegant female image, which is equally officially elegant, like high waist pleated half-length skirts or paracholic skirts, which seems to be unable.

Most of these skirts, which are pool skirts, lead skirts, often able to easily outline the body curve wearing the lower body of the victim, focus on the feature of elegant and sexy women.

2, the style is different

The loose skirt and the slim skirt have a lot of differences in the scented, and most of the umbrella or pleated skirt is relatively light, and the straight skirt, the bag hip skirt uses straight line tailoring, more lofty.

They also have a big difference in style, loose skirts are all style, from pleated skirts, umbrella skirts, veil skirts, belonging to this field. Most of the slim skirts are dominated by knitting, suit or cortical fabrics.

3, the applicable population


Many people will fall into these two types of skirts, mainly, I don’t know which one you are more suitable. In fact, you can start from your body to choose your own half-length skirt.


The biggest feature like a loose dress is not picking up people and can be smoked. If you have been old and the thigh is thick, you can choose the umbrella skirt. Slim or like more handsome fashionable clothes, it is recommended to choose a package of hip skirts, while knitted hip skirts are more suitable for shaping little women’s breath.

Second, loose half skirt wearing a summary point

After reading the differences between the two types of skirts, let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to each dress!

1, pay attention to color selection

Most umbrellas or pleated skoshes have a light feeling, and the skirt is also broad. In order to avoid wearing clothes, it is recommended to start from the foundation or earth, such as choosing coffee colors, camel umbrella Skirt, matching the same color coat interpretation of unhappy high-level feelings.

If it is a dark coat, then it can be replaced with a red pleated skirt or an umbrella skirt, and the dress is sweeped off.

2, pay attention to the top match

The biggest feature of loose skirt is wide, which means that when choosing the top, we need to pay special attention to the upper version, try to choose the material drooling hair, or version of the short down jacket, short coat .

Like this loose bloated short coat or sweater, it is actually not suitable for mixing with umbrella skirts, and it is more fat in minutes.

Third, the slim half dress

It is also a semi-skirt, and the self-cultivation is higher, of course, not to say how to wear it, it also needs to pay attention to the collection and match.

1, pay attention to length selection

Slim half skirts have a length of length, such as a short pouch, over the long bag hip skirt, the length of the wearing style shaped in length is also very different.

It is more likely to highlight your own elegant symmetric temperament, while the high-waist bag is more sexy, the former is suitable for 40+ women, the latter is more suitable for young people.


2, pay attention to material selection


Pack hip skirt is also a lot of material, cowboy material, leather material, acetic acid or knitted material, in winter, if you want to wear elegant knowledge and no female taste, it is recommended to choose knit or wool texture, interpretation is not difficult Soft sense.

And cowboy straight skirts or bag buttocks are more trendy personality, and you can choose it.

3, pay attention to the comparison of the up and down version


In general, pleated skirts are more suitable for long coats that are short-fitted or not too loose, thereby forming a version contrast.

In the same way, the slim semi-skirt should also pay attention to the relaxation level, more suitable for matching the relaxed short coat or coat, which is narrow by the width and narrow in the outer width.

Conclusion: Although the semi skirt is synonymous with elegant and fashion, the version is different, and the applicable people are different. If you like the Ya Ya and your body, the body is too fat, then it is recommended to choose a loose half dress, the body slim woman can use Slim The skirt is showing sexual taste!

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