Grand Slam! Ding Ning became beautiful and beautiful, the beautiful, the five senses, 181 Jieke love wearing an increase

On August 7, Zhang Jike and Ding Ning appeared in Shenzhen attended the event. Two Grand Slam in the Olympic Games were rare in the same box, and people reminded the brilliant record of the two years, but it is rare to participate in the event, the style of the two athletes Both have changed, especially Ding Ning, who used to be a big sports Girl became a glamorous white-collar, not only the five senses did not lose the female star, but the skin was more embarrassing.


Ding Ningbao blue suit is beautiful, turned into a glamorous woman


Bao blue too lining white skin


The color is very pure, and the elegance is also unfortunately elegant, but in order to balance the hue of this hue, Ding Ning deliberately matches white, so that the overall color match is clearer. Because this fluorescence effect is relatively picky, like the skin or cold white skin, Ding Ning after makeup, also showed the advantages of cold white skin, under the quiet and noble treasure, The skin is white into reflective board, which has made a stark contrast with Zhang Jike.

The plum color red lip is matched, and it has added a bit of mature championship with a lot of mature, emphasizes the beauty of high saturation. It will not be too ignorant because of skin color.

Suit set of women in suits


As a athlete, Ding Ning is almost all the wind styles of the heart, now

Being admitted to Beida

When she has developed her new business, she preferred to practice the wind style. In fact, she still retains the sprinkling of athletes, and it is also very conforming to the temperament of Ding Ning’s hard facial line. However, this suit style is more classic, the overall style is conservative, the middle and short suits are not good, under the package of the slim suit, the limbs are not fully opened, the whole person is not as good as the game, can be said seriously Ding Ning’s super-1 meter 7 gas field advantage is played.

The suite of high saturation degree is also the gas field and temperament effect. This small suit version and hue match, which is undoubtedly a bit of outset, so wearing the effect is not particularly good, the style is indeed too workplace, but talk Not upset. Like Ding Ning, you can choose more popular silhouettes, emphasize the slender limbs and stretching gas fields, play the high-level effect of the simple wind, easy to use the outline to create an atmosphere and modern fashion image .


Declined, Liu Hai, the taste, the five senses too exquisite


The classic model, generally chooses a sharp hair style, this kind of practice, it has maintained the neatness of the face, the whole feels refreshing, completely showing the five senses, and specially use long hair Liu Hai to modify the face The tough feelings of the contour, very similar women charm.

However, Ding Ning’s five senses are too delicate. The face lines are quite perfect. After changing the fashion style, they become glamorous hegectious female white-collar workers. Compared with the previous sports Girl’s image, simply changed personal, smooth and distinguished The five senses, the same is exquisite as the female star!

Zhang Jiko’s meat

It is very powerful Zhang Jike, it has been love this type of championship. He is more famous, and this cool blue white coordinate is more like a men’s meat. Different couples with Ding Ning style color, but also make two large-scale frame pictures especially warm. However, the dark fumes are more deep, and the black system emphasizes the stability of the shape.


The excessive naturalness of the sports wind to the trend is very natural, and even another extension style of the sports style, maintaining online bodybuilding and exquisite shape, as well as a professional model. Fake two-piece T-shirt stacked chain matching, more tide male temperament, in fact, this is also in line with his fresh meat.


181 height love is increased

Zhang Jike, who was in person to explode, and actually had 181cm, and a properly designed boyfriend, but Zhang Jike pays too much attention, still likes to wear exaggerated internal growth, with Ding Ning stepped with high heels , Still maintaining the height difference of the tempo surgery, it is indeed a feeling of Korean drama idols.


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